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2010-12-21 3:13pm
I support Dramione. Lessthanthree <3

3 Greengrass' and a Malfoy. A Clash of Hearts A Dance With the Enemy A Granger No More A Man Barely Breathing A New Lie A New Life A Perfect Charade A Second Chance at Life A Step Closer A Strange Puzzle A Thing Called Transference A Twist of Fate A Vagabond's New Home A Web Of Lies, Love and Confusion Above it All Above the Clouds Absinthe After 5 Years... After Dawn After Life All This Time Amber Eyes and Silver Lies America:Where the British Fall in Love And Somehow this Hell is Home Arabesque Arrangement Assassin Baby Of Mine Barbed Wire and Roses Behind Closed Doors Behind Her Eyes Behind the Mask Believe Me Better Than I Know Myself Black Belt isn't always so simple Blind Love Break It To Me Gently CHANGELING SIX Choices Choices and Chances Closer to Paradise Compulsion Contours Daughters of the Pureblood Queen Dear Lord Voldemort Deception, Drama and Draco Malfoy... Delilah's Black Book of Poems Destiny of the Stars Diagnose Your Own Magical Maladies. Disappearing is easy; it’s reappearing that’s hard. Do I Know You? Do I Want to Forgive And Forget? Don't Forget to Breathe Don't Touch My Mudblood Draco: Phoenix Rising Dragoness Dying Perspective English Wizardry Academy of Martial Arts Everything But You... Everything's Changed Facing Fate Family Life and Child Development Figure Skating Finding Solitude Fire and Air For Good For You Giving Professor Snape A Dose Of His Own Potion Gone Grazed Knees Grey Clouds Guided By Final Words Healing Hurts Heart of a Dragon Hello, Stranger Her Happy Ending Her Hemingway Hermione and the Beast Hermione's Love Life Highly Flammable How Far Would You Go? How The Other Half Lives How's It Going To Be Hunting The Hunters I ache for you I Could Be Your Hero I Love You Too I Surrender In the Eyes of a Serpent In Your Debt Ink It Just Had To Be You! It's Just a Crush Ivory Keys Just Decide Kiss and Met Lady Malfoy Leather and Lace Lest we forget Lies Little Green Book. Living in This Perfect Hell Lost Memories Love and Forgiveness Love Hurts Love, Me Loving Draco Lure of the Dark Side Made the Fool Magnetism Making Mum and Dad Proud Meet Me in the Room of Requirement Mia Cadi Zabini Midnight Midnight Skies Miss Magick Missing Modelling Experiences Mrs Malfoy, Being Found Again Mummy? My Life. My Love Nanny Wanted! Never Hurt Hermione Granger... Result: Draco Malfoy Never Look Away New beginnings....... Nightmares (The Truth) No Simple Way Back Not Completely Alone Obliviate Obvious and Oblivious Once In A Lifetime One Fine Day One Second Can Be A Lifetime One Sweet Day Onyx Raven Opposites attract Our Eden Outbreak Pavilion Picture This Pirates Playing Cupid Playing House with Malfoy Poisoned Potter, Please Tell Her Something Pretending to be Pansy Prince Manor: Bubble Bubble Princess of the Rising Sun Privacy Reaching for the Unreachable Regret Remembering You Resistance Return After The War Return to Eden Return to Prince Manor Run. Runaway Safe Safehouse,Horses,Music Salt Rocks Sanctuary Santa Does Exist Saving Mum & Dad Secrets Secrets Secrets Behind a Smile Seven Moments in Time She Wore a Scarlet Ribbon Simply Irresistible Something There Something's Gotta Give Strawberry Wine Suck it Up Switchin' It Up Tale As Old As Time Thank You, Briony That New Girl The Art of Seduction The Beauty and The Tragedy The Chemicals Between Us The Colour Pink The Covenant The Days Of Their Lives The Decision The Downfall The Dragon and The Lady The French Way The Gains Offset The Losses The Girl among the Boys The Granger's Family Secret The Grass is Always Greener The Heir to Prince Manor The Hero Within The Hidden Garden The House Potions The Importance of Family The Impossible Unbreakable Vow The Longest Walk of Her Life The Lost Game The Mysterious Diary The One That Got Away The Other Side The Polyjuice Potion Baby The Potions Project The Power of A fortune Cookie The Proposal The Pureblood The Redemption of a Pureblood The Return to Innocence The Rightest of all Wrongs The Serpents Bride The truth that lies beneath The Underground The Unseemly Proposal The Very First Kiss The Wheel There's A Reason Opposites Attract Three Little Angels Through Different Eyes... Times change everything To Dance Trapped On Titanic Trials and Tribulations of A Wannabe Ballerina Trick-or-Treat---Slytherin Style Truth Or Dare Two to Tango Unfogging The Future Unforgiven United Again Unlucky Veritaserum Vertigo Welcome To The Dark Side What is Truth? When All is Lost When Darkness Fades... When Love and Death Embrace- The Story When Silver Meets Violet When Was The Last Time You? While You Were Gone Who is Charlotte Black? Wild Hearts Wish Upon a Star Wizard's Luck You'll Be Safe Here Yule Ball Night
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1. I Love You Too

By cutiekaren126

"I love you too," she whispered, before her heartbeat faded away completely.

Gorgeous banner done by the breathtakingly talented amoretti. @TDA 

730+ reads (: R&R please :D

Hermione, Draco
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
First Published
2011-05-11 6:10pm
Last Chapter
2011-06-18 8:41pm
Last Updated
2011-06-18 8:41pm


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