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2007-02-14 8:23am
hi my name is chelsie.i love anything to do with harry potter and favorite types of pairings are draco/hermoine.blaise/hermoine.james/lilly.and harry/hermoine.

Keeping Up Appearences Vampires! Vella's! Draco Malfoy! O-My! ...Oh My Eyes! 103 Ways To Annoy Voldemort. 6th year: Harry Potter and the Journey through time A Baby-Sitting Adventure...Gone Bad A Black Tie Affair A Bloody Secret A Bump In The Knight A Chocolate Covered Malfoy A deal with the devil A Diamond in the Rough A Freak of Nature A Ghostly Visit from Lily A Holiday Miracle A Journal and Time Travel A Life not Worth Living A Life So Changed A Little Lost A New School equals New Troubles A Nott A Path to Destruction A Phantom's Tale A Pureblood? Who Knew A Riddle of beauty A Second Chance A Second Glance A Slytherin Version/Hermione: Let The Truth Be Told A Sweet Thing Called Revenge A TRANSFER IN PROGRESS A Twist in the Tale A Vamp's Tale 2; The Kids A Vampire’s Promise A Wizard without remorse A Year Apart, A Summer Together A Zabini Revealed Abigail Hermione Black Adflictation Lair Admiring from Afar Advice From The Afterlife Alex Rider: Muggle Spy Alexandria Hermione Zabini All fall down. All In Time Amatorius Cruor An attitude fit to compare to a Malfoy. An Aunt's Advice An Owl's Story Angel Boy Angel of a Devil Arise Lord Principatus As All the Heavens Were a Bell As I Lay Into Darkness Assassin Assassins At the Moment At Water's Edge Avada Kedavra Avada Kedavra Backwards Steps, Awkward Turns Bad Boy Bad World Barbed Wire and Roses Barbie Girl Battle of the Bands Battle~Of~The~Bands Be Careful What You Wish For- A Hermione Granger Story Beautiful Imperfection Beauty and the Beast: Hogwarts Edition Beauty and the Ferret Because Of You Behind These Emerald Eyes Behind Those Blue Eyes Believe Beside each other we survive...without each other we are lost Betrothed To a Snake Between Death and Imoortality Black Belt Black Belt isn't always so simple black ink Blast into the Past Blind Blind Faith Blinding Secrets Blood and Silver Blood Lust book 3 vampires don't fall in love Boy Breathe No More Buffy at Hogwarts But Not Before He Tripped Butterflys Call Me When You Get This Camp Denial Can't Ignore this Feeling Cat's Eyes Catching Stars Cats eyes Change's Outcome Changed For Good? Chaos, Panic, and Disorder Charlie's Exodus Charmed One Child's Play Child/Spouse Abuse Reference Tutorial Chocolate Covered Slytherin Chocolate Kisses and Sweet Divinity Christmas Eve with the Snapes Class of 1997 Collide Complete and Utter Randomness (The Musical) Completely Oblivious Concrete Angel Confessions of a Disgruntled Husband Confident Dance-Feet Conjoining Generations Consequential truths Contract For Life Control Could This be Magic? A Tale of Christmas Cheer Crookshanks Story: What really happened Crookshanks's Secret Crookshanks's Tale Crossing Over Cutting/Self-Harm Tutorial Darkest Days Daughters Day That I Die Dazzling Miss Evans Deceptions and Discoveries Deleted Scenes From Adflictation Lair Demolition Lovers Demons and Devilish Charm Deprived of Hope Detention Diabolus Uxor: The Devil's Wife Dirty Shame Divination Do you love me? Don't Wanna Lose You Now Donovan Donovan DRACO MALFOY! Where are my puppies?! Dragon Riders and Wizards Drastic Measures Dudley's Worst Memory Emily's Story Empty Enemy in disguise Entranced by the Dance Europe's Pop Queen Everlasting Fairytale Every Tear That Had To Fall Everyone's Journals Evil Be Thou My Good Exceptional Expect the Unexpected Facing Stardom Fading Friendships Fairytales Faith Will Find You Fall To Pieces Fallen Evanescence Famous Last Words Final Hours Finally Going Home Findings & Secrets First Kisses Flight of the angel Flower of the Court Fly Forbidden Forbidden Forever Changing Formal Disdain freak out let it go From Angels To Demons Gallery Girlfriend Glory Days Going To The Dark Side And Back Again Going to the Future Golden Silence Good Good For Nothing Good Intensions, Evil Results Grocery Fun Growing Up With Bellatrix Halfway House Happy Birthday Hermione hard times ahead Harmless? Harry and Hermione's pov on Prisoner of Azkaban Harry and Victoria - The Potter Twins Harry McGonagall Harry Potter and a World Without Weasleys Harry Potter and Deadly Alliances Harry Potter and Parents Harry potter and the ancient demon Harry Potter and the Book of the Summoner Harry Potter and the Cirque Du Freak Harry Potter and The Dark Knight Harry Potter and the Devil's Shadow Harry Potter and the Ending If I Were JK Rowling Harry Potter and the Essence of Life Harry Potter And the Evil, the Blind, and the Innocent. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Desire Harry Potter and the Guardian of Light Harry Potter and the Heirs of Slytherin Harry Potter and the Inheritance Harry Potter and the Lady of Light Harry Potter and the League of the Phoenix Harry Potter and the Lord of Destruction Harry Potter and the Man With a Shattered Soul Harry Potter and The Mandatum Specialis HARRY POTTER AND THE MYSTERIES UNVEILED Harry Potter and the Mystical Key Harry Potter and the newest member Harry Potter and the Queen of the Fairies Harry Potter and the REAL Horcruxes Harry Potter and the Rise of Darkness Harry Potter and the Second War Harry potter and the Sock Master New York Harry Potter and the Unifying Force Harry Potter and the Wand of the Yew Harry Potter and Why didn’t You Tell Me Harry Potter Likes Me... But I'm A Guy!!! Harry Potter: Demension Traveler harry Rocks! Krum sucks! the world goes aound but its upside down Harry's Life (Without Voldemort) Harry's Redemption haven't thought of title yet sorry He He's Not Dead Heaven Heels Heiress Hello? Who Is This? Help Me Here for good Hermione and the Wraith Hermione Granger and the Universal Truth Hermione the Vampire Slayer Hermione Tipton Hermione's First F Hermione's game Hermione's True Past Hermione's Truth Hermione's Voice Hermione, Harry Can't Work A Time-Turner... Ron, we're in 1962! Hey Look-A Flying Pig! Hidden Powers His Happy Ending His Mother's Eyes Hogwarts' Golden Trio Meets The Sunnydale Scoobies Hollow Pursuits Hopes and dreams:they come alive House Pride How The Other Half Lives How We Elven Girls Do It HRS {Hogwarts Reform School} Hunting I Can't Hold On For Too Long. I know now you're my only hope I Know What You Did This Summer I Never Told You What I did for a Living I Will Always Love You I Will Cry I Won't Let Him Forget I,Hermione, a Malfoy Ice If Heaven If Tom Riddle became a teacher Immortal Impossible to Ignore In America In Destinies Corner In Love with an Evans In Need Of Help In Search of the Past In the rain Infatuation: Life as a Superstar Innocent Eyes Insanity Kills Insatiable Phantom Inscrutable Dissimulation Inside my Daughter’s Bathroom Interruptions Is that really Hermione Granger? It Ends Tonight It Was Fate It's all coming back to me now; The Lily and Petunia Sister story. It's Not Too Late Its not that easy Its to late now James Potter Must Die! Jamie-Lynn Potter Keeping Secrets. Kreacher's Fairytale Learning to Live. My own way. LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Legacy of Four Lest we forget Let Me Love You Let Me Sing To You Letting All Hell Break Loose Life in Sunnyhell Life Support: Book 1: Scarred by Battle Lily Evans Diaries Lily Potter + Pregnant + Marauders = Chaos Lily Potter:The true story Living a Lie Lost LOVE & BROOMSTICKS Love + Pain= Draco Love and Death Love can be a magical thing Love in Unlikely Places Love or Sacrifice Love What Was Never Meant To Last Loved Loving the Devil Loving you, Hating you Lure of the Dark Side M & M's Magic runs in the Family Malfoy Stole My Knickers Man, I Feel Like a Woman Mayhem at Hogwarts Meddling Meet The Evans Meeting Meeting the Evans Family Memoirs of Petunia Merry Christmas? Mi Amore, a Zabini Mia Cadi Zabini Mia Prince MIDNIGHT Midnight Rendezvous Mih Evas I: Fathers, Brothers and Monsters Mine to save Mirage Misery in Your Eyes Miss Know-It-All's Destraction Missing Mistress More Than Friends More than meets the eye Mouth Shut Movie and part Fun Moving on into the Past Mr Snuggles Muggle High School the Amarican Way Muggle Muddle Murders at Hogwarts Music Is What Makes The World Go Round My Best Christmas In My Life. My Best Summer My Enemy, My Hero My Fallen Angel My Hermione My Immortal My Immortal My Knight in Shining Armor My Life is a Movie My Life With a Porridge Making Fiend, Reminiscent Dad, Friend Known as Mrs. Quaker Oatmeal, and A Boy Doubling As a Four Legged Comfort Machine My Name is Crookshanks My Name Is Hermione My Personal Hell My Summer with the Marauders Never Meant To Be Next Door Neighbors Nice girls can be a little bad Night Watcher No Longer Me No One Fathomed Not Everything Is As It Seems Not Quite Perfect Of Demons And Angels Once Bitten Once upon a december One Dance One Day in Surrey One Letter One Long Night One Tear Among the Rain Only a Whisper Only For You Ordinary People Our Bands Their Bands Out of the Blue Pale Bleach Parcheesi Part of that World Perfect Perfect Pet Plan Petunia Evans Petunia's Revenge Petunia's Secret Petunia's True Story Phoenix's Song Pink! 195 Playing Cat and Mouse princess of darkness Princess of the Rising Sun Project Love Prom Dresses Promise Me Tonight protectors Pure Imperfection Pure Light Pureblood Elementals Questioning the Freak and the Whale Race Against Time Rain on Me Rain Storms Rainy Days Reconciled Ties Red Morning Light Red Red Wine Redemption Refused Regulus: The Favorite Son Remember My Last Remember, Remember, the 10th of December Return to Eden Revenge is Sweet. Pie is Sweeter Riddles, Blood, and Lies Right. RockStars Rose Petals Roses for the Dead Run Harry Run Runaway again Runaway Love Salted or Unsalted? Santa Does Exist Satin Save each other Save Me From Him Saving Hermione Say Hello Saying Goodbye Saying Goodbye to Life Schizophrenia Seal it with a Kiss Second Chances, Second Glances Secrets Behind a Smile Secrets revealed Secrets Revealed Secrets Shared Seeing Double Seeing the World Through Everyone's Stares Seen In a New Light Shadows Shattered Shine On Shining in the Dark Should I? Sincerely, Ginny Molly Weasley Sing To Me the Song of the Stars Sirius Black Jnr. Sirius' Secret Sisterly Love Skating With The Enemy Sleeping with Danger Snakes Bite So I Married a Death Eater Some People Change Something to Live For Son of a Snake South Beach Sizzle Speak Spin The Bottle Splitting Up the Golden Trio stags, mermaids and midnight lilies Starting Over Step Back In Time. Still his Lily Flower Stolen Innocence Stranded with idiots Stranger Than You Dreamt It Strength at its Weakest Stupid Potter! suicide is not the answer Switching Sides Tales From a Locked Broomcloset Talking and Walking Talons-A-Plenty AKA The Stains of a Flowered Apron Tarnished Gold Teardrops Tears of Love and Blood Teddy Temporary Insanity The Act of Hating The Black Rose The Blood Feud The Call The Cave The Closest Enemy The Coming Dawn The Coolest Harry Potter Story Ever The Crimson Scar The Crossover The Darkest Mark The Darkness of Life The Day My life Ended The Day Petunia Went Mad The Day to Die The Demon At Hogwarts The devil himself as a father The Dursley's Doorstep The elementals The End. The First Year of the Unbreakable Frienship The Flower Chronicles The Forgotten Founder The Girl in the Flower Shop The Girl Next Door The Golden Trio Are Know More The Graves The Greatest Lie Ever Told The Guardian the half blooded malfoy The Ice Princess The Imperius Flower The Joy's of Parenting The Last Battle The Last Horcrux The Light in the Dark The Long Lost Sister The Lord Of The Diaries The Lost Sapphire The Man in the Portrait The Marauders Age The Mindless Ramblings of Severus Snape The Most Random Hogwarts Events Ever! The Nephew The New Addition to the Family The pain that time holds The Perfect City the plan The Potions Section The Potter Project: Book Six The Power He Knew Not The Power of Vertiserum The Price We Pay The Prince and Me The Raven The Secret world of Ron and Malfoy The Son of a Rider The Star that Shone. The summer i'll never forget The Talent Show The Test of Time The Time of Our Lives The Trio The True Story of Lily and Petunia Evans The Veiled Secret The Worst Day in the History of England There's Something About Hermione Theres Love, Theres Hate & Then Theres Acceptance They're Taking Over the World...According to Sirius Things Are Changing (HP- Book 6) Those Eyes Thrown Into the Past Time is Magic Too To Live is to Slowly Be Born To Never Forget You Tom Riddle's Diary Too Much Magic Tortured Imagination Toujours et à Jamais Tragically Twisted Thoughts Triwizard Champion And Friend truth Truth and Tempest truth revealed Truthache Truths Turn My Black Roses Red Turned Tables Twenty-3 Twin Fire twins till the day we die Twist of Fate Two Girls Two Boys One Tiny Hotel Room Two to Tango Uh-Oh Unbelievable, Undeniable, and Unexpected Uncovering the Past Unexpected brothers Unscathed Until the day i die untitled for the moment... Vampire Vampire's Project Vanishing Act Verum-i Vision Voldemort's Excruciating Ways Voldemorts Daughter Voldermort and the Tap Dancing Rodents of Doom vow must be made Wake Me Up Wallpaper Fairytales Wanted Wanting You Was It Just A Dream, or Is There More to the Story We Brothers Must Stick Together We love you, Hermione We Meet Again Welcome To My Life What a Little mistakes may lead to What Doesnt Kill You ...Makes You Stronger What Happens When You Sleep What I didnt know What if? What is Love? What is Right and What is Easy What of A Nephew? What Was Never Said WHAT!?!? What's a Dark Lord Supposed To Do? What's a Myspace? What's Expected of Me What's legal in Massachusetts should stay in Massachusetts Whatever! When a wolf bites...the world may be saved. When it’s all Over When Life Hands You Lemons when love and hate colide When Mama Meets Jesus Tonight When Two Worlds Clash When Worlds Collide When You Fall... Where Am I? Whiskey Lullaby Who Am I? Who am I? Who I really am Why did you go somewhere where I can't follow? Wings Wish Us Luck Wishes can come true Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again Without You Wots up with Relationships Yet Another Sibling Who Lived Fic You Bring Magic Into My Life You'll pay boy mark my word you'll pay You're Not Okay, Trust Me Your Extended Family? ~~~~~Slytherin Princess~~~~~ “But He’s My Son!”

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