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19 Years A Dream of Hope A Second Prophecy A Time to Live Adventures as Newlyweds Adventures in Courtship After the Battle After the Horcrux After The Summer Ended After the War Albus Potter and the Path Left Untrodden Albus Potter and the Secrets Within Albus Potter and the Tracks They Left Behind Anything's Possible Beloved of a Hero Bite Me Brave New Hope Brave New World Brilliant Creatures Coming Home Defying Gravity Destiny Redefined Eclipse of Time Harry Potter & the Second Chance Harry Potter & the Veil of Shadows Harry Potter and the Arts of Healing Harry Potter and the Dream Come True........... Harry Potter and the Final Chapter Harry Potter and the Final Riddle Harry Potter and the Legend of the Twelve Harry Potter and the Life After Death Harry Potter and the Lost Years HARRY POTTER AND THE MYSTERIES UNVEILED Harry Potter and the Shattered Pieces Harry Potter and The Story In The Runes Harry Potter and the Summer After the War Harry Potter and the Winters After the War Harry Potter and the Wrath of the Fallen Harry Potter and the years that followed Harry Potter: Darkness Rising Harry Potter: Secrets Revealed Having both is a blessing Home is Where the Heart Is If Spring Ever Comes In Moonlight's Shadow Learning to live again Learning to Understand Let No One Put Asunder Life Goes On Moments of Love Moonlight Normalcy OLD MAGIC Protection Quid Pro Quo Rest of Our Lives Revelations from Actions Past to Present Secrets, Secrets Stand Still Delicate The Consequences of Time-Travel The Coolest Potter The End of the Beginning-The Beginning of the End The Lord of Tang The Missing Years The Onset of Autumn Thirty-One Bottles Through the Bars of Nurmengard Times Change To Be The Last Standing... Until the Very End Vires, Veneratio, Diligo; part I Welcome To The Black Parade What Goes Around...Comes Around...Lost and Found...Love What Happened Next: The Rest of their Lives When Luna met Rolf Winter of the Dark Witch Wolfsbane

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