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2007-05-29 3:28pm
I have been in love with harry potter since i read the books I love Daniel Radcliffe he is so cute. Well anyways i guess thats all so if any of you want to chat some time. I have writers block if any <i>Personal info removed by staff.</i>

James with Hellebore A Baby-Sitting Adventure...Gone Bad A Cinderella Story-The Fairytale of Lily and James A Deafening Silence A Deep Bond a different ending A different kind of family A Future Unknown A Key to My Heart A Life Turned Upside Down A Little While A Love Lost in Time A Lover's Tale A Marauder for a Lady A Marauders Tale A Mother's protection A New Beginning A New Definition of Family A New Generation A New Prophecy A Petal in the Wind A Prankster Pranked A Revolutionized Life a secret A Serpent's Sacrifice A Simple Slash Story A Strange Infatuation A tale lost in time A Tale of Two Times A Time for Everything and Everything it's Place A Time's Tale A Very Angry Harry About a Film Ace Of Hearts Adventures of Harry Black, Year 1 Age Matters Not Alive Again All Together Again Along Came a Prankster Amelia & Harry (Rewritten) An Alternate Ending An Unwanted Marriage Anawyn: The Story That Was Never Told Ancient Ways And Baby Makes Three And Malice Toward None Another Elementalist At Hogwarts? Atonement Babysitting Potter Back to the Beginning; What if? Back To Their Future Bad Karma Beautiful Disaster Because You Were There... Becoming a Memory Bewhere of people Around you Bill Weasley and Hermione Black the love that shocked everyone. Birthday? Hmm...Sounds Like Fun Blinded Blood Brothers Bloody hell, she's pregnant again! Bodiless Voice Books and the like Broken Brown Eyes Change My World Change of Seasons Changing The Past, Rewriting The Future Chronological Disorder Circle of Love Coming Home Communication Via Owl Completely Enchanted Confronting Harry Crash Into Me Crush Cub Cursed and Enchanted Daddy Dearest Dangerously In Love Dark Lord Potter Deadly Roses Dearest Daddy Death and Destiny Deep In My Soul Dernière chance Desperate Envy Dreaming?? EARTH, WIND and FIRE Empty Endlessly Everything You Want Evie Fairy Princess Falling Hard Falling Through Time Fantasy and Reality: Two Very Different Things Fear of the Moonlight Figured You Out Finally Going Home Finding Himself Fire in the Water Flame of the Dragon Flash from the past Flying and Falling In Love Friend or Foe? Friendship, Love, and Pranks: The Story of The Marauders Full Moon Rising Fun and Games Fun and Games at Grimmauld Place George and Oliver Sitting in a Tree... Ghostability Giving Professor Snape A Dose Of His Own Potion glyserine Godfamily Going to the Future Good Things Gotta Love Twins Granger's Girls Greatest Wish Happy House Harry and Cho-the way it was meant to be Harry and the ALTERNATE New Time Line Harry and the Different Childhood Harry and the Elixir of Time Harry and the Future's Halloween Harry and the Mystery of Age Harry and the New Time Line Harry and the Turn of the Tide Harry Hates Cats Harry James Weasley Harry McGonagall Harry Potter & the Dome of Existence and Truth Harry Potter & the Four Elements Harry Potter & The Great Wizards War Harry Potter and Soulfire Harry Potter and the Birth of a New Sun Harry Potter and the Burden of Becoming Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Fate Harry Potter and the Council of Ellijendria Harry Potter and the Curse of the Elemental Harry Potter and the Darkness Before the Dawn Harry Potter and the Destiny of Time Harry Potter and the Digi Destins Harry Potter and the Downfall of Corruption Harry Potter and the Dungeon Scroll Harry Potter and the end of the Dursley's Harry Potter and The Ever So Black Pearl Harry Potter and the Fight for Freedom Harry Potter and the Fight of Logic VS. Love Harry Potter and the Four Elements Harry Potter and the Four Heirs. Harry Potter and the Greatest Truth Harry Potter And The Green Jewled Staff Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Rift Harry Potter and The Kings of Magic. Harry Potter and the League of the Phoenix: The Rise of the Sorceror Harry Potter and the Legend of the Twelve Harry Potter and the Limits of War Harry Potter and the Lions Of Gryffindor HARRY POTTER AND THE MYSTERIES UNVEILED Harry Potter and the Mysterious Power of Love Harry Potter and the New Order Harry Potter and The Power of Old Harry Potter and the Power of the Founders Harry Potter and the Power of the Founders Harry Potter and the Power the Dark Lord Knows Not Harry Potter and The Prophecy Harry Potter and the Prophecy of War Harry Potter and the Return Of The Elements Harry potter and the Riddles end Harry Potter and the Room of Death Harry Potter and The Secret Horcrux Harry Potter and the Shackles of Freedom Harry Potter and the Soul Guide Harry Potter And The Wand Of War Harry Potter and the Year of Surprises Harry Potter Exsits?!? Harry Potter: Year Two at Hogwarts Harry Sirius Black Harry's Godmother : Her story Harry's New Scar Heart of the Phoenix Heartthrob Hell, for Two Her Last Words Her Sweet Curse Hidden Agendas Hieroglyphic Hearts His kisses Hold On to the Memories Hopscotch How to Deal Hungry for the Wolf Hush Little Harry Hydra at Hogwarts I Am The Heir... I Love You, But Please Die! I love you... I Met Him by the Swings I need Your Love I solemnly swear I'll Love You Always and Forever I'm Not Listening I've Always Loved Him, I Just Never Knew... I,Hermione, a Malfoy If James Survived... In A New Light In Fair Hogwarts In Her Heart In Love With A Werewolf In the End...Love Conquers All In the Midst of the Night . . . In the Words of Ginevra Molly Potter In Time Incensed Pleasure Innocence Into the past ; Back to the future Is It There? It's A Girl? It's OK2bGay! James Potter and the Irreplaceable year James's Sketch Book Jamie Snape and the Chamber of Secrets Jamie-Lynn Potter Jayson & Hermione Jealousy Between Twins Over A Potter Just a Bet? Just One Night Last December LEGACIES: The Halo Of Life Let's Be Friends Letters to my Father Lies Lies...It's All Lies! Life After Evil. Lily Ann Potter Lis Du Feu London Tonight, Raine Tomorrow Lost and Found Lost In Time Lost in Time Lost Sister, or True Love Love Love before Death. Love in the Past Love Incognizant Loving You Is An Easy Thing To Do Lupines and Lilies Making it Right Marauders, Mishap, and Me, Marley Matchmaker: A Neville/OC Story Meadowlark Memories in my Blood Mih Evas I: Fathers, Brothers and Monsters Miracle Moon Mission Impossible More Important Than Any Broomstick More than One Hero Mr. Popularity Confesses Muggle Magic My Dirty Little Secret My Life With You My little sweetheart My new family My One and Only Sweetheart Never Leave Me Like That Again! Never Say Forever Never Say Goodbye New Place, Same Fight Next Generation- Rise of the Faerie Nice girls can be a little bad Not Another Time Travel Story! nothing like james Of Jealous Kisses And Dangerous Games Of Love and Destiny Of Love And Triumph Of patrols and Love One Crazy Night One hundred and forty going on twelve One Last Chance Only in the Beginning Out of My Head (a Lily and James story) Pandora's Box Parenting 101 Parents At Seventeen Picking Up the Pieces Potentially Problematic Potters' Of The Caribbean Precious potter Professor Weasley Prongslet Psycho Path, Cho Chang Rain, Sun, and Lightning raising harry year five Recollections of a Madman Remembering Erased Memories: Before the Revelations Resolution Return of the Dead Revelations from the Past Reversed World Ruining my parents past with a Timeturner Ruining the Future-Fixing the Past Sage potter and the secret that no one can know Saving Harry--again Second Chances, Second Glances Second time love. Secrets Secrets Secrets and Lies Shattered Reality Sibling Rivalry Silent Tears Sirius -ly in Love Sirius' Tail Sleep Silent: An Elemental Story Snape's lost child Song Remains The Same Sovereign of a Captive Nation Sparrow Black St. Mungos Stardust Stellar Steve Stranded with idiots Swings and Roundabouts. Switched Switching With Potter Tainted Taking Care of Baby Harry Talking and Walking The 5th Marauder The American Lupin The Baby Project The Book of the Dead The Boy, The Man, The Beast The Broken Locket The Charmed Life The Dursley's Doorstep The Edge of Greatness The Exchange Students The Family Secret The Fellowship of the Granger The Fifth Marauder The Final Adventure The Fine Line Between Love and Hate The Five Problems of Four: Part 1 The Forgotten Marauders The Game The Guardian The Headmaster's Daughter The Heirs The Hogwarts Werewolf The Knight and her Prince The Last Request The List The Living Dead The Lupin Story The Marauder's Mum The Marauders and the Gate to Slytherin The Missing Black-Lupin Heirs The Mix Up The One I Want The Perfect Couple The Philosopher's Stone The Poet's Son The Problem With Time never know what's gonna happen The Rage of Potter The Rain Has Fallen The Ransom of Albus Dumbledore The Real Deal The Road Not Taken The Runaway The Secret Assassin The Severus Snape Saga The Sorting Hat's Big Mistake The Spawn of Skorm and the Angel of Death The Story Of Seren Dursley The Summer of Confusion The Tale of Two Potters The Torn Page The trouble with broken Timeturners The True Son The Truth Behind the Triwizard Tormanent The Twin The Weaver of Life The Weirdest Year Yet The Wolf's Tears The World As We Knew It The Worst Kind of Betrayal The Year of Girls and... Defeating Dark Lords Then Shall I Know They're Taking Over the World...According to Sirius Thrown Into the Past Time Again Time Changes Everything Time Travel; making good use of an overused plot Time Travel?? the PAST?? GREAT!!! Time Turner Troubles Time Unraveled Timeless Titans Trilogy Book 1: Rise of the Dragon To have and to lose To Have Loved and Lost To Live Again To Love You More Too Early...?? Too Late for Love? Trapped Trapped Triangular Awkwardness Triwizard Champion And Friend True Love Is Blinding truth Truth or Dare Truths TRYING TO REMEMBER Two Necklaces And A Promise Uh-Oh Unforeseen Unleashed Unlikely happening Usually Voldemort's apprentice and son Wagers with Werewolves Wanna Bet? Weasley, Broken What changed everything What Dreams May Come what happened (a harry potter charmed cross over) What happens in the past, shouldn't stay in the past What if... What if? What to do when you love TWO! What was supposed to be the Marauders fifth year at Hogwarts When a wolf bites...the world may be saved. When In Scotland When Love and Death Embrace- The Story When The Past And Future Clash When you have it All Where does the truth lie? Who could ever love a werewolf? Who is at fault...? Who? Why Do I Do This? Why must this be? Why Us? Winning Hermione With Malice Aforethought Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Wizard's Life For Me You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This You're Never Going To Fit In Much, Kid Your Star Your Strength My Heart To Mend “But He’s My Son!”
0_o_Lena_o_0 1MysteriousSoul 3LLi3_MARi3 942lily110 Aaran St Vines Aerie Radcliffe aikakone AJ Potter al3x Albus_dumbledore Alexannah Alexis Leigh Peters allgoodfungall alternativerocker AMBruner amrawo Amy Brooks Ananka Potter andharrywokeup angel89 angelofthewinternight ani annadid413 Annalise annandnattie Anony_Mouse aphrodites dream aries_black arrabella429 asianhomie101 Atarwyn Atratus Lupin auror_snape autumnRose Avanell 2 A_Red_Headed_Weasley Babyric0840 badwnames bari1365 BB Knight BeautifullyDecayed beesmakehoney Believe in Magic Bella_Mia Belle_Rose Beyond the Veil BiG MaMa birdlover1982 bitterbutsweet bittersweetflames blackcat05 BlackMoon741 Blue Flame BlueGrayEyes Boopy BriansGirl bron BrooklynDyme butterflyeleven11 caduceus cameo ruby candy_rock canhuffnpuff Carnivalgirl carrie cat92ba Catherine or Cate cedrixfan CelticKisses Chakia Charisma96863 Charlies_Gal chelseathomson123 chiQs09 ChizzaLazty Chocolate Frogs christa_31 Christina_Potter_09 circinusphoenix cjami13 CocoapuffShooter crazykitty CrimsonEmeralds crmccarth Croyez crystal hearts Cubdom cyber cat DAC Daisy Miller daisyCHIC963 DanieLuver danslady Dans_Girl1 darak Dark Mark Writer Dark Queen DarkFairyXx darksideofthemoon Darkwing73181 darsynia dartagnanstheme108 DemiusLupin desiking75 destinys princess Diandra Dracana dracofan DrAcOlVeR087 dracos annie Dragonette drummgrl1 druscilla_malfoy EchoLynn Edward Ollivander ElementalB ElissandrAnne Elivania Ella Norman EllaMennowPea Elphaba to be Ely_Baby ember75 emellie777 emmie4is ethansgirl EvanescentBeauty fallenstarr fallinforharry FallingDawn falling_angel55 Fantasmic17 fawkes_07 Faye the Belle Fidelus Charmers FireandIce92 fireceltiephoenix FirePearl Fleur_DelacourGinny_Weasly19 ForgetfulLove Forgotten Angel Foxy Bubblegum fried shooz Fuego funny_lol ginervapotter Ginny Lupin ginny weasley potter ginnyp0tter ginnypotternic5 GiverOfTales Glassesfreak206 goddess faith Golden Fool Golden_Charlie good_slytherin Grace_Black_174 GrAnGeR_GuRl GRAWP_WANT_STORY GRED WEASLEY Green GREENandSILVER griffindor500 GryffindorBabexhott GryffindorGirl153 GryffJr Hannah_Banana Harrie Pottir Harry and Hermione 4Ever harry n hermione Harry Potter 732 HarryandGinny Fan HarryandHermionelove HarryHermione4ever harryhermione726 harrypotterfan4eva harrypotterroxs HarryPottersHot harrystrulove Harrys_baby_4_eva Harrys_Patronum harryXginny harry_ginny Harry_Weasley healthyobsession7 heavilyxbr0ken Helix Hermione12490 Hermione14Tiff hermionegirl1994 HermioneGranger4343 hermioneiskewl HermionePotter101 HermioneV hermionewanabe628 Hermione_Crookshanks hermione_loves_harry_DUH HermyDat HermyGranger HeyDude hiding_behind_my_books Hilary Radcliffe HLK_luvHandL Hogwarts Chicka3 honeysickle horsegrl Houlestar hpef1006 hpfan2007 hpfan4evr hpfan4life HPFchamber HPsmartone32 Hp_fan hrh4ever Hufflepuff Cup huskers I Heart Remus i love draco and harry iamme14 IlluSioNz Illyich ilovemalfoy1235 iluvsnogging Imtrouble IndieQueen182 Infairi Invisiblegal 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1. Bill Weasley and Hermione Black the love that shocked everyone.

By hprwhggw_hogwarts
First there’s Bill at 10 cute and little just fell in love with  Hermione the first time he held her and whenever Bill tried  to hand her back to Sirius, Hermione wouldn’t  let go of Bill, now your about to find out way Hermoine never wanted to let go.
Harry, Ron, Hermione, Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Arthur/Molly, James/Lily, Harry/Luna, Hermione/OC, Ron/OC
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-07-27 5:04pm
Last Chapter
2007-09-02 5:56pm
Last Updated
2007-09-02 5:56pm


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