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7th Year with The Zambinis A Cunning Connection A Granger No More A Mother's Dying Wish A Mother's protection A Muggle Me A Rainy Day Engagment A Riddle Still Being Written... All I could hope for Amitto and sometimes words fail Are you serious? Artificial At His Side Beautiful Girl Bitten Bitten Blinded Blood and Shadows Bound For Life Broken Hallelujah Brown Eyes Changing the Past Closer to Paradise Curiosity Got The Cat Dancing With Delilah Darkest Night Death's Angel Detention of Granger and Malfoy Disappearing is easy; it’s reappearing that’s hard. Dolose Don't Forget to Breathe Don't Touch My Mudblood Draco and Hermione: Star Crossed Enemies Dragoness Dying Perspective Enemies and Prophecies Falling From Grace Forgetting to Remember to Forget Forgiven Love Ghostability Gold Dust Guiding Light Harry Potter and the UnMasked Truth Hate/Love Hearts and Guitar Strings Hello, Stranger Her Sacrifice Hermione For Murder Hermione's plan How the Slytherin Prince Came to Love the Gryffindor Princess Identity Confusion Imprinting In the blink of an eye It's All About Hermione Just a Bet? Just a tiny problem Kiss of Death Lies Told To Me Little Girl Losing Your Way. Lost Love Deal Love demands Sacrifice Love fool Loving Lucius's Little Love MALUM Midnight Skies Mirror of Erised Miss Magick Mission Impossible Mrs Malfoy, Being Found Again Mrs. Malfoy and Hermione My Daddys Little Princess My Light In Darkness My new family My Saving Grace Not So Perfect Of Dragons and Lions Oh My Veela! Once In A Lifetime Painting the Lagoon Red Payback Is Sweet Perfection Pirates Potter Secrets PROPHECY OF LOVE Red Moon Return To Me Saving Dad's Marriage Secrets Seen In a New Darkness Sixteen At War Slipped Away Slytherin Queen Snape's lost child So Close Yet So far away Soul Keeper Sparkling Angels Tainted The Artful Fabrication of Draco and Hermione The Assistant The Baby Project The Death Eater's Child. The First Haven The Forgotten The Game of Love The Granger's Family Secret The life of Harry Potter, and my part in it. The New Malfoy. The Night of January 16th The Other Side The Other Way Around The Potions Project The Pureblood The Serpents Bride The Very First Kiss There's A Reason Opposites Attract Three's a Crowd To Be a Snape Toujours et à Jamais Toxic Trapped On Titanic Truth Revealed Twilight and a Full Moon Twists and Turns of Fate Two Guys, A Girl and a Quidditch Pitch Two Vampires = Lots of Trouble Undercover Singing Sensation: A Parody Warrior We Meet Again Welcome To The Dark Side What kind of a person are you?! What Lingers in the Dark What to do now? When a wolf bites...the world may be saved. When Preppy Met Punk Wild Hearts You're My Princess | Innocence and Guilt | A Draco and Hermione Story

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