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2006-01-05 8:31pm
If u want the actual story that i created.. not the ones that have been edited by the validators my email is *personal info removed by staff* and I can email it to you... luv u guys... and all my reviewers!!

+*+ Games & Surprises II +*+ 3 Days 50 Names For Draco Malfoy 50 Names For Hermione Granger 7th Year Grand Finale A Born Suprise:A Hermione/Draco Tale... A Burning Flame A Dangerous Liaison A Devil in an Angel's Dress A Family Reunites A Granger No More A Hogwarts Life A Lighter Shade of Darkness A Marauders Tale A Moments Insanity A Mudblood and A Pureblood in love A New Beginning A new love A Perfect Charade A Riddle Still Being Written... A Second Glance A Seductive Gryffindor And a Slytherin With Emotions? A Slytherin Version/Hermione: Let The Truth Be Told A Story With No Name A Strange Engagement A Toaster Story A Well Kept Secret A Whole New Me A Zabini Revealed a zabini?!?!no way!! Acceptance Alexandria Hermione Zabini All Because Of A Potions Accident All I could hope for All In the Thunder Among the Serpents An Adoption Story An attitude fit to compare to a Malfoy. Another Year. Arabesque Are you serious? Athena Alexandra Malfoy Baby Of Mine Baby of Mine Backfired Beautiful Tragity Beauty and the Ferret BECAUSE HE BROKE HER Behind These Cold Blue Eyes Beside each other we survive...without each other we are lost Best Friend: Worst Enemy Bethroted to a stranger Betrothed To a Snake Bittersweet Love Blackmailed into Love Blind Date Blood Truths Blue eyes met Brown Blurred Bound in Matrimony Candy Roses Casanova: A Draco and Hermione Tale Caution: Sex With Draco Malfoy May Result In... Changed Changed For Good? Changes changes...for the better. Cheating Hearts Clarissa's Secret Closer to Paradise Coffee Tea or Me? Coming Back To Me Cruel Summer Cursed Dare Dark Fire Dark Side of The Moon Date With The Devil Deadly Roses Dealing With Destiny Deception Definitely Not Love At First Sight Déjà Vu Desperate Envy Detention is for Lovers Dirty Little Secret Divorced and Remarried Do I Know You? Draco's Choice Draco's Five Night Stand Dreamless Emma Alyssa Evanescent Every Precious Moment Evil never felt so good~* Facing Stardom Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust Fallen Hard Falling In Love With The Enemy False Accusations Fighting Back Finding Love in All the Wrong Places Finding Out How Flower of the Court For Good Forbidden Lust Forever Changing Forgetting to Remember to Forget From the eyes of a kitten Getting to Know You Give Me A Chance Giving Professor Snape A Dose Of His Own Potion Gone Graduation Ball Granger and the Sex God Guide To Being A Good, Or Rather Bad Slytherin Harry and Draco.....Best of Friends??? Harry Potter & the Dome of Existence and Truth Hello, Stranger Her Happy Ending Hermione Hermione Granger...Kidnapped! Hermione in a Different Color(this is really chapters 1-3) Hermione Mosier? Hermione The Slytherin Hermione's secret How The Other Half Lives How to make Malfoy get lost in 10 days I am a spy I Dare You I know now you're my only hope I Promise Nothing Happened I Want Your Daddy Back I'm Still Waiting for the Rain to Fall If Fate Permitted... If Love is Just a Game infatuation Infatuation: Life as a Superstar Into Another World Intoxicating Obsession It all started with the closet It started with a wand Its not that easy Ive Told You A Million Times just my luck Just the Girl Keeping Secrets. L'amour Lady Malfoy Learning to Love a Malfoy Less Than Perfect Lies Life Swap Life's a Beach Life's a Riddle and So was She Liquid Pearls Fall Love and Hate Collided Love and the Library Love Game Love is the sweetes thing in the world Love or Sacrifice Loving you, Hating you Lure of the Dark Side Magic runs in the Family Making Memories of Us Manipulations Marrying The Enemy Masquerade MaTcH mE iF yOu CaN Mia Cadi Zabini Mia Prince Mia Snape Modelling Experiences Moving Pictures Murder at Malfoy Manor My Best Friends Girlfriend My life was a lie My Sacrifice My True Choice Mystery Deatheater Never Ever Never Let Me Go Never Meant to Be Never Say Farewell, Say Goodbye New Beginnings Next Door Neighbors Nice girls can be a little bad no one makes me feel this way No Strings Attached Not All Changes Are Bad Obsession One Fine Day One, Big, Happy Family Our love is? Our New Family P.S. I Love You Parents At Seventeen Paris Days passion blossom Past,Present,and Future: What Time Can Do To You Penny for your thoughts Perfection PREGNANT Prey Pure Imperfection Pure Light Pureblood Pureblood Elementals Pureblood Plastics Pureblood Princess Pushing the brink of insanity. Puzzles Rain Storms Rayne Lilian Granger Rich and Famous Rose Petals Ruining the Future-Fixing the Past Sanctuary Santa Does Exist Saving Mum & Dad Scandal Scorpius Malfoy and Lily Potter Second Chance at Loving You Secrets revealed Secrets Revealed Seen In a New Light Shampoo Sleeping Riddle Some People Change Stalker Starkers Starting a New Life Stay With You Sweet Revenge Sweet Revenge sweet sin Teased Teenage Games Know No Boundaries.. Thank you Mudblood The Baby Project The Baby Project The Beginning The Boy Book The Breakable The Collaborators The Cruise The Curse of Curves The Darkness of Life The Devil you Know The Draco Malfoy Project The End of the World Started With The Cruise! The Feeling of Falling The Garden of Good & Evil The Girl Next Door The girl on the inside The Greatest Lie Ever Told The Heart Speaks The High School Musical II The Key to my Heart The Law of Unintended Consequences The Love Of Two The Malfoy Manor The Moments Of Truth The New Addition to the Family The New Guy The New Malfoy. The New Slytherins The Only One I Trust The Other Me The Photo The Power of Love The Power of Vertiserum The Project The Proposal The Psychology of Love, Evil and Power The Pureblood The Rain Keeps Pouring The Rightest of all Wrongs The Scorpions Kiss The Second Malfoy The Secret The Serpents Bride The Slytherin Ice Princess The Story Of the Dragon and the Masked Angel The Three Perfect Couples The Time of Our Lives the truth The Truth is like a Kiss on the lips. The Way It Should Have Been The Wedding The Wedding Theres Always Something Left to Gain Things Happen For A Reason Through Different Eyes... Time Changes Everything Time For Love Titanic: A Love Story Too Late Torn True Friendship Truth before the Dares Truth or Dare Truth Or Dare Turned Tables Tutoring in a very special way twins till the day we die Two Necklaces And A Promise Two to Tango Unattainable Under the Circumstances Unexpected Desire United Again Unknown Son Until The Last One Dies Untruthful Unfaithful Undeniable Unreliable Upside Down Verum-i Victim of a Circumstance Voldemort's Daughter Walk Away Wanted We're Finally Home Webs Of Love Welcome To The Dark Side Welcome to the Family What Could Have Been Will Never Be What The Rain Brought In What Witches Want Whatever! When Confusion Sets in. When Parents Get Married When Silver Meets Violet When Worlds Collide When You're Gone Where is the love? Which Malfoy? Which one? Whipped White Cloaks Who am I? who would have thought it? Why Do I Do This? Why Him? Without a Trace You Lost My Heart Once, Dont Lose It Again You're Not Okay, Trust Me Your Heart Was An Empty Room ~~~~~Slytherin Princess~~~~~
9_nut_mix A Lily Adaleine addicted2him AddysenMalfoy akamsr2kl AlmostFamous AlyciaL alyson Amor Vedalitas angel89 angeldrama angelicdevil1994 AngelinaMalfoy Angel_Princess87 annoyingtwo AshyWater AutumnDreamer Azile a_born_hp_fanatic14 a_broken_smile a_true_writer BaybeStrawberry bb_bigsis beatlegirlstl Beautiful_Tyrant Believe The Impossible bellgirl bianca bandit bimah blackroserei BlacksSilver_rose blondie94 blood_rose_2009 brandib2008 britneydiva30 Brooke_malfoy BrownxEyedxGirl bubblebubble candz CedricLuverxoxo CelticKisses chanelhg Charlies_Gal charlinamoreau hpfan Chelsea Malfoy cherrypie3601 Cheryl Dyson chillout555 chocie grl ChocolateHorses clairedot Crazy_Nelly D i a daim dancer_chick546 danceuntildawn1016 dancingharrypotterluver dancing_with_draco Danz_Girl_4eva dark and mysterious Dark Princess 06 darkbeauty232 darkness falls darknessnl dA_YaY_aReA dennisnmike depp DM is MY MAN DnHshipper4ever Doodle Dracana DracoBabex3 dracofan22 DracoFerret11 DracoIsMyFerret dracolover4eva dracolover4ever dracoluvr35 dracomalfoylover123 Dracos Ice Princess Dracos_bikini Draco_IsMy_Drug dragonlovesh2o4eva dragonwriter17 dragon_lyoness2022 drakenleigh drcjsnider drkangelbabe drowninginmusic D_Hr rocks Ella Rose EllieMalfoy74 emerald_dragon925 emerald_princess92 engraved_itentions faith_united fallencrystals feltongirl firebolt1001 fireceltiephoenix Fiyeros_Secret_Lover Florida_Cutiemp Flourish and Blotts fortune_cookie15 funny_lol FutureAggie09 GangstaliciousBabyGurl Ginnikins girlwhoisinlove Goddess of Slytherin Goddess182 good_luck Gryffindor1992 Gryffy Girl917 half_veela harrypotter151 Harrypotterhotties33 Harrypotterlover5654 Harrys_angel_23 HelpfulHermione HERDRA hereitgoesagain hermhd Hermione2005 HermioneBabe1 HermioneG HermioneG149 hermione_66 Hermione_88 hermione_granger7 hermione_rory7 hermystwin Honeydukes Luver 4ever hopeless_dork horsesrock8 hp77fanactic i dOnT sTuDy x icefire_lioness icequeen_fireangel ILHSM57 IlluSioNz ilovemalfoy IluvDraco777 IM_Spartacus InnoCeNT_aNGeL irony1002 ivy_018 Jada Jasmine JenniePenny Jesstina22 JJLove28 jolielf juls June Riddle justlikerain K B Lynne K4YT33 Karma101 Katie Malfoy Katomagical Kaykay Kira Pyralis kittykins Lady of the Lions Lanni Weasly Laura224 la_bella Lea Leas likew0ah Lilybean84 lilyfan06 londonmalfoy13 Lori LostInTheDark LostInTheDarkAndLikesIt Lovely_Slytheriness loves it lovinrain Lucianna lucky2020 luna45 Maddy13 Magick Girl in Deep MajiKat malfoyheir MalfoyHugger Malfoyismyb1234 MalfoyRocks marauder kisses MarcJacobsIsMyHero MashaB may wishes come true mayo mega fork midnightgirl mina1011 Mionie_44 missautumn15 monee_malfoy Moon_Wolf Mrs Red Sparrow MrsDMalfoy mrs_potter007 MugglebornWitch mystical666 mystique_14 nay1 neocoolstar nicespice Nophie paigemathiews pedro_lee1990 petitesorciere pheonix81 Phinoex_Fire_Heals_The_Wounds Pixiegirl Pixie_Dark Pixie_dust04220 pretty_riddlegirl Princ3ssMalfoy Princess of Darkness17 PrincessDanusia Princessinfinity prynsesshp Puceylover101 queen of silver and green Quidditch Chick 01 quidditch_chic18 Rachael Highview Raspberry Jelly Ravenhairedenchantress REARRANGED words Remmy534 RoMaNTiCiLLuSioNS rowlinghermione sammm Sara4Harry scarletheartedlioness Scarlett_Platypus Seer12 Serpent_Luv shadowkitty22 ShadowOfARaven shadowspinnerr Shari shaybert Shiller silent explosions sillybilly SiriusLivesOn slytherinblackcatl slytherinprincess_xox SlytherinsXPrincess slytherinwolfie slytherin_sister Snapesonlyprincess6969696969 socerluver3 sparklespazbunny Spicy n Sour spicyhc123 Spirited Shadows ssssserpents starcrossedlover sugarquill713 sunshinedreamr sweetredrose the know it all The Princess of Shadows theclick5 the_slytherin_goddess1509 TiaMaria tinparrot toilantrouble ToKiss_ASpy TomFeltonIsKindaHot TomFelton_Malfoy926 tom_feltons_godess Tonks21094 tookool4you TrevorTheFrog TrogDorLuver Vic92091 wasyakeire watch me fly Watch Out for Yellow Moon weasley7 Weffles Whispers_of_a_Slytherin whitknee witch_wannabe wizrdgrl Wolfiemoon WooHoo4HP x3myheartbeat xbabeebeckiix xdramatique xlivexlovexdreamx XOHurleyGirlOX xo_BMW_xo xo_LAMB_xo xplaydead xvivaforeverx xXblue_eyed_girlXx xxEmma xXsilent_tearsXx yourstruely _Emma_ _Kreacher_ _pixelperfect_ _twilight_star_
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1. A Zabini Revealed

By dracoismyhottie55

BIG THANX TO MISSY PADFOOT:PANDORA'S CLOSET FOR THE AH-MAZING BANNER!! LUV U!! Hermione Granger always thought she was a muggleborn. However, one fateful day she turns into Mia Isabelle Zabini. Her life is perfect unitl she realizes that  she has one mystery to solve… Who kidnapped her? TO FIND OUT READ AND REVIEW!!!
Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lucius, Narcissa, Voldemort, Draco, Pansy, Blaise (M)
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Lucius/Narcissa, Ron/Lavender, Draco/Hermione
Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-03-06 5:24am
Last Chapter
2007-09-27 9:43pm
Last Updated
2007-09-27 9:43pm


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