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2008-02-25 3:37pm
Luna Lovegood is my favorite character in the series and either Hermione/Harry or James/Lily is my favorite pairings! Harry Potter is pretty dang sweet.

The Imperiused Wedding 24 Hours In A Locked Room...With James Potter A Blast from the Past A Cost Too Much A Cry For Help A Cupcake With Pink Frosting A Dream of Hope A Flower's Reflection A Furry Little Problem A Home Away From Home A House of Cards A Love To Last No Matter What A Mistake of Fate A Moment too late... a new way of seeing things A Night Around The Kitchen Table A Perfect Charade A Promise Waiting to Be Fulfilled A Red and Black Sky A Red-Headed Reunion A Serpent's Sacrifice A Summer Job A Very Special Birthday Present Ace Of Hearts After the Battle After the End After the storm Afterglow Against the Odds Ageless Beauty Albus Potter & the Vampirical Rising All at Once All In the Thunder All's Fair Amidst The Shadows I Lie Among the Serpents Amoretti An Affair of the Heart An Encounter with Danger An Unexpected Twist And It's Name was Harry James Potter And Love Said No Angel Angels Don't Come to Azkaban Angels Exist Another Year. Another Faculty Anything's Possible As Wings Unfold Auld Lang Syne Back Again Barriers Beauty and the Blacks//A Marauders Chronicles Behind Closed Doors Believe Me Believe Me, Natalie Beloved of a Hero Best Friends Forever Bitter Me Bitter Sweet Blasted Tapestry Blind Dating Blue eyes met Brown boggart. Books fall open; you fall in Broken Broken Mirrors Broken Promises Broken Wings Buy Me Love Call Me Lily Can I Have This Dance Can I Tell You a Secret? Can She Survive? Changed By Staff Changes Chaotic Chapter 37, Picking up the Pieces Chasing Airplanes Circle of Love Closer to Paradise Collide. Confessions of a Past Well-Hidden Conjoining Generations Contract For Life Courage and Fear Daddy Dancing With Destiny Date With The Devil Dawn and Dusk Deadly Nightshade Dear God, Do You Know My Name? Dear Harry...Love Luna Death By Pregnancy Death To James Potter Disappearing and Reappearing Dissection of Man's Psyche: Dealing with Reality Doing This Downfall Draco Malfoy Must Die Dreaming of Yesterday Dudley Evans Dumbledore's Diary Easy Eclipse of Time Extempore Eyes Tell No Secrets' Fading Light Fallen Kings Falling In Love Before the Deadline Families Fatal Accident Fighting Temptations Finding Her Father Finding Out How Fix You Flying Free Following the Footsteps Foolish...or not? For Lust or Love For The Love Of Quidditch, For The Love Of Him Forgiveness From Abomination to Adoration From: Krakow, To: Home Getting Reacquainted Getting to Know the Real James Potter Gingers CAN Get Boyfriends Too! Ginny's revenge Halloween Day Harmless? Harry and Hermione: A Romeo and Juliet Tale Harry Potter & the Second Chance Harry Potter and the Ancient Runes Harry Potter and the curse of the werewolf Harry Potter and the Elements of Nature Harry Potter and The Family Wish Harry Potter and the Fight of Logic VS. Love Harry Potter and the Four Elements Harry Potter and The Green Torch Prince of Storage Harry Potter and the Legend of the Twelve Harry Potter and the Life After Death Harry Potter and The Link Harry Potter and the Magic Revealed Harry Potter and the Meaning Of Love Harry Potter and the Quest of the Rogue Witch Harry Potter and the Quest to Save His Parents Harry Potter and the Shield of Grindelwald Harry Potter and the Time of Second Chances Harry Potter and the Wizard's Debt Harry Potter: A Gift Thrice Given He calls me Lily Flower. He Who Fights Monsters Heart And Soul Heartbreak Hearts, Bars, and Scars Hello, Stranger Her Happy Ending Here in my Arms Here lies Bellatrix Hermione's Baby Hermione's Song Heroes Hidden Memories Hidden Secrets Hide & Seek Hide and Seek Hilltop Façades His Best Girl Hogwarts: A Cultural History Hold Your Tongue Hollow Bones and a Shallow Grave Home Alone Homecoming Honesty, Honestly Hopes, Lies, and Discoveries How Many?? How to be a Blood Traitor I Do I Never Get What I Want so I Want You I Promise I wish I didn't love you. I'll Love You Always and Forever I'll stand by you I'm Not Innocent. Not At All. I'm Not Neurotic! The Diary of Hermione Granger Identity Confusion If Heaven's Vault Should Crack If Only... If You Come Softly In Death With You In Fair Hogwarts In love with a Ferret In Love with the Marauders In The Grave All Shall Be Renewed In the hands of another In the Moonlight Insomnia Intertwining With Fate Into The Fire Intoxicating Obsession Invoking the Secret Keeper Irrational It's Always Been You It's Not Easy to be You Jammies Jealousy Jealousy Games Just Another Parody Keeping Emma Kiss & Tell Last Impressions Last Rays of Sunshine Learning to Love a Malfoy LEGACIES: The Halo Of Life Let Go Letter To Hermione Lies...It's All Lies! Life After Death Life's Not Always Black and White~ A Marauders Story Lily Evans and the Survival of James Potter Lily in the Willows Lily's Choice Looking Beyond the Beginning Lost Lost and Found Lost Letters Lost Love Lost Memories LOVE & BROOMSTICKS Love Eternally Love Hurts Love in the Past Love is a four letter word. Love is Never Logical LOVE? You've Got To Be Kidding Me! Loving the Devil Magic Touch Magical Me Mail Make You Love Me Marry Me Harry Me, A Marauderette Midnight Cries and Midday Sighs Mirrored Desires Miss Cinderella Missing Moments Moonlight More Pain Than I Can Bear Mouth Shut Mr. Weasley and the Doughnuts Mustn't Love Granger My Dear Daughter My new family Never gonna care about you...yet Never Say Forever Nineteen Eighty One, with a Twist No Man's Land Not Fade Away Not That Girl Not Your Average Girl Now Comes the Night Obligated Of Peanut Butter and Little Ones Of Vampyres and Werewolves Office Love Old Moon On the Outside Looking In One Look One Moment at a Time Only Time Will Tell Our Future, Their Present Out of My Head (a Lily and James story) Out Of The Blue Over the Hill Harry Padfoot and Prongs' top pick-up lines Paper Doll Parties,Peaches, and PDA Passengers Patented Daydreams Persephone Phoenixes Playing By Ear Poisoned Prefects Are People Too Pretty Girl Professor Burbage and the Potions Master Promise me Prongslet Proposals Protecting His Teddy Bear Protection Puppet Master Puppy Love Quarter Moon Quid Pro Quo Rage Against the Dying of the Light Reading Between the Lines Reckless Reign O'er Me Remembrance Resonance Revenge has never been so sweet Rocks Don't Float Ron Weasley: An Autobiography Rose and Scorpius Runaway Runaway Sacrifices Saving Ana Saving George Scars and Silhouettes school never killed anyone right? Scribbles Seasons in the Sun Secretly Famous Secrets Secrets Secrets in Shadows Seeing Eye to Eye Severus Snape and the Biting Grim Shadow of a Hero Shadows Shapes of Things She Don't Know Signed, James Potter Silent Love Singin' in the Rain Sitting in the Orange Tree Six and a Half Days Six Lives, Six Lovers, Three Relationships Slip of the Tongue Smile Like You Mean It Smile....even when it hurts Snitch So She Dances Some Kind of Wonderful Something More Spots that Don't Come Off Stars Will Shine Stranded Stuck in a Harry Potter Romance Supergirl: Through My Eyes Superman Complex Sweet Silence Switched! Switching With Potter Switching with Sirius Taking A Leap Teardrops on the Bathroom Floor Temporary Testosterone That Aint No Crime That Summer That Which is Broken... That's Wizard's Chess The Baby Project The Bargain The Best Days of My Life The C.O.L.L.E.C.T.O.R The Cannon's New Seeker The Christmas Enchantment The Chronicles Of The Dark Lord, Part I The Chronicles Of The Dark Lord, Part II The Corners of My Parchment The Crownless Again Shall Be King The Dangers of Mistletoe The Dark Diary The Dark Side of the Moon The Edge of Light The Elegant Deceit The End The Essence of Revenge The Explorations of the Boys of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry The Eyes Have It The First Date The Glowing Sphere The Graveyard Gathering The Hunt for Death Eaters The Huntress and Mercury’s Star The Impossible Dream The Labyrinth The Last Of Times The List The Map The Marauders' Story The Marauders: A MWPP Story The Marriage contract The Matchmaker The Mirror of Deen The Moments Before The Final Battle The New Fred. The New Guy The new Supporters The Night After the Wedding The Order of the Phoenix, Round Two The Other Side The Pieces of Parchment The Price of Love The Reason to Fight The Rightest of all Wrongs The Road Not Taken The Secret Keepers The Seventh Year The Sister The Solution is Murder The Sound of Silence The Summer Before Seventh (as told by Lily Evans) The Summer Of A Dormouse The Tale of the Timeturner The True Son The Twelve Days of Christmas The Unforgotten Diary The Way to Dusty Death The Wedding The World She Knew The Year of Girls and... Defeating Dark Lords Their Songs Then Shall I Know There Were Ghosts They Thought We Were In Love! Things are looking up Those Eyes Through the Eyes of Bellatrix Lestrange. Through the Looking Glass Time After Time Time Stood Still: Reckonings To Judge a Book By Its Cover To Love a Marauder Today At The Burrow Together Again Tongue Tied touch. Tragic Kingdom Trapped Tricky Territory True Friendship True Love Never Did Truth be Told Truth or Dare Truth Or Dare Truth.....or Dare Twist of Fate Two Hawks Hunting Two Rows Don't Make a Right Two Wrongs Unexpected Lovers Unexplainable Love United Houses View from the Sidelines Visiting Daddy's Parents Watching Leaves Grow on Ivy Wayside Affection We Will Become Silhouettes Wearing the Halo Welcome To Volde-Mart ... How May We Help You? What If... What Love is About What Witches Want When All is Lost... When Lies Become the Truth When Moments Remain When She Wakes When the Time Comes Where Do You Think We Are? Where does the truth lie? White Cloaks White Flag' by Dido. The Love that Taught Hate Who kissed Lily Evans? Why Don't You Kiss Her? Wilted Rose Winning and Losing Worse Than Death Yellow Yes You're Going to Get What You Deserve You're So Damn Hot. Your Future, My Past, Our Destiny Your Lovely days at Hogwarts Your Time Will Come ~~Forgetful love~~ “But He’s My Son!”

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