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2007-02-09 7:54pm
ok..I love harry potter...well I guess that I should be, considering that I'm on a Harry Potter fan fiction website...i live in *personal info removed by staff* California.....and im *personal info removed by staff* [so my dad says]

A Vampire's Tale Bloody Rose The Rules of Engagement *Gryffindor's Princess* A battle of Hearts A Certain Lady A Clandestine Reality A Dangerous Obsession A Delightful Menace A Slight Mishap A Survivor's Guide A Tale of Two Times A Touch of Ice A Trip to the Future All That Remains An Object of Interest An Unloveable Man An Unsolved Riddle Anomaly; Arabesque Ariana Babble Baby Badgers, Blushing and Gods of Lurve Bathroom Confessional Behind a Title Being a Marauder's Sister Being Bailey Better Then You Black Sands Bloodstained Gryffindor I: The Life and Times of a Hogwarts Vampire Broken Bubble Wrap Cara Sterling's Guide to the Marauders. Carrington Caught in a Web Chase Coming Back a Swan Complicated Hexagon Confessions of a Metamorphmagus (ish) Confessions of Adhara Greengrass Confessions of the Better Looking Potter Confessions of the Innocent Contours Crash Into Me Crimson Darkness Crossing the Thin Line Daddy's Little Girl Dance of the Werewolf Dancing in the Moonlight Dark side of the moon Darkly Bewitched Dear Mrs. Potter.... Deja Vu Delicate Demented Destined Tragedy: A Tale of the Marauders Devil's Snare, James Potter, and Other Things That Might Kill Me Diamond. Difference of a Daisy Dilemma Disturbance Dodge This Don't Speak Dovie Dream for me Duck and Cover Eliza Prat Everlasting Field Of Innocence FIN Finding Forever Finster, Ella Fixing Time Floccinaucinihilipilification Flower Garlands Forbidden Moonlit Love Friendship, Love, and Pranks: The Story of The Marauders Gabrielle: The 5th Marauder Game Ginger Snaps Glory Box Going Under Gold Dust Gothic Chick Guiding Light Harry Riddle and the Anti-Trio. Hating James Potter Hello? Who Is This? Her Secret Hidden Hide and Seek Hitler...resurrected?! Hold Your Tongue Hollow Bones and a Shallow Grave How To Save A Life I Think They Didnt Want Me I'm Not Innocent. Not At All. I'm Not Neurotic! The Diary of Hermione Granger Incensed Pleasure Innocence is Brilliant Invisible Invisible no Longer Iron Man It's a Kind of Magic It's Not Over Yet. James's twin, but who's lover? Julieta Jumping the Hurdles Just Another Midnight Run Just Average. Just Dance Just Ordinary Keeping the Secret Lacrymosa Lady and Lord Voldemort Legend Lessons Learned Let me... Let the Flames Begin Lies, Love and Life Life As An Orange Life's Not Always Black and White~ A Marauders Story Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Like Lightning Lily's Ghost Lily, Lily, Quite Contrary Little Drops of Water Little Moments Loony Junior Lost Lost at Sea Love in the Past Love of the Moon Love, Short yet Sweet Loving you, Hating you Lucy Geller: The Unwanted Snape Marauders + RainbowBabys + VeelaGirly = ..? Marauding Professors Memories of Magic Mira Miss Cinderella Mistakes We've Made Moonlit Nightmares Moppet Never Ever Nikki Scott's List of Reasons Not to Fraternize with James and Albus Potter No One Fathomed Nobody Worse Oh Dear God, Welcome To My Life Oh So Unorthodox One Of The Guys Opening the Door Overboard Overshadowed Perfection Pictures From The Edge Pirates Plain White Socks Playing Cat and Mouse Polychromatic Project Love Prude. Remember? Riddles in the Dark -Tom and I- Rings and Flowers Roots of a friendship Rose Weasley's Guide to Life Second Best...Well, not in his eyes Seducing Teddy R. Lupin Shadow of a Doubt Shadows and Dust Shadows of Midnight She's Your Everything Silence Simply Irresistible Slytherin Outcast So many Lupins... Someones gotta give Soon To Be... Speak Still Delicate Stuck in a Harry Potter Romance Superman Complex Survival Instinct Susie Q Sweet Perfection Talks, Boygerm and Chocolate Cake Teddy Lupin and Me The Art of Breathing. The Bargain The Best Days of My Life The Bewitching Hour The Birth Of A Hero The Black Baby The Closest Thing To Caring The Complexity of Strawberry Jelly The Cookie Monster The Covenant The Dark Side Of Wonderland The Day to Die The Devil you Know The Diary Of Dorcas The Elusive T The End of Heartache The Feelings Mutual The Final Year The Fine Line Between Love and Hate The Fires Within The Founders Four The Founders Four The Game of Love The Glass Theory The Good, the Bad and the Charmed The Healing of Time The Lady and the Snake The Line The List The Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater The Matchmaker The Message on the Mirror The Middle The Moonlight Dance The Nutcracker The Other Daughter The Potter And The Weasley Kids Do Hogwarts The Power Of Love the present The Price Paid by Purebloods The Problem With Time never know what's gonna happen The Prolouge That Never Was The Regrets of Ella Malfoy The Shallow Side The Social Reject Black the spot under the tree by the lake The Storm The Sunday Massacre The Torn Page The True Son The Underground The World Is Not Enough The Young and Accidently in Love Things Haven’t Changed Things Unforeseen This Longing Thought You Were My Fairytale Time Changes Everything Time Could Change Everything Time is a Tricky Thing Time is Magic Too Time Still Goes On Timeless Titans. Titch To Be a Lady. . . or Maybe Not To My Dearest... Tongue Tied touch. Toujours et à Jamais Trapped. Trouble Turning the Tables Under the full moon Unexpected Ending Untold Secrets of an Open Heart Voldie is out... Waking Up In Vegas Wanton Confessions of a Teenage Witch We Are Broken. We Gryffies Welcome To My Life: Seventh Year. What Tomorrow Brings What's in a Name? : The Misadventures of a Miss Ella Rose When a wolf bites...the world may be saved. When The Black Wind Blows When the stars go blue Who needs a story plot when your OC is this FOXY!! Who Says Love Is Impossible? Whoever you are Whoops? Why me? Why Not? Witches Don't Know Karate with birds in her hair Wolfsbane Year Seven: The Diary of Jaina Potter You and A Promise You Hate Me You're Never Going To Fit In Much, Kid

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