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2011-05-03 3:12pm
I would die if I didn't have at least one piece of chocolate a day. I LOVE the HP series but like Severus and the twins best =) I don't think there's anything else...

"There Goes My Life" (Don't Fear) The Reaper (Needs a Title) ... and so the chase begins! A Broken Heart A Brother's Sacrifice A Childhood Fling A Christmas Teaching A Christmas to Remember A Clown Without Laughs A Cost Too Much A Dare's a Dare A Den of Sin A Dragon, Tamed A Drought A Few Moments Granted A Fresh Start A heavy load A Last Hope A Light in the Darkness A Measure of Uncertainty A Midsummer Day's Nightmare A minimun wage job at bed bath and beyond A Morning Moment of Madness A New Found Love! A New Revelation A Promise Waiting to Be Fulfilled A Proper Appreciation A Siblings Story: A Year of New Beginnings A Simple Slash Story A Sketch Ago A Starry Night A Stinging Poison A Tale of Cinderella A Tale of Two Halves A Taste Of Heaven A Thousand Tomorrows A Trip to the Library A Twist of Fate A Violet in the Sunshine A Whole New Start A- Late Night Above it All Addictive Release After Dark After Dark: The Outtakes Alive Alive All I Ever Wanted Alohomora! Alone Alone in the Shack Always Been There Always too late An Unexpected Visit And it may not be fair... And Just Like That, The Emptiness Faded Angels are Demons in Disguise. Angels Exist Angels of Darkness Annoying Our Master-Part One: The Scar Another World Arise Childe and Take Your Throne Art, Love & a Cup of Tea As I Lay Pretending... As the Storm Blows On... Ashes. Baby Talk Bad Company Barbed Wire and Roses Beautiful Beautiful Lie Beautiful Mistake Beautiful Nightmare Beautiful Within Beauty From Pain Because You Said Forever Becoming One Before I'm Gone Before the Dead End Being A Wolfs Mate Best Thing I Never Had Birth of Lily Luna Potter Black Guard: The Hogwarts Deception Black Hart Black Letters Black Lily Black Roses Black Roses, White Lies Black Sheep Blame Bless the Broken Road Blind Love Blood, Bets and Backing Down Books and the like Brain meets brawn Broom Closet Confessions Butterflys By Unseen Forces Can I Have A Kiss? Can I Have This Dance? Candace Trelawney's Rules For Surviving Hogwarts Chandelier Charmed And Loving It Chasing Fate Chocolate and Books Chocolates. Eastery Things. Nibbles. Choices and Chances Christmas Bets Christmas Spirit Cinderella Cinderella Magic Cinderella Story Cinderevans Cinnamon Eyes Come Stay With Me Coming Clean Common Ground Concrete Angel Confessions of a Past Well-Hidden Confused By My Love For My Best Friend Conquest Consequences of a Dead Sparrow Contented Conviction Contours Cooking is Where the Heart is Coridors and Journals Corrupt Could This be Magic? A Tale of Christmas Cheer Coward. Crossing Paths Crossing the Thin Line Cry, George and Hermione Crying Cultures Collide Curiosity Dance With the Devil Dancin' Away With My Heart. Dancing in the Streets of Hogsmeade Dancing With You: Dark Mirror Date With The Devil Dauger of a Death Eater Dazed and Confused Decadence Deception Define Shagging Defining My Independence Delicate Deluded Fairy Tale Desire Desire and Duty Desire to be Drunk Detention of Granger and Malfoy Devil's Snare, James Potter, and Other Things That Might Kill Me Diagnose Your Own Magical Maladies. Diamond in the Sky Difference Dirt Spirits Divine Humiliation Do I Know You? Do You Believe Me Now Doll. Don't Tell Mama Don't Touch My Mudblood dont you ever grow up Down The Wrong Track Dragon Lily Dragoness Dream a Little Dream of Me Dreaming of Yesterday Dreams Can Be Deceiving Driving Me Insane Dumbledore's Army: Call It Love Eclipse of Time Eight Of Spades Elephant Love Medley Emerald Star Endlessly, He Said Erin Eternal Winter Étrange et Captivant Every time Everybody Hurts Everything Save for Blood Exchange Student Eyes on me Eyes Wide Open Facing Fate Fade to Black Fairytale Fall Out of Love. Fall to Pieces Falling Family Reunions Family Ties Far From Heaven Faraday's cage Fear of dying Felix Felicis Field Of Innocence Fifteen. Final Judgment Final Regrets Finding family: Harry James Remus Potter-Black Finding Out How Fine Line Fire and Air First Kisses Five Wizards, Four Witches, Three Vampires, Two Werewolves and a Human read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone Fix you Fluorescent Fool Me Once For Good For the Last Time Forbidden Forbidden Fairytale Forbidden Lovers Forbidden Lovers 2: 19 years later Forever in your Eyes Forever, I Fear Forgive and Forget Forgiven, But Not Forgotten Formidable Secrets Foul, Loathsome, Evil, Little... Boyfriend? Four Fred Weasley.. From Beneath the Cloak George and Oliver Sitting in a Tree... Give it up Give Me a Reason Glytherin - Godric Gryffindor/Salazar Slytherin Go out with a Gryffindor Good Good Writing Gone Bad Goodnight Story Grow old with me? Growing Pains Gryffindor Courage Guardian Angel Guardian Angel Guardian Angel Gwaherddir Cariad Hair Brained Schemes Hair of the Dog Happy Ending Happy Ending Harry & Hermione: Evolution Harry and the Turn of the Tide Harry McGonagall Harry potter and percy jackson Harry Potter and Snape's Daughter Harry Potter and the Council of Shadows Harry Potter and the Eccentricities of Death Harry Potter and the end of the Dursley's Harry Potter and the Family Jewels Harry Potter and the Folly of Dumbledore Harry Potter and The Girl She Was Harry Potter and the Greatest Truth Harry Potter and the Heirs of Slytherin Harry Potter and the Hopefully Interesting Sixth Year Harry Potter and the Last Great War Harry Potter and the Lord of the Deathly Hallows Harry Potter and the Muggle-born Uprising Harry Potter and the New Beginnings Harry Potter and the Olympians Harry Potter and the Teachings of Grindelwald Harry Potter and the UnMasked Truth Harry Potter and the Unspeakable Harry Woke Up Harry's ticklish secret Harry, I am Your Father Hate, Prejudice and Secret Intentions Hay Fever He Heading in the Right Direction Healing Harry Hear My Voice Heartless Heir of Regulus Hello, My Name Is Fatherhood Her Hero Her Mother's Daughter Her Seeker Hermione Hermione Finally Gets The Right Weasly Hermione Potter and the Golden Phoenix Hermione's story Hermione’s Secret Hey There Delilah...Why'd You Have To Kill Mom? Hidden Agendas Hidden and Happy Hidden Memories Him His Godmother?? His Siren Song His. History - Retold Hogwarts Ramshackle Hold Me Inside You Holding On Horribly, Adorably, Siriusly Dense How Do You Get That Lonely? How I Feel About You Humility Hunting The Hunters I Couldn't Be Happier... I Hate Everything About You I Just Can’t Relax With You I Kissed a Girl I Kissed A Girl I Know Him So Well I love you, Hermione Granger I Met Your Father at Day-Care I Never Knew You I Never Told You I never told you what I do for a living I Promise I See Dead People I Should Tell You I Stand On The Outside Looking In I'll Be The Prince, And You'll Be the Princess I'll Bring the Roses I'll Never Leave Your Side. I'm not like my Brother I'm with you I've been talking about you I, Hermione Jane Granger Ice Cream If I Said I Wanted You. If Only For This Moment If Tears Could Bring You Back Ignorance Imaginary Immortal Bonds Important to Me Impossible In Dreams He Came In My Hands In Noctem In the Midst of Love and War In the woods, amongst the spring flowers In This Existence In Too Deep Inevitable Infatuation Infatuation: Life as a Superstar Insert Witty Title Here Invincible Irregular Instinct Irresistible Chemistry Is He My Father? Is This Real? Isabelle It All Went Wrong It Finds You Unexpectedly It was love... It's a funny story, really... It's Locked It's not just a hobby It's Not Supposed to Go Like That It's Something Else It's You Jack Frost Jezebel Just a Favor Just An Ordinary Day in the Life of G Just Another Tuesday Just As I thought Just Between Us Just Like Children Just Like You Just Like You... Just One Night Just One of the Guys Just Pretend Just Seth Keep Holding On Keep on dreaming, Weasley Kiss and Met Ladies, a Prince and a whole lotta magic! Lady Malfoy Lamenting a Lost Soul Last Hope Last Leaf Falls Learning to Catch Her Breath Again... Leaving with a letter Legendary Lemonhead Let It Be Let It Burn Let Your Hair Down Let Your Thoughts Run Free Letters From A Friend Liar Lies...It's All Lies! Lights in Heart and Sky Like A Moth to A Flame Like Breathing Under Water Like Romeo and Juliet... Like Something out of a Fairytale Lily in London Lily's Daughter? Lily's Defender Lips of An Angel Little Surprise Living a Lie. Losing Harry Losing What Is Left Of You Lost daughter of the sea Lost In Stereo Love and Forgiveness Love before Death. Love Changes Fate Love in the Past Love is a Battlefield Love is Blind Love is Blind Love Story Love with a pinch of Chocolate Frog Love's Triangle Love: An Irresistible Desire Lovestruck Loving him Lust or Love? Made Of Steel Making a World Mama Masked Feelings Massively Misunderstood Mischief McGonagall Cheers Up a Little Medium Meet Me in the Room of Requirement Meeting in the Dark Midnight Flight Midnight Pranks Missing Missing Half~ The Butterfly Effect Mommy Loves you From Heaven Now Moon Fire Moon Gazer Moonlight at Midnight Moonlit Silhouettes More Important Than Any Broomstick More Than a Divided Country Mr Snuggles Muggle Studies Murderer My Cinderella Night My Daughter My Daughter's Father's Fiancee My Dream My Little Project My little sweetheart My Mate My Secret My Share of Eternity My Sister's Keeper My Soul-Mate My sweet Angel My Twin Nanny Wanted! Need Need You Now Never Let Go Never Mattered Never meant to be New Beginings New Life New Wounds Nice Guys Are the Greatest Christmas Gifts Nightfall No One Mourns the Wicked No Reason Not To Nobody's Home Nobody's Home Not A Flower Not Dark Yet Not Set In Stone Not That Simple Nothing Sirius Of Cloaks and Daggers Of Ladders, Lists and Lupin Of Love and Dragons Of Ribbons and Honesty Of Weasleys and Potions Oliver's Girl On The Way Down Once There Was A Darkness: Year One One Fine Day One Night One Plus One Is One One Step Behind One Sweet Day ONESHOT! Please Be By My Side Tonight Open Opposites Attract Our love Out Here Over My Head Overheard Overshadowed Heart P.S. I Love You Parallel Histories Peace Perfect Daughter Perfect Little Mistakes Perfection Phoenix Tears Revisited Phoenix Tears Rising Pink Disasters or Everyday Occurances in the Life of Nymphadora T. Playing House with Malfoy Polyjuice Potions and Emotions Potterwatch Practice Material Pranking the Marauders Preferences Prey Prongs' Mischief Purely Theoretical Quidditch Practice Quiet Corridors Rain Raining Bones Raven Necros and the Cheat of Death Realization Reckless Roxi Red as a Rose Red Heads & Twins Reforming a Prankster Regretfully Yours Related By Blood Reluctance Remembering Erased Memories: Before the Revelations Return to Prince Manor Returning Revelations Ricochet Rivals Romancing The Killer Rose Garden Roundabout Run Harry Run Running With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 1) Running With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 2) Running With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 3) Running With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 4) Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye Say That You Love Me Second Place Secret Secret Heartache Secrets Semi Charmed Life Seven Blind Dates Seven Minutes in Heaven Shake the Disease She Could Be Shedding Silent Tears Sheets of Wisdom Shut up, Granger Silence Silence Silk Silver Bullet Simply Nameless Sink or Swim Sirius and Snape...meant to be? Sirius' Marauders Sister Potter Slytherin Snape's lost child Snape, Ticklish? Snitches and Dragons Snow Girl and the Sorcerer's Son Snowflakes and Kisses So Arrogantly Beautiful Someone Else Someone Like You Someone to Watch Over Me Sparkling Angels Sparks Will Fly. Special Spectrum Spin the bottle: Snog me Edition Spiraling Guilt Stand By Me Standing by your side 'til the end Starting Over Stealing Glances Still Delicate Stormcaller Stuck in the Middle Sudden Heart Rush Summer Solstice Summer Surprises Surprise in the Mirror Surprise Present Surprising Comfort Swansong for a Raven Sweet Lily Sweet Sacrifice Sweet Temptation Take A Risk Taking Chances Tattoos Tearing the Fabric of Time Tell Me a Story? Ten Truly Important Things You Taught Me Thank You For Loving Me Thanks for Understanding That Feeling That One Golden Summer The All-American Rejects The American Twin The Art of Our Sweet Desires The Ava Chronicles The Bad and the Boisterous-Part 1-Timetravelling Romance The Bet The Betrayal of His Eyes The Biggest Fear of Sirius Black The Boy That Didn't Matter The Boys Who Lived The Checkout Chick The Cleanest Break The Cruel Life The Cullens and Hermione The Cullen’s come to Hogwarts. The Curves of Time and Space The Damned Daughter The Dark Angel The Day Ron Weasley Doomed Us All The Days Of Their Lives The Death Of Something Beautiful The Death of The Greatest Wizard that Ever Lived The Die Has Been Cast The different direction of Harry Potter's life The Emotions We Hide The Era of Marauderettes The Fallen Star The Founder's Revenge The Four Warriors The Fourth Act The Game of Love The Girl in the Flower Shop The Golden Trio Reads Fanfiction The Hat The Heir to Prince Manor The Impossible Dream The Jumper The Leaving Song The Legacy The Life of the Cursed The Lioness's Son The List The Lost One The Love is Good The Love Potion The Lovers and the Idiot The Magic of Christmas Day The Malfoy Twins The Mask The Middle The Mirror-Blue Night The Month I was a Hipster The Most Anceint House of Black The Nargle in the Mistletoe The New Dark Lord. The new James and Lily The New Year is for Lovers The Night Means Nothing The Nightmare The One True Heir of Slytherin The One Where Harry and Hermione Are Locked In a Closet The Only Heir Of Lord Voldemort The Opening Kiss The other child The Other James. The Other Way Around The Owl's Daughter The Photo The Play Date The Pocket Watch The Poet The Poison Of Love The Potions Master's Daughter The Power of the 'Puffs The Sands of Time The Scandal and the Truth The Scent of Cinnamon The Secret Life Of Albus Dumbledor's Lovechild The Silent Killer The Special Two The Swing The Underground The venom of unrequited love The Waltz The War Is Over The wierd but wonderful day The Wrong Road Theodore Lupin And The Dark History There Goes My Life There in Harry's Arms There's A Reason Opposites Attract These Marks We Bear This is Why I Hate You those 3 words Those girls Three Times Clockwise Through the Cupboard Through The Looking Glass Til Death Do We Part Times change People do to To Lose a Twin To Love a Twin To Love Again To My Sister Together Tomorrow Too Lost in You Torturous Healing Toxic Transfiguration Treacle Moon Tremble for My Beloved Trouble Has A New Name True Destiny Truth or Dare Truths TRYING TO REMEMBER Turn Back Time' Twisted Torment Two Kinds of Half-Bloods Two Necklaces And A Promise Two to Tango Umbrella Under the Mistletoe Under the Stars Tonight Undercover Singing Sensation: A Parody Undoing Unexpected Ending Unexpected Love Unexpected Occurences Unforeseen Unknown Love Unrevealed Secrets..... Until I Lost Him Unusual UnVeiled Vanishing Act Veritaserum Vindictive Visiting the Grave Wagers Waiting Eyes Waking Up Happy Warlocks of the West Was It All A Dream? Watching the Tide Watching You We all have our Scars [Drarry] We Finally Understand Weasley Family Mayhem Weasley's Love Potion Webs Of Love Wedding Vows Welcome Home Wha-Whaaat?! What About Us? What Changed it All What if Lily choose Snape What If? What is Love? What You Do For Love What You Don't Know What You Should Know What's Done Is Done What's Your Poison? WHDJ - The Next Generation When Bella Swan Entered Hogwarts and Hermione Granger Threw a Hissy Fit When Edward Cullen Entered Hogwarts and Draco Malfoy Threw a Hissy Fit When He Flies When Parents Get Married When Rules Are Made For Breaking When the Snow Beings to Fall When Things Started Changing... When You Come Back To Me Again When You're Gone When You're Gone Which one? While You Were Gone White Horse Who Knew Who, am I? Why Do You Live? Why I hate you Why Us? Window to the Soul Winter Passing With the Wind in Her Hair Without the Grand Parade Please Wolf at Heart Wonderland Wood Worth the Risk Worthy You and Me in Paradise You Belong with Me You Promised... You still call me Granger! You're Not Alone Your Guardian Angel Your Guardian Angel Zephyr [Untitled]

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