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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 All Wrong

This story used to be called I'm Not Rupert. Due to legalities I have changed names and created original characters. AU. Ron awakens to find that everything at Hogwarts has changed; there are people he doesn't recognize that continually boss him around, and the people he does recognize seem different somehow. Chaos ensues, leaving Ron feeling utterly alone and confused.

1,201 6
2 His Two Best Friends

Ron finds comfort in his two best friends.

1,710 1
3 Home and Hospital

The Green family deals with Russell's condition and take him to the hospital.

2,466 0
4 Tests

Russ has tests done on his brain and friends and family are tested on their courage.

1,871 1
5 Deerfield Home

Russell is released from the hospital and makes a quick trip home before being admitted to Deerfield Home.

2,397 0
6 Nicki

Russell makes a new friend and learns there's more going on at DH than meets the eye .

2,042 0
7 Surprise Visit

David and Amy make a visit to Deerfield Home.

1,864 0
8 Arts and Crafts

It's the first lesson of the day, but it's not enough to keep Ron and Nicki interested for long.

1,930 0
9 The Death Eaters

Russell and Nicki have an adventure down to the basement of Deerfield Home.

1,330 0
10 Noble Intentions

Russell feels sorry for the "Death Eater" kids in the basement, but what happens when he tries to do something about it ?

1,778 0
11 The Truth

Russell finally learns who he really is.

2,206 0
12 Returning

Russell finally learns the whole truth about his identity and that of his friends, Harry and Hermione....or is it David and Amy?

2,619 0


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