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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Narcissa, Neville, Luna, Draco, Pansy, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Draco/Pansy, Harry/Ginny, Draco/Hermione, Neville/Luna, Hermione/OC
Drama, Romance, AU
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-04-02 12:29pm
Last Chapter
2006-05-12 7:50pm
Last Updated
2006-05-12 7:50pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Need Somebody

Banner: By Me .... Editor: Momma Debbie ;) Image Hosted by After losing the love of her life, the father of her now five year old daugther, Hermione wonders if she ever will be able to love again... And when she do find love it's not as perfect as she excpected it to be... It's a cruel game of love... but maybe, just maybe... one sweet day it'll all work out just fine... || The story is completed!

2,143 128
2 The New Boss

The staff at the Daily Prophet (among them Hermione) meets their new boss for the first time...

1,501 73
3 A Bad Mother

The chapter is called "A bad mother"

1,703 54
4 The Nightmare

Hermione has a terrible nightmare....

1,703 58
5 A 100 Roses

Ginny and Hermione talks about everything that's happened lately, Hermione recieves 100 Red Roses from someone... Who?

1,857 44
6 Apple Pie and Pumpkin Juice

Apple Pie and Pumpkin Juice, what more can I say? Yumminess! Draco comes to visit Hermione...

2,311 60
7 Million Dollar Smile

Remember the date with 'Mr Right' that Ginny and Luna said Hermione was going on... Well, this chapter is about the date... Brian Tanner is not really the prince charming everybody expected!

2,634 53
8 Is it love?

Oy! Hermione sure feels something for a certain blond haired man, but she doesn't really know what it is... Love? Nah... Couldn't be... Or could it?

2,093 42
9 Venice, the city of love?

Draco and Hermione are going to 'the city of love' - Venice... Will sparks fly? And if they do will they live or die?!

2,481 51
10 Bridal Magazines

Chapter 10 is called Wedding magazines... And in this chapter Hermione finally takes off her egagement ring, she feels ready to move on! :)

2,441 42
11 A Flying Princess

The little princess wants to fly high up in the sky...

2,004 48
12 A Night At St Mungos

Hermione is at St Mungos with Becky... When she goes down to the cafeteria to grab something to eat she meets a certain blond guy ... ;) They talk.

2,068 53
13 The Unloved

This chapter is called The Unloved! And it includes a happy Hermione and a veeeery drunk Draco...

1,917 29
14 The Naked Guy

The chapter is called The Naked Guy... What more can I say?! lol. Scenes of nudity in this chapter as you might understand... I warned you, remember! (don't worry it's not as serious as I make it sound, lol)

2,551 41
15 Ginny's Lecture

Ginny's giving Draco a lecture... And Hermione is visiting Mike's home for the first time...

2,395 33
16 The Hero

And then a hero comes along... With the strength to carry on... And you cast your fears aside... And you know you can survive!

2,352 46
17 Learning to Fly

Becky's first flying lesson with Draco... :)

2,207 46
18 When Two Become One

Come a little bit closer baby, come on, get it on. 'Cause tonight is the night when two become one. I need some love like I never needed love before, wanna make love to ya baby... (Yes, that's some lines from Spice Girls brilliant song 'Two Become One') That's the song the gave me lot of inspiration for this chapter... :) Warning: Scenes of a Sexual Nature.

2,349 103
19 Kisses in the Morning Sun

Kisses in the Morning Sun || He closed his eyes again, for just a second and then he looked up at her again. “Am I dreaming?” He asked with a sleepy voice.

2,432 74
20 I Love You

I Love You || “Don’t think about the past, think of what we have now. That night we shared two days ago was the turning point, from now on we have no past… We have a future”

3,170 119
21 The Wedding Party (part one)

The Wedding Party || Hermione could breathe again, maybe she didn’t need to watch after them after all. She felt really stupid for actually thinking that Harry would do anything that would hurt Ginny. Hermione was just about to go back downstairs to the party when she saw how Cho walked up to close to Harry.

2,861 109
22 The Wedding Party (part two)

The Wedding Party (part two) || Hermione read through his letter and her reply, “I never wrote this, you’re scaring me now Draco”

3,325 85
23 The <i>new</i> Weasley Twins

The new Weasley Twins || “I’d like to know the real reason to why you’re here”, Draco said. “I heard you crying last night and I assume that Mr Potter has done something, maybe he cheated on you with someone who doesn’t look like she’s carrying seven babies?” Ginny slapped him on the hard on the cheek. Draco smirked, “Oops, I guess I was right”

3,443 120
24 Honeymoon

Honeymoon || “Please Hermione, why would it feel weird to go to a tropical paradise with the woman I love more then anything in the whole wide world”, Draco replied and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

2,370 71
25 Filthy Mudblood

Filthy Mudblood || "Sorry? You're sorry?" Hermione exclaimed angrily. "No, I AM sorry", she continued with tears of frustration falling down her cheeks. "I AM sorry for actually believing that you've changed since school! Harry was right all along you haven't changed and you never will!"

3,472 110
26 Nervous Breakdown

Nervous Breakdown || Ten seconds had never, ever, felt so long before. She remembered the last time she had used this spell on herself and the only other time she had used it. That time the top of her wand turned red. That was the time she found out she was expecting her first baby.

3,769 79
27 Forgive and Forget

Forgive and Forget || Draco cut her off, "How long have you known about the pregnancy?" Draco asked. "Three days", Hermione snapped. "And exactly how long were you planning on keeping this from me?"

3,760 109
28 Susie and the Tiger

Susie and the Tiger || "When we tell her she's going to cry out of happiness, you know how much she adores you", she continued and placed a soft kiss on his lips. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer and into a way more passionate kiss.

4,507 75
29 The Secret

"Wait a second, were you going to tell Hermione all this ?" Draco said and looked at his mother. "Of course, she deserves to know... You have told her that you used to be a death eater right?"

3,829 64
30 A not so Merry Christmas

A not so Merry Christmas || It was the stalker. She was sure of it. It was the man who had been following her around for the past week. She always got the same feeling when he was around, the feeling that something died inside her. She took Harrys hand and whispered as quiet as she could, “Harry, there’s someone watching us, he is standing right the-”

3,010 67
31 Support from The Past

Support from The Past || A smile formed on his lips. There was something about that man at the edge of her bed. The blue eyes, the fiery red hair and the freckles on his nose... Somehow he reminded Hermione about Becky… Suddenly it became very clear to her who he was!

2,930 58
32 Asesinato

Asesinato || “Draco…” Hermione interrupted him. “I trusted you, but I’m not sure if I can anymore, not when you’re keeping secrets like this? Secrets that can affect me and our family!”

3,296 60
33 Before Your Love

Before Your Love || I never lived before your love. I never felt before your touch. I never needed anyone to make me feel alive. But then again…I wasn't really living'. I never lived… Before your love

3,986 93
34 Dreams Falling Apart

“Hermione, everything will be alright once this scum is where he belongs!” Harry said in an attempt to make her calm down. “I hate you!” Hermione shrieked and hit Harry hard in the chest. “I hate you!! I hate you!” She screamed again and again and kept hitting him. She sunk down to her knees and tears ran down her cheeks, “I hate you… please don‘t take him away from m-me…” She sobbed.

3,738 111
35 Prisoner of Azkaban

“What’s he doing in Akza… aza… azk… ban?” Becky asked with a little trouble of pronouncing the word Azkaban. “Mummy, you told me that bad people go to azaban, Draco is not bad” “You are absolutely right, bad people go to Azkaban, but sometimes the aurors take the wrong people, people that they think are bad…” “…but they are good”, Becky filled in.

4,191 83
36 Pansy's Loss of Memory

Pansy's Loss of Memory ||| “Pansy, I… maybe you know something”, Hermione said quietly, it was the look on Pansy‘s face that made Hermione remember how she‘d felt when Cho Chang had erased a piece of her memory. “Maybe someone has erased a piece of your memory”

3,958 93
37 No Way Out

No Way Out || “You can’t get out Hermione”, he said and stood upright. Hermione realised how tall he was and how strong he looked, but she didn’t avoid his gaze. She stared straight back into his eyes, for a moment she thought she thought she was looking at someone else… “You’re mine now”, he whispered and an evil grin spread all over his face. With a snap of his fingers a grey cloud of smoke surrounded him and when it vanished it was no longer..............

3,620 95
38 The Dark Mark

The Dark Mark || “He’s got the dark mark and once I rule he won’t have any other choice…” Mike explained angrily and moved his hand from Hermione’s chin and took a firm stranglehold around her neck. She squeezed harder and harder, like if her neck was a glass that he was trying to break and just as Hermione thought that it was all over he let go and backed away a few steps from her.

5,189 90
39 Reunions

Reunions || The tears filled Hermione’s eyes quickly, this could not happen to her again. She wouldn’t be able to deal with the lost of another loved one...

3,459 73
40 The Only Way

The Only Way || Draco walked around for hours until he finally reached a house he recognized. He walked up to the door and knocked carefully, quietly, like if he didn’t really want to see the person who lived there. But he had to, he knew he had to. He knocked again because he wasn’t sure if anyone inside had heard, this time he knocked harder.

3,136 85
41 One Sweet Day

Ok... it's finally here... The final chapter... and it's called One Sweet Day.

5,624 265


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