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2005-01-08 11:33am
Hey, my name is John and currently im working on a fan fic on snape's point of view in HBP because i think that there is a lot more going on in that story than what meets the eye. I love snape's character and also H/G or H/Hr even though it'll never

A Change of The Winds; The forgotten Prophecy A Dream of Hope A New Beginning A Second Prophecy And the Greatest of These... As Wings Unfold Complicated Hexagon Cruel Summer Cursed Dark Days Pass But Are Never Forgotten Draco: Phoenix Rising Eclipse of the Sky Fortress of Shadows Founders Four Harry and Ginny: Journey Ending, Journey Beginning Harry Potter - A New Beginning Harry Potter and the Darkness Before the Dawn Harry Potter and the Fatal Fury Harry Potter and the Final Riddle Harry Potter and the Forgotten Hollow Harry Potter and the Four Heirs. Harry Potter And The Hot Summer Nights Harry Potter and the League of the Phoenix Harry Potter and the League of the Phoenix: The Rise of the Sorceror Harry Potter and the Lions Of Gryffindor Harry Potter and the Mysterious Power of Love Harry Potter and the Perils of the Unknown Harry Potter and the Power of Destiny Harry Potter and the Power of the Garuda Harry Potter and the Rise of the Dark Lord Harry Potter and the Secret Apartment Harry Potter and The Secret Horcrux Harry Potter and the Shackles of Freedom Harry Potter and the Shield of Grindelwald Harry Potter and the Silent Siege Harry Potter and the Story that Will Be Harry Potter and the Strength to Fight Harry Potter and the Veil of Memories Harry Potter and the War of Shadows Harry Potter and the Web of Prophecies Harry Potter and the Wizard's Debt Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived Harry Potter: Secrets Resolved Harry Potter: Secrets Revealed Harry Potter: Secrets Revisited Hazy Eyes Hogwarts Sanitarium Hogwarts, A Musical I need Your Love Into The Darkness Jealousy Just Friends Kiss And Tell: When Tears Fall LEGACIES : The Solidus Charm Love Just Is Never Tickle A Sleeping Dragon Obliviate One Look Power The Dark Lord Knows Not Protection Remembrance Resonance The Bottom of the Lake The Darkest Hours The Old and The New The Order of the Phoenix The Power of Love The Rise of Lord Titus The Well Of Shadows The Wild Through the Looking Glass Torn and Broken Hearts: The Prophecy of a Millenia When God's and Goddess's Attack Wishes For My Daughter With Malice Aforethought Your Future, My Past, Our Destiny

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