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2008-01-10 7:44pm
I LOVE HARRY POTTER I LOVE FANFICTION I LOVE READING I LOVE BEING HYPER That is basically all you need to know about me. Oh, and I love Chinese food (the fake american kind) and blueberries. Not necessarily together though.

19 Years 19 Years Later A Dursley at Hogwarts A Lesson in Sociology A Single Candle A Turn In Time Adflictation Lair Albus Potter and the Resurrection Stone And His Cousin's Hand-Me-Down Clothes And Then There Were None Apprentice Potter Aunt Petunia's Turmoil Boy But Where Did They Go? Can't Buy Me Love Caught In The Dust Cho's Story Cold as Ash Coming Home Count On Me Counting Back the Years Daddy Returned Dark Clouds Deprived of Hope Desperate Desires Divination Dudley's Worst Memory Eulogies For The Dead Every Second Everything Begins with a Change Expect the Unexpected Finding Harry Flash from the past Future Surprises Hagrid's Story Hairy Harry Harry and the Changed Time Line Harry Potter And The Abuse. Harry Potter and the missing 19 Years Harry Potter and the Other Path Harry Potter and the Second War Harry Potter and the Time in the Past Harry Potter and the Year in the Past Harry Potter: A Monologue By Dudley Heartthrob Her Last Moments Hogwarts Sanitarium Hope How old will i be tomorrow? I knew I Think They Didnt Want Me I'll never tell I'm Five Today If I could turn back time In A New Light In Midian Into the Past It All Ends Jamie Snape and the Chamber of Secrets Journal Just by Chance Learning to live again Leave me alone Lost Innocence Memoirs of a Rat Memoirs of Petunia Milk and Cookies, Potter Style Miracle Moon Mistress of the Malfoy More than just Parchment My Notebook Will Explain Mysterious Ways Normalcy Not Another Time Travel Story! Not so Famous Of Coloured Pencils and Plastic Bags One Full Moon One Last Goodbye One step back, and just a few more forward! Only Time Our Lady of Sorrow P(i)unk Page 500 Paid Pain Pain: The Life of Salazar Slytherin Pansy Verses Draco Parselmouth? Pretty Please? Prongslet Rabbit Food-As told by Dudley Dursley Reconciliation Ruining my parents past with a Timeturner Ship of Dreams Stupid Potter! Tail Gnawing Serpent Tangled Love Ten Years Gone That Special Second Chance The Adventure of Dudley Dursley The Aftershock The Battle at Hogwarts The Day After The Hunter The Insightful, Logically Organized and Slightly Insane Thoughts of a Creative Ravenclaw The Later Years The Marauder's Final Year The Marauders and the Blood Talisman The Mudblood The Muggle And The Bush Boy The Muggle Guests The Pains of the Younger Black The Paperboy The Potter's 19 years and beyond The Seer The Tale of Two Potters The trouble with broken Timeturners The Year When Everything Changed Through the Platform Thrown Into the Past Time Is of the Essence Time Travel; making good use of an overused plot To Love a Stranger To the past we go! Trouble Always Finds Me Uncovering the Past Warmth Welcome to My Life What If... What of A Nephew? Who Will Stop The Rain You Can Run But You Can't Hide You'll pay boy mark my word you'll pay Your Star Zap “But He’s My Son!”
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1. Sirusly?

By hypercell
Harry, Sirius, Voldemort
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No Warnings
First Published
2009-02-25 2:04pm
Last Chapter
2009-03-05 11:07am
Last Updated
2009-03-05 11:07am


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