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"Confessions between friends?" "Mrs Lupin" *Gryffindor's Princess* 1000 miles of Distance 12 Days of Christmas 12+ Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature Tutorial 16 Karat Gold A Ball Of Parchment A Bouquet of Doubts and Roses A Brief Glimpse A Change O Skirt A Christmas From the Heart A Christmas miracle A Cinderella Story (Kind Of) A crucio curse A Day of Knitting A Delightful Menace a different ending A Dursley at Hogwarts A Father A Granger-Weasley Disturbance A Heart of a Butterfly A Journal and Time Travel A Kiss A Letter on the Bed A Life Without you A Little Love in War A lone candle in the darkness A Lost Brother A Malfoy Christmas A Marauder Life A Marauder Story A Midnight's Kiss A Neville & Luna Story A Neville New Year A New Generation A New Year A New Years Eve to Remember. A Night For the Truth A Night in the Moonlight A Night To Remember A Not So Silent Night A Promise A Promise Made is a Promise Kept A Question of Chemistry A Red and Black Sky A Reunion of Friends A Room Without Books A Rose By Any Other Name A Scorpion's Rose A Secret Love A Secret Rose A Special Valentine A Startling Confession A Startling Devotion A Surprising Reunion A Tale of Two Sisters A Tearstained Letter A Thorough Understanding A Time and Place for Everything A Very Lupin Christmas A Very Merry Marauder Christmas A Very, Very Frosty Christmas A Walk In The Rain A Warmth I'll Not Forget A Weasley Wedding A werewolf has feelings too Able to Freak Out Abracadabra Absence of the Heart Absolution: A Marauders Tale Accidentally In Love Adaline Margaret Louise Jones After After the Battle: Ron and Hermione After The Final Battle After the Troll After the War After the War Afterwards ALBUS AND MINERVA Albus Severus Potter Alive All Alone All at Once All I Could Do Was Beg All I've Ever Wanted All our efforts All That She Wanted to Hear Almost Full Moon Almost Like Having Friends Alone Always Something Always There For You: Never Forgotten Always There Waiting Always Together Amidst The Shadows An Accidental Mistake an End and a Beginning An Eventful Morning An Outing At Madam Puddifoot's An Unlikely Situation Analysis of Events Anchor And So It Begins... Angel Animal I Have Become Any port Apples Are We Playing for Keeps? Armor Vincit Omnia As I Lay In Your Arms As The Moon Wanes... As Told By The Guy With The...Furry Little Problem At Dusk At Last At the Burrow Baby Talk Bang the Doldrums Beauty Because I Love You Because Love Isn't Always Obvious Because of Love Before the Hunt... Behind Marauder Lines Being Beautiful Best moment of my life. Better Days Better than me Between Heartbeats Beyond the Frosted Window Big Girls Don't Cry Birthday Cake Black Hearts Fading Black New Year Black out Blasted Bless The Broken Road Blood and Chocolate Bloody Bulgarians Blue Moon Blue moon Blue Moon Books are Useful Breaking Up The Marauders Bright Lights At Sunset Bright Moon, Dim Stars Broken hands and new arrivals Brother But As the World But How Do You Know? But I'll Never be with you... By the End of the Day By The End of The Summer Calm before the Storm Can i have this dance? Change Cheap and Cheesy Breakable Things Chess Rules Children of Wolves Cho Chang...Angel, Or Complete Cow? Chocolate Chocolate Cauldrons and Bedtime Stories Christmas at the Lupins Christmas in Peacetime Christmas Kiss Christmas with the Weasleys Cigarette Circumstancial Closeness Close Encounter With The Muggle Kind Colour My World Come and Dance With Me Forever- The Diary of Hermione Jane Granger Comfort Confessions and Confusions Confiscated And Highly Dangerous Conjure that Horse, Please Could You Ever Love a Werewolf? Couldn't Lose You Crossed Wires Crossing the Thin Line Crush Crush Daddy Daddy's Little Girl Date Day In The Snow Dear Diary Dear Mrs. Potter.... Dear Viktor, Love From Hermione Decorated Perfection Denying Feelings Denying You Destination Unknown Destiny Diary of the Dead Did it hurt you? Did you know that I love you? Different Shades of Love Dinner and Disaster Dinner With Mr. and Mrs. Wood Dizzingly Daisy Do you still love me Do you still love me? Do You Want To Dance? Does It Really Not Bother You... Don't Call Me Nymphadora Don't Call me NYMPHADORA! Don't even think about it..... Done Double Date Draco Draco's Arrival Draconian Punishment Dreams and Reality dreams come true DUH... Early Champagne Easy Eleven Years Later Empty Ennui Er... Escaping Umbridge Ever Had A Vacation Like This? Every Little Girl Needs A Hero Everyone Loves The Bad Girl Everything Falling For the First Time Falling in Step Family Famous Last Words Fancy Fathers Fear of the moon Feeling Complete Feelings of the Heart FELIX FELICIS Fight For You Fights, Tears, and Kisses Figure It Out, Granger Final Request Finally Finally I got all that I need Finally Together Finally! Finaly Find Me Again Finding True Love First Date First Date First. Flower Garlands Flying Lessons Foodfight Marauder Style Footsies! For Every Single Reason For Love For Love of Bottlecaps and Moonlight Walks For Sirius Forever Forever Forever Forever Autumn Forever Untouched...Until Now Forgiveness, Love and Death Forgotten Forgotten Sorrows Fourtanet Summer Freckles: A Stream of Consciousness Fred and George: Tales Before Hogwarts Friends From Afar From Arguments to Dancing From Love to Eternity From Summer to Battle: A Story of LoVe From this Distance From Toerag to Treasure Gabrielle: The 5th Marauder Gingers CAN Get Boyfriends Too! Ginny's Fate Girlfriend Girls’ Games, Nerves And Expectations Glory of Love God-Sister of the Werewolf Goin Crazy Good Night, Good Night Good Things Graduation Party Green Eyes Green is Not a Primary Color Green With Envy Griffindor VS. Slytherin Happily Ever After Happiness Happy birthday Hard to Get Harriet Harry and Ginny (luv story) Harry Potter and a New Beginning Harry Potter and The Family Wish Harry Potter and the Final Reckoning Harry Potter And The Hot Summer Nights Harry Potter and the Priest of York Harry Potter and the Story of Romance Harry Potter The Next Generation Harry Potter's first Father's Day Harry Potter: The Wings of the Legendary Phoenixs Have a Yule That's Cool He Chose You Heat Wave Hello Helping Her Heal Here Again Here Without You Here, There and Everywhere Hermione Granger and the Weasley Wedding Hermione Moment Hermione's Diary - Mistake Or Blessing? Hermione's Gift Hermione's Mystery Admirer Hermione's New Life Hermione: Tomboy Before Ron's Eye Hero Hero - In Her Eyes Hey Santa Hidden Feelings Hiding Love Never Works Highway Code His Best Source of Comfort His Daughter's Duffel Bag His Finest Hour - A Tribute to Fred Weasley Hogwarts Invites you to the Warty Awards... Home Alone Home Ec. Honouring Love Host Club Dilemma Hot Chocolate and House Elves House Rivlaries Gone How It All Went How Marauders Work How to Deal I can now say Love I Could Get Used To This I Don't Know Why I Hate That I Love You I hate to admitt it, but I need help. I Just Can't I Know Something You Don't Know I Like What You Say I Love Him I Love It When She Does That I love That Man I Love Watching Them I Never Knew You I solemnly swear I Will Wait For You I'd Lie I'll Remember I'll stay... Always I'll Take My Chances I'm Back I'm Not Good Enough.... I'm Not Okay I'm Shakin' I'm sorry I've Always Known Icky Stick Stuff If I Loved You If Not For Them If Only If you say Best Friends Important Questions In A Different Light In his hands In Ronald's Backyard In the arms of a werewolf In The Attic In The Light of the Moon In the middle of the night In The Middle of the Night In the Minds Of Teenagers In the Name of Good Behavior Inevitable Power Infatuation Interruptions Into the Chamber Into The Fire Invisible It Didn't Seem to Matter It's Not a Violin It's Over James's Sketch Book Just a tad Tipsy Just Another Love Story Just Friends Just Me Just So You Know Just Until Christmas Kiss Me Kiss me good bye before you go Knight in Shining Armor Krum Last Chance Last days in the sun Last Testament Lasting Impressions Lead the Way, and I will Follow Learn How To Fall Letters From War Letters to Mum: A Yule Brawl POV Lie Low at Lupin's Life Goes On Life is Great Light Up the Sky Like Being In Love Like Red on a Rose Little Moments Little Roses Living in Chains Loony, Loopy Lupin Losing You Love and Betrayal Love and Jealousy Love and Loss Love at First Touch Love in Their Eyes Love is found in the Most unlikely Of people Love is in the air Love is in the Air... Love Letters Love Letters Love Will Conquer All Lovely Drunken Prat Loving you... Lumos Lupin's Lost Love Mad about Harry Magical Musical Make the Right Choice Man's Greatest Treasure Mango: The First of Many Marauders in Love Maybe Tomorrow Me, Myself, and Ron Weasley Melt Away Memoirs Of My Mione Memory Merry Christmas, Hermione Messages of Heart and Mind Metanoia Mia Lupin. A very over-protected sister! Midnight Bliss Midnight Rendezvous Midnight truth or dare Missing Moments Missing Moments 1 Missing Scenes from Deathly Hollows Mistaken Identity Mistakes Mixed Letters Mixing Business With Pleasure Molly and Arthur at Hogwarts Moonlight And Marauders More Than Words Mr. Moony's Bedtime Story Mrs. Harry Potter Ms. Sneak and Mr. Gullible Much Love, Your Father Muggle Games Muggle Games Mum's the Word Mummy's Bump My Daughter's Hand My Epiphany My Heart's Desire My Life as I know it My Little Touch of Sunshine My Love is a Secret My Lover's Gone My Maraudering grandad My Name is Crookshanks My Other Half My Rock Mystery Nerves Never Again Never Goodbye Never Had A Dream Come True Never Say Never Neville's Secret New Beginnigns Next Time Nightly Patrol Nineteen Years Nineteen Years Later No More Excuses No One But Ron Northen Lights Not Again Not Another Harry Potter FanFic Not mine Ours Not on My Watch Not So Similar After All Note From a Lover Notes and Four-poster beds Nothing is Perfect Nothing To Her Now comes the night Now Or Never Obligated Oblivious Observing Happiness Of Coffee, Chats, and Carbs Of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin Of Peanut Butter and Little Ones Of Sweaters and Shoes Of Waffles and Roses Off Limits! Old Friends On The Brink On the hill by the lake On the Mend On to Plan... Once Upon A Singing Queen One Christmas to Remember One Drunken Night One Hundred Galleons One special Saturday evening One Step Closer Only a Year Only Him Only if we can hold hands Only Three Words Could describe Only Today Opps! Our Big News Our Guardian Angels Our Little Girl Over Part of the family Part One: A Secret Between Friends... Passing on Power Passion and Pain Patrolling Peace At Last Percy at the Wheezes Percy's Jokes Perfect Perfect Moments Perfect Situation Perplexing Parallels: The Second of Many Petrified Phoenix Tears Picture Perfect Pillow Talk Plain Plans at the Burrow Pluviomania Points of View Potions disaster Prejudice of the Half Breeds Pretty Girl Prom Dresses Proud Pulling Him Closer Puppy Love Purse Shopping Push Questions Quiditch Through the Ages Rainbows Raising Teddy Rapturous Ravenclaw Rivals Re-Kindled Flame Reaching that Heart of Gold Reality Red is for Roses Reflections Regrets Regrets Unmade Remember me? I remember you... Remembering Reminisce Remus Bloody Lupin and [[ MY ]] Furry Little Problem Remus Lupin and the Secret of Being Remus's Memories Rest In Peace Revealing Secrets Right Here Ripples In The Water Ron and Hermione Ron and Lavender, Sitting on a Stump Ron Weasley: An Autobiography Room Mates Roots and Thorns Salazar Slytherin and the Masked Lady Salty Raindrops Save Me Say it Somehow Scars School Days Scream My Lungs Out Sealed with a kiss Secretive Love September Secrets Setting the Record Straight: An Insider's Tale of the Truth Seven Seven Blind Dates Seven Years Seven Years of Friendship Can Pass Any Test Seventeen Ain’t So Sweet (Especially When You’re A Half-Blood) Shame on me She Said Yes She Will Be Loved She Will Be Loved She's Leaving Home Sheets of Wisdom Simple Gifts Sincerely and With Love Six Lives, Six Lovers, Three Relationships Six Things I Hate About You Sleep Sleep Sleepless Slytherin by Name, Gryffindor by Heart Slytherin Outcast Smegglyfuzz Snow Angel Snow Every Time So Kiss Me So Much For Her Happy Ending Somebody Somebody's Baby Someone to Die For Someone to Turn Everything Back Around Something More Something To Celebrate Something’s Gotta Give Soul of a Werewolf Sparks Speech Spin the bottle: Snog me Edition Stalemate Stand Still, Look Pretty Starlit Warning, Midnight Mourning Stay With Me Stuck On The Step Study Sessions Stumble Subtle Summer Surprises Supersition Surprises Surviving. Of Course Survivors Sweet Seventeen Take It Back Take my hand and say you will never let me go *improved* Tea and Sympathy Tears, Comfort and T-Shirts Teddy Remus Lupin: A Godson's Journey Telling Mum Terms Of Agreements That Face That's the Word That's Wizard's Chess The 7th Summer The Aftermath The Amortentia Experience The Battle at Hogwarts The best Christmas ever The Best Day Ever The Best Days of My Life The Best Man The Best Match The Blonde, The Brunette and the Red Head: A Marauder Tale The bonds of love The Broomshed The Brothers Potter The Calm After The Storm The Calm Before a Storm The Cannon's New Seeker The Caves of Concealment The Chamber The Charms of Two Loving Men The Colour of Autumn The Cure For Nightmares The Dance The Day After The Days of Black and Blue The Elegant Language of Love The Element of Surprise The Empty Classroom The Engagement The First Kiss Series: Arthur Weasley and Molly Prewett The First Kiss Series: Fred Weasley and Angelina Johnson The First Kiss Series: George Weasley and Alicia Spinnet The First Kiss Series: Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley The First Kiss Series: James Potter and Lily Evans The First Kiss Series: Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks The First Kiss Series: Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger The First Time The Forgotten Marauders The funny thing about Valentines Day The Game of Chess The Gift The Girl I've Known Forever The Girl Next Door The Girl No One Knows The Good Stuff The Greatest Story Ever Written! Starring Those Lovable Marauders. The Hardest Part of Love The Homecoming The Idea The Keeper of My Heart The Lady and the Snake The Last Day The Layer Underneath: A Fred and George Mishap The Legacy of the Tree The Library Meeting The Life and Times of the Next Generation The Little Pink Book The Marauders and ...Who? The Marauders' Journal The Marauders' List The Memiors of Hermione Granger. The Message on the Mirror The Minute Game... The New Golden Trio The Next Generation of Maurders The Night That Followed The Night Visitor The Note The Notebook of Weasley Romances The One Where the Adults Discuss Hermione’s Love Life The Only Female Marauder The Only One The Onset of Autumn The Onward Journey The Otherworld The Otter The Perfect Night The Phoenix Song The Plan The River Otter The Sapphire Necklace The Scorpion and the Rose The Secret of Ginny The Simple Art of Fighting and Making Up The Switch The Team Throughout the Ages The Things That They Left Unsaid The Thirteenth Stair The Tragic Tale of Remus And Ali. The Trick's On You! The Trouble With Santa Claus The TRUE Story Of Ron And Hermione The Truth Uncovered~Sequel~ The Unknown Daughter The Unknown Secrets The Very Manly JOURNAL of Ronald Bilius Weasley The Virgin Count The Wager The Way You Make Me Feel The Weasley Way The Wedding The Week of A Weasley Wedding The Wildest Weasley Wedding The Willow Tree The Worst Kind of Betrayal Things I'll Never Say Those Left to Carry On Those That Remain Three Simple Words Time To Let Her Go Time's Bitter Flood Will Rise To have and to lose To Hell With Books and Cleverness To Mend Broken Bridges To Start with a Memory Toddler Days, Again? Together At Last Together for Christmas Tongue Tied Tonight Tonks and the Ghoul Torch Tremble Tricky Territory Tru Revelations True Confessions of a Werewolf True Love Never Did Truth Truth About Women By Hermione J Granger Truth Be Told Truth or Dare Truth or Dare Truth or Dare Truth or Dare or Die Truth or Dare, anyone? Truth, Dare, and Veritaserum Truth, Love, and Lies Truth.....or Dare Twin's Two Moons in the Sky Two Rows Don't Make a Right Two Tormented Souls Under the Half moon Under the Kitchen Sink Under The Umbrella Underneath The Mistletoe Understanding Eyes Undying Memory Uneasy Interlude Unspoken Unstoppable Hearts Untill The End Of Time Up All Night Us Vacation Bliss Victor? Waiting Walking in the Rain Warning sign Watching Them Dance Waves in a Conch Shell We Can't We Can't Do This We Solemnly Swear We Are Up To No Good We'll get through this together Weasleys Never Say Die Wedding Stories Welcome Home Welcome To My World Werewolf In Love? Werewolf, Animagus and the Metamorphmagi What Are Friends For? What Could have Been What Ever Shall We Do what really happened What Really Matters? What Should I Call This Feeling? What They Really Mean What? I Just Came To See Her Off When it comes to love... When You're Gone Where Do We Go From Here? Where it Feels Like Home Where'd You Go? Whispers of the Willows White Roses Who Could Ever Love? Whose Turn Is It Anyway? Why do you Leave Me? Why do you Love Me? Why Don't You Kiss Her Why Potters like redheads Why Us? Why, oh WHY?! Wile the moon smiles Will he let her do it? Will you Marry me? OUCH! Wishes for my Daughter Wishes For My Daughter Wishing This Day Would Never End Witch Weekly's Cutest Couple With a Little Interference With Love Comes a Ring With You There Is Light Without you Woes of the Waning Moon Women of the War Words Unsaid Worth Fighting For Yes Yessir, That's My Baby You and Me You and Me Together You Know You're a Weirdo When... You Oughta Know You Raise Me Up You shouldn't kiss me like this You're beautiful You've got mail You've Just Got To Ask Young Love Your Biggest Fan Yup... thats my life... “Can we do that again please”

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