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#1 Harry Potter and the Ring of Mykele A Destiny Begins A Different Past A lone candle in the darkness A Marauder for a Lady A Marauder Story A Second Chance A Vampire's Revenge All Together Again Altered Destinies alternete realty And the Greatest of These... Angels of Darkness Another Time As Life Goes... At Water's Edge Back To Their Future beautiful scars Blast into the Past Blaze of the Hogwarts Fire Bond of thieves & brothers Burden of a Destiny Can You Believe It? Cara Sterling's Guide to the Marauders. Catching Up Changing the Hands of time Choices That We Make choosing from whats right, and whats easy. Collide. Conjoining Generations Crucio Dark Secrets Darkness Within the Light Dealing with Destiny Dealing With Destiny Department of Mysteries Devilish Angel Didn't Anyone Tell You Not To Play With Time Turners? Echoes from the Past Falling for Sirius Finally Going Home Finding Himself Finding me. Finding You Godric's Hollow 1981 Going the other way Going to the Future Gone Too Far Guardian Angel Half of a Heart's Desire Happily ever after. Harry and the Changed Time Line Harry and Victoria - The Potter Twins Harry Poter and the Leader of Lost souls Harry Potter & The Magic of Mana Harry Potter and a World Without Weasleys Harry Potter and Parents Harry Potter and the ancient and forgotten magicks Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants Harry Potter and the Beast Within Harry Potter and the Birth of a Legend Harry Potter and the Crystal of the Founders Harry Potter and the Curse of Blood Harry Potter and the Downfall of Corruption Harry Potter and the Elementals Harry Potter and The Fight for Survival Harry Potter and the Folly of Dumbledore Harry Potter and the Four Elements Harry Potter and the Golden Amulet Harry Potter and the Heirs of Power Harry Potter and the Heirs of Slytherin Harry Potter and the Hope of the Lost Souls Harry Potter and the Lantern of Truth Harry Potter and the Lantrisi Harry Potter and the League of the Phoenix Harry Potter and the Loss of Innocence Harry Potter and the New Order Harry Potter and the Oroborus Light Harry Potter and the Pendragons Lair Harry Potter and the Power of the Founders Harry Potter and The Power of The Heirs Harry Potter and the Power of the Shadows. Harry Potter and the Revelation of Manipulation Harry Potter and the Rise of Darkness Harry Potter and the Rise of the Phoenix Harry Potter and the Scrivenings of Slytherin Harry Potter and the Second War Harry Potter and the second war Harry Potter and the Secrets of Godric's Hollow Harry Potter and the Something Harry Potter and the Third Party Harry Potter and the Third Way Harry Potter and the Time of Second Chances:The First Task Harry Potter and the Time of Transition Harry Potter and the Trials of Time Harry Potter and the Unfulfilled Prophecy Harry Potter And The Unspoken Truth Harry Potter and the Wizard's Debt Harry Potter To Live With a Lord Harry Potter: the Darkest Year Harry Riddle and the Anti-Trio. Harry's Life (Without Voldemort) Harry, Ron, and Hermione: Another Adventure Haunted Hazy Eyes Heiress Helped Hollow Bones and a Shallow Grave Hopelessly and Utterly House of the Rising Sun House Pride How We Survived Hogwarts I Think They Didnt Want Me In Search of A Family It All Started Here Jedi Master Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Just the Girl LEGENDS: Harry Potter and The Legend Fighters Letters to my Father Lily Potter:The true story Losing All Control Lost In Time Love in the Past Marauders and Angels Marked Midnight Guardian Mih Evas I: Fathers, Brothers and Monsters Mixing Up Worlds Moving on into the Past My Summer with the Marauders Mysterious Ways Normalcy Not So Innocent Of Sorcerers and Wizards Only Time Our Lady of Darkness Pandora's Box Perfectly Imperfect Phoenix Tears Revisited Phoenix Tears Rising Pieces Shatter Planeswalker: The Return of a Lost Soul Potter's Past Promises Kept Prongslet Prophesies Come to Pass: The End of the 2nd War Raising A Hero Rediscovering the Past Resonance Ripples In The Water Rise of the Protector Saving Ana Shades of Darkness Sirius Comes Early Sirius's Potion Mistake Sitting On The Baby Sniffing Sirius Sounds Of Silence Speak Summer in the Snow Switched Tale of six worlds. Tales of the Secret Society Tangled Love Tears in Heaven The Baby Project The Beginnings The Betrayal The Black Sheep The Blue & Silver Phoenix The Dark Angel The Darkest Hours The Darkness Within Us The Degrees of Deception The Difference Between a Friend and a Foe The Domino Effect The Golden Trio Years The Great Revenge The Hard Life The Heir of the Founders The Journal The Marauder Years-First Year The Marauders The Marauders 2 The Marauders' Journal The Midnight Series The Missing Boy The night I was bitten The Power of Four The Problem With Time never know what's gonna happen The Progeny of the Pure-Blood The Rain Has Fallen The Rise of the Dark Mark The Road Not Taken The Runaway The Second Prophecy The Severus Snape Saga The Sixth Element The Tale of the Marauders The Tale of Two Potters The Timeurner Incedent The Torn Page The True Son The Way It Should Have Been The Way You Make Me Feel The World After The World As We Knew It The Year of Girls and... Defeating Dark Lords Those Evil Muggles Thrown Into the Past Time Changes Everything Time is Magic Too Time Travel Time Turner Troubles Timeturners Meeting To Love Or To Hate Trials of a Champion Truth and Tempest Truth, the re-write Truths TRYING TO REMEMBER Turmoil Mixed with Chaos Unexpected Alliances Unite or Fall Unscathed Vampire's Project Voldemort's Excruciating Ways Weasley Twin Take Over What If? What is Right and What is Easy What Life Could Have Been Whatever Happens, Daddy Loves You. Where do I fit? Window to the Soul You're the One ~A Twin Tale~ “But He’s My Son!”

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