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2008-04-19 6:22pm
Sigh. School sucks. "Merlin's Heir" should be up soon. Sigh. "Third Child" isn't continuing, sorry.

"You do not know the power of the Dark side..." A Charmed Twin A Darker Dream A Growing Power A Last Resort A New Kind of Love A Slight Mishap A Waltz With Chance After Seven Long Years All Was Well. Ancient Ways Angels of Darkness Arise Childe and Take Your Throne As I Lay Dying Better Than Me: The Novel Blood On My Hands Broken But You Said I Was Yours Campaign Romance Change of Seasons Daddy Dearest Dark Secrets Dawn Breaking. Dead Ringer Defying Gravity Different Disappearing and Reappearing Divination- The Marauders and the Philosopher's Stone Echoes from the Past Empty Fate Reversed Fifth King, Lost Queen Finding a Father Finding Himself Flame of the Dragon Forbidden Love Harmonize harry in narnia Harry James Marvolo Riddle: The Boy Who Killed Harry Potter & The Magic of Mana Harry Potter and the Ashes of Hope Harry Potter and the Beginning of the End Harry Potter and the Dark Blood Line Harry Potter and the Darkness Before the Dawn Harry Potter and the Downfall of Corruption Harry Potter and The Dragon Knights Harry Potter and the Fair Unknown Harry Potter and the Forgotten Memories Harry Potter and the Four Elements Harry Potter and the Fracture in time Harry Potter and the Godric Parallax Harry Potter and the Heart of Eternity Harry Potter and the Hopefully Interesting Sixth Year Harry Potter and the Inheritance Harry Potter and The Kings of Magic. Harry Potter and the Mouth of the Dragon Harry Potter and the Mysts of Fate Harry Potter and The New Marauders Harry Potter and the Quest to Save His Parents Harry Potter and The Rise of Power Harry Potter and the Sword in the Stone Harry Potter and the Teachings of Grindelwald Harry Potter and the Trial of Darkness Harry Potter To Live With a Lord Harry Potter, Lord Of Light And Darkness Harry Potter: Friend or Foe? Harry Potter: Taking Charge Hazy Eyes Hermione’s True Feelings [despite the epilogue in book seven] Hidden Secrets and Forbidden Love Hide Yourself Away I Love You, I Love You Not If Only... Immortal Blood Imprinted Hearts In Fair Hogwarts In the Shadows They Lie In Time Is It There? James and Lily - The Potters Strike Back Kidnapped Kings and Pawns Kiss Me Like This KryptonianMutant Let Your Darker Side Give In Light's Hope, Death's Hunters Little Girl Living a Lie. MageElite: Harry J Potter Location: ? Meet The Godparents Memories Lost Midnight Guardian Never Lived to See Never the Same Not the One; Your Beautiful Soul Oh, he's not yet dead One hundred and forty going on twelve One off's that never made it. Padfoot&Prongs Phoenix Tears Rising Potentially Problematic Potter Secrets Pretend Prongslet Remember? Resonance Return of the Dead Return to Prince Manor Savage Innocence Stepping Over the Edge Street Rat Tabula Rasa The Aftershock The Auror's Duty The Black Phoenix The boy who lived The Dark Angel The Degrees of Deception The Endless Question The Grass is Always Greener The Hard Life The Heir of the Founders The Hogwarts Werewolf The Last Request The List The Living Dead The Lost Elfling The Lost Potter The Malfoy Twins The Marriage contract The Missing Boy The Power He Knows Not The Power of Four The Reign of Darkness The Runaway The Sands of Time The Son of a Rider The Three Sons of Merlin and Three Daughters of Morgana The Two Houses The Unexpected The Universe has been turned on its Ear The Unknown Brother The Worst Day in the History of England The Young and the Hopeless Then You Stand Through the Furnace Time Again Time Changes Everything Trimmed with Red Twisted Two Weeks, Two Weddings Two Worlds Unexpected Ending Unnatural Ways Until I Lost Him Vanilla We Both Go Down Together. Welcome To My Life What You Don't Know When Worlds Collide Who Knew Wilting Lilies Wolf Tales You Can Run But You Can't Hide
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1. The Third Child

By Firestar345rr
He had done something against the law. Or, more correctly, HE was against the law. He was illegal, and nobody knew he existed. He wasn’t supposed to exist, but he did, and that fact alone made him a criminal in the eyes of the government.
Harry, Lily, James, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, OC/OC
Crossover, Horror/Dark, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-04-30 3:47pm
Last Chapter
2009-06-01 12:34pm
Last Updated
2009-06-01 12:34pm


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