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2005-10-08 8:14am
HI, There are over 100 stories in my favourites, check some of them out. Please review my story Deception! Even if you hate it!!

"My humps...!" 10 things I wanna do in life... A Battle between Good and Evil A Changing of Faith A Different Walk of Life A Founders Tale A Love to Remember A Marauder Story A Marauders Tale Across The Line Aim Snap Fall All For One Angels of Darkness Are We Playing for Keeps? Bad Touch. Beginning of life Best Friends Best Friends Forever, Fall in Love Together Black Diamond Breaking Up The Marauders Broken c l o s e r t o y o u Credendo Vides Dark Tendencies Dear Heart, Destined to Be Dovie Eclipse of the Sky Eliza's Story Falling In Love With The Devil and The Hero Firestorm Friends or Foe? From Abomination to Adoration Get Right Green Eyes Harry Potter and the Ghost of Godric’s Hollow Harry Potter and the Green Eye Secret Harry Potter and the Phantom Assassin Harry Potter and the Power of the Heirs Hidden Flames Hold On To Me I Never Get What I Want so I Want You Incomplete Infinite Anguish Infinite: Original Involuntary Reactions Just Breathe Knowing them Let Me Count the Ways Listen To Your Heart Live Life Maurader's Style LOVE & BROOMSTICKS Love Won't Wait Love, It's a Feeling Lovers and Friends Loving James, Meeting Prongs Maniacal Attraction: The Fifth Marauder Marauders and Angels Metamorphosing Destiny Miss Cinderella My Notebook Will Explain Nobody's Perfect One Moment at a Time Perfect is Another Form of Fake:A Maruader's Tale Potter and Prejudice Pranksters get Pranked Prejudice and Pride Premonitions of Gryffindor Protector of Mankind Purple Eyes Tell No Lies Remember Me. Rip Off My Wings...And Let Me Fall Romeo and Juliet Secrets of water and fire Slave of The Dark Switching with Sirius The 11 Commandments of the Marauders The Edge of Light The Escapades of a Filthy Cheating Adulteress The Fires Within The Four Founders The Four Founders: Year One The Impossibly Possible The Itsy-Bitsy Spider The Killer In Me The Love/Hate Triangle/Square The Mischief Makers and the Quest for Self The new James and Lily The Secret Assassin The Summer Before Seventh (as told by Lily Evans) There Will Always Be Tomorrow Think of me... Time After Time Torn and Broken Hearts: The Prophecy of a Millenia Truth, Love, and Lies Two Can Play This Game Unexpected Unsaid Things Unshed Tears Verbal Warfare Wasted Years Why Can't We All Just Get Along?
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1. Deception

By 0_tish_tash_0
Thanks to emily43212, Ryana and Meegsie St James for my three banners. At the moment it's emily's...
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James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Lily Evans, Ivy Masters and Violet Reynolds are all in their seventh year at Hogwarts. When the new heads are revealed the Marauders and Flowers weave webs of deceit, treachery, pain, death and love, which intercept with each other, exposing catastrophic results. Deception, a game of the heart.
Dumbledore, James, Lily, OC, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Snape, Narcissa, Lucius, Peter Pettigrew, M. McGonagall
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, Humor, Angst, Fluff
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2005-11-25 4:47pm
Last Chapter
2006-09-30 12:58pm
Last Updated
2006-09-30 12:58pm


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