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2005-09-05 7:34pm
Have always loved reading, the written word carries so much more power. As for writing, I can only hope to do as well.

525,600 Minutes: In Truths That She Learned, or in Times That He Cried A Broken Friendship Renewed A Change of Heart A Dance To Remember A Dangerous Liaison A Heart Split In Two A Mudblood and A Pureblood in love A Raw Desire A Tear Of Paradise A totally different situation A wavering trust An Unfulfilled Prophecy And Why Is He So.. Perfect. Auf Achse Because Of You Believe Me Beyond Truth and Lies black and white, miones knight Black Rose Bleed Green and Silver Blood and Gold Breathe Broken Butterfly Can Dreams Come True? Cat eyes (Draco Malfoy) Changed For Good? Chicken Child of My Enemy Clarissa's Secret Cold Inside Contract For Life Corrupted. Crookshanks' secret agenda Damn The Man Demonic Cupid Diary of a Mad Blonde Slytherin Dissolve and Decay Does it Really Matter Dog Days at Hogwarts Don't Deny Your Feelings Dreams Duality Eternal Evil never felt so good~* Exhilarating Incommodity Final Year, Final Chance For the Love of Pete Forbidden Love Forced To Get Along Forest Forever and Always Fresh! New! Start!...Or is it? Go to sleep Granger! Go To The Devil Going Nowhere Gryffindor Pride Guided By Final Words Harry Potter and the Battle of Hogwarts Harry Potter and the Fledgling Spirit Harry Potter and the Knight of the Serpent Harry Potter and the Phoenix's Flight Harry Potter and The Poorly Named 7th Year Fic Harry Potter and The Prophecy Harry Potter and the Secret Within Harry Potter and the United Realms, Book 7 Harry Potter: Prophesy Rising Harry Potter: The Wings of the Legendary Phoenixs Haunted Haunted Hell May Not Be So Bad Hell On Earth Or Something Like It Hermione's Baby Hermione's game Hermione's Problem High Above it all... is love Hogwarts Professors--After Classes Holding Back Time How to make Malfoy get lost in 10 days I am a spy Illegal attraction In Cold Blood In the End . . . Inbred Inevitable Deceit Inheriting Your Trust Into the Wind Invisible Invisible It Isn't Love Unless It Hurts Just A Physical Thing Just Believe Just One Night... Key to his heart Kill Me Tender Kryptonite Sisters Learning from a Little Malfoy Listen to your Heart Love Gives An F Love Is Pain Love, Hate, and Jealousy Loving the Dragon Lure of the Dark Side Matchmaker Memories My Malfoy My Secrets You Now Know My Stolen Heart Narcissa Falling Never Forget Me Never Look Away Never Say Never Nevermore Nobody Wants To Be Lonely Obliviate Of Love and Loss Of Weasels and Ferrets Once in a Blue Moon One Last Kiss (formerly titled Because I Love You) One last wish One More Year One Tear Among the Rain Other Side of the Mirror Our Dead Baby Our Mother's Request Patented Daydreams Poison Poisoned Candy Poor Sacrifices of our Enmity PREGNANT Project Wingman Project Wired Recalled to Life Recovery Revelations Revenge has never been so sweet Scars Second Chances Secrets Revealed Sentience Serpent's Embrace She found love in all the wrong places Side Sights Slytherin Princess...Do you love him? {who, Draco, of course?} Smuggle the Muggle Snape’s Battle for the Sun Sometimes when we touch Spiraling Guilt Stranded Stranger things couldn't happen to anyone nicer! Tainted Love Tears of the Past Temporary The Amulet of Stragaq The Baby Project The Black Mirror The Checkout Chick The curse The Dating Game The Dragon Breathes Fire The Faintness of Sound The Fall of an Angel The Ferret and the Beaver The Flatmate The Key to my Heart The Marauders - Episode 1: Idiots through Time The Marriage Project The Mudblood Chronicles the ones you hate maybe the ones you love the present The Romantics The Serpent The Taste of Blood Thieving Hearts Things Happen For A Reason This Curse on your Lips This Never Happened Those Hazel Eyes Through Your Eyes Time Is a Fickle Thing Tornadoes Toxic Trapped With Secrets True Love Can Last Forever...If You Want It To Twist of Fate Twisted Underminded by my Senses Untraditional Wanting You War of Hate, Love, and Compassion War of Hearts and Minds Welcome to My Litter Box What if I told you... When Lies Become the Truth When Love Replaces Hate When Stars Collide When the Lights Go Out When the Pawn hits... When the Rain Comes Where Loyalties Lie Why Are You Crying? Willingly into Wickedness Working at the Hospital Wing Your Child: The Sequel Your Destiny is Mine

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