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19 Years 20 Tales of Christmas A Big Surprise A Deep Bond A different kind of family A Dream of Hope A Dream Unlocked A Good Old Day At Work A Murder in Time A New Beginning A New Beginning A Peaceful Summer? A Red Dawn A Time to Live A Time's Tale A Very Angry Harry A Weasly Fiasco Adventures as Newlyweds Adventures in Courtship After Dark After Seven Long Years after the battle... and so on After the End After the End After the War Alive Again All Was Well All Was Well. 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Harry Potter and the rise of the Dark Lord...again!! Harry Potter and the Second War Harry Potter and the Secrets of War Harry Potter and the Serpent's Eye Harry Potter and the Shackles of Freedom Harry Potter and the Shattered Pieces Harry Potter and the Sons of Dawn Harry Potter and the Strength to Fight Harry Potter and the Summer After the War Harry Potter and the Swarm of Shadows Harry Potter and the Tree of Knowledge Harry Potter and the Trial of Darkness Harry Potter and the untold 7th Year Harry Potter and the Winters After the War Harry Potter is Dead! Harry Potter The Next Generation Harry Potter To Live With a Lord Harry Potter: Darkness Rising Harry Potter: Demension Traveler Harry Potter: Taking Charge Harry Potter: the Darkest Year Harry Potters New Babysitter Harry. My Son. Haunted Her Secret Hiding it all Hogwarts Guardian Angel Home I Think They Didnt Want Me i thought i was safe! If James Survived... Immortal Blood In A New Light In Search of A Family In Ten Years In The Darkness I Remain In The End It Had to Happen in Snape's Class It Happened One Night It's Not Always Good To Be Good. James Potter, Time Travel Extraordinaire Let No One Put Asunder Lies Life After Death Life Collides Life Worth Living Life's Like That Like Father, Like Son Lion, Serpent, Badger, Eagle Lords of Time And Space Lose Life; Gain Life Losing Innocence Lost Love is too complicated! Love of a Family Loyalty Lucius' Revenge Memory Mother's Blood Moving On Never Say Goodbye Never the Same Norfolk Pine Normalcy Not Another Time Travel Story! Not their time Now Let the Night Be Dark OLD MAGIC One hundred and forty going on twelve One step back, and just a few more forward! Only in his Dreams Only Time Past, Present & Future Promises Kept Protection recovery Remembering the Seeker Remus Lupin's Quite Expected Blast From The Past Resolution Resolutions Resonance Resurrection Return of the Dead Return to Prince Manor Revelations Revelations from the Past Right. Rise of the Protector Savior in the Shadows Septumannus: A Tick of Time (Book 1) Settling Chaos Shadow of a Hero Sirius Love Siriusly Sister Potter Skeleton's Path Somethings Son of a Snake Sparks and Flames 1: The Philosopher's Stone Spawn of Evil Spirit Hunters Street Rat Sympathy for the Devil Tales of James Potter That Special Second Chance The Adventure of Dudley Dursley The Babysitter The Comeback The Dark Angel Of Hogwarts. The Darkest Hours The Diaries of Harry and Ginny The Eighth Horcrux The Eldar The Endless Question The Essence of Revenge The Family Secret The Famous Potters The Fifth Cohort The Final Adventure The First War The Forgotten Child The Great Revenge The Green-Eyed Orphan The Hard Life The Hard Part The Hunter The Internal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind The Last Fight The Last Of Times The Last Sunrise The Living Dead The Lord of Tang The Lost Art of Lachrymancy The Marauderette AKA The Other Chosen One: The Second War The New Dark Lord The Next Generation- Triwizard Tournament The Onset of Autumn The Power of Three - Eye of the Hunter The Power to Vanquish The Realms Of Fiction The Red Room The Rest is Still Unwritten The Sands of Time The Savior's Daughter The Spawn of Skorm and the Angel of Death The Tale of Two Potters The Ties that Bind The Truth About Ginny Weasley The Truth About Peter Pettigrew The World As We Knew It The Year of Girls and... Defeating Dark Lords Through the Grapevine Thrown Into the Past Time Time To Rewrite Timeturner Mishap Titanic: A Love Story To Be The Last Standing... To Decide Trouble Always Finds Me Truths Unforeseen Up the River Voices in my Head Voldemort's Excruciating Ways Wandering the Castle Well, it's raining, Sir. Well...Maybe What Happened Next: The Rest of their Lives What if? What You Don't Know When Love and Death Embrace- The Story When Silver and Emerald Meet When the dust settles. When Your Past Comes To Haunt You Will You be My Hero? Wilting Lilies Wishes For My Daughter Words of Wisdom Would You Want to Know? “But He’s My Son!”
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1. One step back, and just a few more forward!

By pottyandweezlbe89
HUGE thanx to Indira for the wonderful banner...

Currently over 20000 reads...WOW Thankyou soooo much!!!

Arriving at the department of mysteries; Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville and Luna are trapped... trapped in the room of times.... after smashing the shelves that held the time turners everyone gets sent back through time... The question is how far back???
Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Voldemort, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, Sirius/OC
Mystery, Action/Adventure, AU
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-05-29 12:09am
Last Chapter
2009-09-28 6:18am
Last Updated
2009-09-28 6:18am


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