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A Reunion of Friends A Second Prophecy A Serpent's Sacrifice A Very Angry Harry After The Summer Ended Anything's Possible Better Than Me: The Novel Between Heartbeats Breathe Bring Me To Life Broken Good-byes Coming Home Daddy Returned Daddy's Hands Destiny & War Destiny or Despair Everything Save for Blood Ginny's Tears Harry Potter & the Four Elements Harry Potter : The Rise of a Guardian Harry Potter and Hope For the End Harry Potter and The Ancient Magic Harry Potter and the Battle to the End Harry Potter and the Beginning of the End Harry Potter and the Birth of a Legend Harry Potter and the Council of Ellijendria Harry Potter and the Crystal of the Founders Harry Potter and the Dark Tide Harry Potter and the Downfall of Corruption harry potter and the end of the riddle Harry Potter and the Final Riddle Harry Potter and the Folly of Dumbledore Harry Potter and the Founders Study Harry Potter and The Heirs of Hogwarts Harry Potter and the Return of the King Harry Potter and the Shattered Soul Harry Potter and the Ties That Bind Harry Potter: The Wings of the Legendary Phoenixs Her Secret Hero of a Son Im Finally home Memories in my Blood Never Had A Dream Come True Not Always Happily Ever After Return of the Dead Return to the New World Sparks and Flames 1: The Philosopher's Stone Taking Control Of What Is Yours The Beginning Of What Is To Come The Eldar The Hard Life The Power to Vanquish The Return The Return Of The Star The Second Prophecy The Secret Keepers Thy Will Be Done trapped within the confindes of my own mind We'll Keep Trying Well...Maybe What You Don't Know “But He’s My Son!”

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