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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, McGonagall, Voldemort, Draco, Pansy, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Draco/Ginny, Draco/OC
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-03-30 3:23pm
Last Chapter
2009-03-19 2:36pm
Last Updated
2009-03-19 2:36pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Dreams of the Prophet

As your heart started slowing back down, you saw the last person in the world you expected to see here in Sussex Village Orphanage smiling down at you with a sparkle in his emerald green eyes.

2,808 37
2 You've Been Kidnapped!

Harry was sprawled out on his bed and looked bored out of his mind. He was strumming badly at a ukulele that he’d transfigured from the sock that was missing off one of his feet, and in fact the foot that was twitching to the same uneven tune as his ukulele as he muttered some Hawaiian song to himself. His eyes were closed and his glasses were on the pillow next to him.

2,877 12
3 Greystone Dirt Bike Park

“Well,” Hermione said, sitting in the van, next to you. “You were right. It is really sunny.”

2,763 10
4 Aren't You Glad?

This one is kind of all of them hanging out... I dunno. Got some humor in it... a bit of touchy partys... Just read and review!!

3,259 5
5 Harry's Wish

“Mind if I ask what you wished for?” you whispered. There was a bit of a silence, before Harry responded. “I already said it was stupid.” “If it’s a wish, how can it be stupid?” you asked.

2,297 16
6 Alone

"I know how it feels to sit there and have no one to tell you that they love you, no one to tuck you into your bed at night when you’re still so young you think monsters exist. I know how it feels to be alone in the world when you’re still so young you can’t write your own name. You may have never had a family, Harry, but neither have I. I know how you feel and it helps me to understand you better, and for that I can love you better."

2,535 12
7 Apparation Test

I accidentally didn't post this... this is chaper 7 of this series... the REAL chapter 7

2,850 5
8 Prefects, Heads, and Teachers

She’d sat there and told him that she’d give him a family. He smiled and flushed a little at the thought, before beating back the color in his face. It was a nice thought, really it was, but he was still uncertain of the future. And that was actually kind of funny, considering that Amelia was a Seer.

2,238 14
9 Home Sweet Hogwarts

Erm.... just read and review yah?

2,505 10
10 Professor To You

"The truth is, is that there is something and someone out there that would kill you in an instant if he felt it suited his fancy. Let’s face it, children. Without this class, if you opposed Lord Voldemort-” The class shuddered violently, and a few students made odd noises. You ignored them. “-Lord Voldemort, then you would have no chance for survival."

2,704 14
11 He's Off His Rocker!!

“When you join the Order, you take your life to the front line. We’ve got to inform these people that it’s not going to be all roses. Mione... Ron... I told my first years yesterday that I would teach them everything I knew if I felt it would keep them alive. We’ve got to do that and more for these folks that want to join the Order. They’ve got no idea how hard it is to survive, out there, and we four do."

2,564 11
12 The New J.O.P.

"Besides, I don’t know anyone in America. There’s no possible way I could go round finding trouble to get into. So don't worry..." Amelia kissed his cheek and left. Harry sighed. While she didn’t know anyone in America, it was always certain that someone there would know her. And while she’d not go looking for trouble, trouble was certain to find her.

2,798 14
13 Seeing the Dark

The man turned and tried to run, but suddenly there was a loud shout and a green jet hit him as he fell forward into the brush, the laughing voice and it’s owner disappearing as a small, pretty woman stumbled into the clearing and screamed..

1,809 14
14 The Order Reunites

"I love you," he whispered. You smiled, trying to hide the blush. "I love you too... And the Order reunites!!" He smiled as you two headed for the dormitories. (LOOKIE!! MUSIC!!! I think... anyways. )

2,352 10
15 Draco's Secret

Draco Malfoy didn’t want to be a Death Eater. Draco Malfoy didn’t even want to be Draco Malfoy. He hated himself, he hated his family. He was severely jealous of Potter and the other Gryffindors, because they didn’t know what it was like to have your life chosen for you.

3,267 14
16 Temptations of the Occult

Erm.. i dunno... just read and review, plz!!

3,050 17
17 Meeting with Malfoy

Erm.. shockers, fights, anger, possible heartbreak... it's all in here... DONT KILL ME!!

2,621 12
18 Paradox of the Hearts

Harry and Ron stared after the little slimeball as he disappeared from sight. Anger was still burning under Harry’s flesh, and all he wanted was to punch something particularly hardly, and scream.

2,142 17
19 Weekend Reaction

“Right, then, we’ve got a good four hours before then, so buck up, mates,” said Fred, mocking rolling up sleeves, as he was wearing a faded maroon tee-shirt that read off a faded I survived Salem Witch Initiation Week. Ron eyed the shirt. “Angelina seen that?” “Absolutely not,” he grinned.

2,234 11
20 Bonne D'Honneur

“IT’S NOT THAT BLOODY BAD!!” called down Harry. “Uh-oh,” said George. “Amelia, darling, you might want to go-” Fred cut in. “-console your lover.”

2,641 10
21 Agony of Mrs. Bill

“Exscuse moi, je comprends le français,” you said quietly. Excuse me, I understand French. Aiglentine’s blue eyes grew a bit wide, before she huffed, “Comment impoli de vous, c'était, ne pas me dire!” How rude of you, it was, not to tell me!

2,598 12
22 Wizard Wedding

You grabbed the other three wreaths and two flowers, spinning ungracefully and apparating four feet from the altar. Bill was standing there, looking very awkward in blue dress robes and no dragon fangs, and everyone else was gathered in the first two rows of seats. “Come here you!” you yelled, running over to Bill and jamming the silver and blue wreath on his head.

2,814 12
23 The Mori'ksh-Naug

heh heh he you all will HATE me for this, especially as I am not posting again until SUNDAY!!!

2,336 12
24 The Cripples

He stared up at you and sighed heavily. “I swear... I’ll kill him....” “That’s what we’re hoping for, Harry,” you said softly.

2,406 13
25 Friday Letters

He held out his arms, and you gently fell onto the bed beside him as he painfully wrapped you in his arms and you sobbed into his shoulder.

3,628 20
26 Penelope

Hermione stared at herself in the mirror, face blank. “You look beautiful, Mione,” you said, trying to sound cheerful. “It’s Ron’s favorite color....” she whispered.

2,796 14
27 The Malfoy Rationale

“Parkinson, you need to stop your quests to make yourself feel good. They’re stupid and pointless, because everyone knows that when the sun sets, no matter how many innocent bystanders you’ve succumbed to your dim witted pranks, you are still the fat whore you were when you woke up in the morning." Everyone stared, shocked, at Malfoy.

2,222 13
28 Mail of Many

I know it's kind of short but w/e so r/r!!!

1,887 12
29 Letter From the Dead

Suddenly, your ears worked again, and you could her noises. It was not the chirping the Mori’ksh-Naugs had made, it was no noise you’d ever heard. The only thing you could possibly compare it to was a low flute being played far, far away, echoing at different levels of noise all around you.

2,223 15
30 Malfoy's Problem

“Ginny....?” you asked quietly. She stepped into the office and....... turned to stare, glassy eyed, up at you. “I think I have some explaining to do, Amelia...”

2,665 17
31 Secretive

He turned to look at you, and you saw that his hands were red and looked as though a few layers of skin had been burned off.

2,419 13
32 Sour Weekend

DONT KILL ME!!!M lol jk just, erm.. r/r!!

2,207 8
33 Grawp

“Last year I told Hagrid I’d help him with the centaurs.” You looked over as the stairs started to move in that long path. “And now I’m going to.”

2,275 12
34 The Seer and The Man

Bane smiled nastily, leaning down as he whispered. “I care not for the Boy. Tell your lies to Cerberus as he lets you over the River Styx to the Land of the Dead!”

2,377 12
35 All Humans, The Grail

You stopped right in front of the arch, Harry holding your hand next to you. Leaning forward, poking your head through the arch, suddenly your vision was cleared, and you shuddered, scared, wanting to scream, but finding that you were quite unable because of the horror in front of you. “The grail....”

2,344 9
36 Of Arrows and Books

You looked up. Harry was staring at the others, and Hermione was staring at you. You indicated the paper as you spoke. “You think...?” “No, I don't think....” Hermione tapped her gloved hands. “I know.”

2,089 11
37 Study in the Dungeon

He’d been Head Boy, top wizard in his time, destined for a bright, flawless future with Catherine Weldsh. But it’d all changed, that night....

2,618 13
38 Crivellaremé Mortale

OK the first bit, with only Fred and George, is going to be going back in time a bit so you know WHY dumbledore like.. flipped. ENJOY AND R/R!!!

2,121 12
39 Newest Trinket

And she won’t even see it coming, he thought, smiling. Kill him.... just like the bastard killed her....

2,139 11
40 Tuesday the Twelfth

“You will find, Miss Wright, that though many will tell you otherwise, you are a very desired person. Some people have their own personal needs... and they find that you quite fill them...”

2,203 9
41 Fleur's Green Halloween

Erm... Mungo's, Quidditch, secretive Halloween day meeting with Fleur... AYA it;s good lmao. r/r!!

2,838 12
42 Holiday

“Er... Urgh... I never.. URGH, mental image!” Ron said loudly, closing his eyes tight. You raised an eyebrow, knowing what he must be thinking, and shook your head. “Unbeknownst to you, Ron, your parents did the same to have you.” “URGH!!!”

2,271 9
43 Harry's Hero

You spoke hotly. "I don’t give a damn when he is and isn’t to be disturbed. You can be assured that I will report you for... delaying allegiance with critical members of a sacred and extremely important organization of a practical enemy of ours in this war, sir!” It was fun pretending to be some sort of high powered official.

2,734 18
44 Fudge Manor

Arguments, fear, shocking new discoveries... darn it just r/r!!!

2,431 8
45 Open Some Eyes

“Pride before downfall. Greed before pride. They want something. Something you can give them.”

2,219 10
46 Equilibrium

All the bows that were aimed at you were suddenly lowered, and instead of fury staring at you from all sides, shock filled the silent clearing.

2,508 8
47 Treaty of Fraternity

Erm... JUST READ IT AND REVIEW I am too tired to type out a summary this instant. It's good, just take my word on it. PEACE IS BEING MADE BETWEEN CENTAURS AND WIZARDS there are you happy??

2,215 8
48 Another One of Those Wedding Things

As he left, Harry appeared, his hair more on end than Mike’s. You stifled a laugh at his appearance, and wondered how on earth you’d ever set his hair to rights by noon.

2,855 5
49 Those Rings and Sparkly Things

erm... weddings... parties.... engagements... :) Just r/r!!

2,509 21
50 Professor Loves

Engagements, secrets, the doomsday device, and... erm.. arguments.. *HIDES!!* R/R!!!

2,379 12
51 Men's Little Problems

Chapter 51

2,052 7
52 Eight on the Eighth

Chapter 52

2,271 10
53 Vision Switch

Love, marriage (what else is new?) and shock..... R/R!!

2,110 11
54 Light A Fire

“Damn!” you whispered, shaking your hand and pulling it away. “If they can do it, why can’t I?!”

2,332 12
55 Harry's Poetry

ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!! Ever seen men Christmas shopping? Particularly, Harry and Ron? Well, in this chapter you will!! R/R!!

2,312 8
56 Venice

BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAAAA you all are going to HATE me!!! *evil smile* R/R and don't kill me! I'll have another one out VERY soon, PROMISE!!!

3,224 10
57 One Shot, One Promise

Nother one out... pain, hate, grief, death.... HEHE jk about that last one. Anyways., it's all here, don't judge by the lame azz review!! R/R!!

2,290 9
58 When He Wakes

Ooh, Aurist Potter.... and people waking up... *Winkwinknudgenudge* AND peoples saying things that didn't get said aboot oh, Idk, 2 chapters ago when Harry *cough* asked that ONE question.... :D

2,377 13
59 Boxing Day

Harry pulled away and wiped the tear off your cheek and gently kissed you, and once more, even though ......... everything was right.

2,253 16
60 Emblem of Forgotten

Catherine had been the only person to ever be able to top him, to figure him out, to know what it took to kick his ass and beat him. Until now. “Amelia Wright is never going to know that she is my weakness!”

2,450 10
61 Controversy of Order

"She’s got enough to deal with, knowing that she’d Voldemort’s weakness. She doesn’t need to be burdened with the fact that he couldn’t even bring himself to kill her, or that we don’t even know why.”

2,193 10
62 Dream Talk

“Remus...” you said, voice shaking as the crest lay in your hands. “I know who owned this.”

2,239 10
63 Manipulative Corpus Mortale

“SHE SAID SHE WAS GOING TO BE MARRYING TOM RIDDLE!” Hermione’s eyes flew open, and her mouth sort of dropped a bit. “Wh- What?!” “YEAH!” yelled Harry, jumping to his feet. “She said she was going to be MARRYING LORD VOLDEMORT.”

2,292 12
64 The Talk... Well, Sort Of

“I’m sorry...” Arthur said softly, standing. He gently reached and took your hands, taking off Lily Potter’s wedding ring. “It’s for the best...”

2,325 11
65 James and Lily

Christmas party, New Years, and this dream Amelia has that acually might not be a dream... ah just r/r!!!

2,953 17
66 Back to Hogwarts We Go

As you held the end of your trunk that wasn’t on wheels, watching Ginny file out the door, you turned to Harry. He seemed to know what you were thinking. The two of you hugged tightly, before he gently kissed your cheek. “No matter what happens... I still love you,” he whispered. “I love you too,” you murmured. He sighed and gently took your hands, switching the ring, as you’d forgotten to do so until now. You blinked back a tear and waved as you grabbed your trunk and walked out of 12 Grimmauld place, and into the waiting future.

2,174 11
67 Tests, Meetings, and a Bit 'O Flyin

You sighed. “I know it hurt him... but deep down he knows I did it to protect him....” you looked over at her. “It’s not all too unfamiliar for us to break each other’s hearts for our love.”

2,427 18
68 Of Silver and Sand

“Besides, this way you guys won’t have to try to tread carefully on your words. Plan a good wedding, Hermione. God knows with my luck it might be my last

2,193 15
69 Where's The Bird's Book?!

“Really,” he said hoarsely. “I really think we’re having a bad effect on you. You don’t care about rules in the Library... Next thing you know, she’ll give up Spew-” “It’s not spe-” “-AND ANYWAYS I think you’d best be getting back that book, Melia,” Ron nodded. “Get the bird her book back.”

2,136 9
70 Snitch In The Snow

“Let me get this straight... Harry and I are pretending we’re growing apart, and within a month will stage a very public break-up... And this... helps?”

2,648 14
71 Draco and Caball

You glanced around. “Let’s just say that right now it’s important to go back on all your plans for Ginny... or else mine, yours, and a whole hell of a lot of other people’s lives are on the line.”

2,094 12
72 Midnight Meeting

He cast you a halfhearted glare, then hugged you. You hugged him too, wondering why your life had to be so damn complicated. Draco pulled away and gently kissed you. It was sort of odd, kissing Draco, because it was nice and all, but you still felt love for Harry. Draco pulled away and wiped the tears off your cheeks. “I’m sorry, Melia...” he said softly.

2,493 12
73 Fools In Love

Suddenly the noise stopped reaching your ears, and you felt like you were going to throw up. The letter fell out of your hands, and you suddenly couldn’t breath properly. You felt like you were going to hurl, but nothing was happening, and as Draco reached out to steady you as you swayed on your feet, the darkness came out of nowhere and swallowed you whole.

2,254 11
74 Gringott's Horror

Bill stared at you. “...You know?” You nodded, suppressing the sobs that racked your body. “I’ll always know, Bill! I’m the Seer!”

1,745 7
75 Frantic Search

Ginny stared at you, but you stood, going over to the window. You stared down at the street, running your fingers over the chain in your hands. No one moved, and slowly, Mrs. Weasley started crying.

3,144 15
76 Ministry Summons

er... the thingie with the Wizenmegot!! AH JUST READ AND REVIEW IT'S GOOD.

3,415 12
77 Telltale Tears

Reaching out, you gently traced the intricate letters spelling out baby Raissa Weasley’s name on the headstone. “I’m sorry...” you whispered, not really knowing why you thought she could hear you. “I wish I could’ve seen you smile... Even if it was only once... I really.. had looked forward to being there for you... But, then again, with everything in my life, now... I don’t even know if I could’ve been there even for you...”

2,257 17
78 Planning A Ball And Not Having One Doing It

Chapter 78: Planinng A Ball and Not Having One Doing It EDIT BY STAFF - PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL

2,667 13
79 Really Quite Foul

Holding it up, the lower half, which you were holding up, sort of bent on what was left of the splinters keeping it all together. Harry saw this and a look of horror came over his face. “HER BROOM!” You let out a shriek. “MY BROOM!”

2,990 12
80 Girlfight

You were hearing Catherine Waldsh's voice in your head. You thought, **** off. I don’t ***, I H.U.C.K. WHAT?! Hugs Undo Certain Krimes. Duh. Ohmygod are you insane... I’m not the one hearing voices.

2,401 15
81 Actions Speak Louder Than Words

McGonagall howled, “AND there was extreme evidence that she used the Cruciatus Curse on her! Not only is that Curse extremely illegal, but it is an Unforgivable Curse, Miss Zabini! Do you know what this means?! I AM GOING TO BE WRITING TO THE MINISTRY, THAT IS WHAT IT MEANS!”

2,367 12
82 March 31

Who the #*!% wakes up one morning and decides to turn in her engagement ring to the man both she loves, and who loves her, and tells them, Someday soon, you’ll hopefully understand...?!

2,237 19
83 Familiar Symbols

Harry looked around helplessly, too afraid to move. He was experiencing the creepiest thing he’d ever seen or been through, and Amelia seemed to be dying from his touch. He released his hand from hers, but her fingers were still wrapped around his wrist as she steadily grew paler and her breathing shallowed.

2,177 25
84 Travelling Portals

Errh... just r/r it's about some of the visions she's been having... I dont feel like writing a reiew I'm too depressed.

2,399 20
85 Ron and Remus

Ron nodded to himself, for a brief second feeling that once again, the four of them were all on the same page, again, if only on one little thing for one little second.

1,961 12
86 What Would Have Been

There was no telling what today would have been like, had things not changed... It was exactly a year ago that you and Harry had made amends and started dating, again, but it seemed like a lifetime. So many things had happened... The attacks, birthdays, separations, jobs, school, tests, three weddings, Ron becoming paralyzed, his and Hermione’s engagement... Your and Harry’s engagement... you shook your head vigorously, not wanting to think about those days, so long ago.

2,196 12
87 April Showers

Tonks gently released you and wiped the tears off your face. “It will do no good to cry.” “I don’t cry for me,” you whispered, looking back at the casket. Another wave of sickness threatened to overcome you. There was a pause, and the other five remaining people were silent. Tonks sighed and nodded. “I know. You never will. You’re more than that.”

2,731 19
88 Tragedy Foretold

You shrugged, which sort of surprised him. “You don’t mind me calling your man *(edit)* names?” “It’s slightly annoying, but doesn’t bother me because I know that at one point in time, a while ago, you were more of a man than that,” you said.

2,395 17
89 N.E.W.T.s

"Did.. Did Penelope find out?” you asked tentatively. Ron nodded grimly. “Yeah, a few weeks ago.. Mum wrote and told me, as she thought I didn’t know.. Said that Penny started crying and didn’t stop for about two days...” You shook your head. “I’ve been praying for her...” Harry suddenly stood, making a sick face. “Excuse me, I’m allergic to bull****.”

2,372 9
90 Weasley's Pride

While we five are here We shall do the right Until our seventh year All day and night. Until the day we graduate, And leave forever Hogwart’s doors We hold together each other’s fate Because we are the Gryffindors. You looked up, feeling a tear gently kiss your cheek. It was time to live, again.

2,438 9
91 Victoria's Ball

“It was your duty, as a *(edit bt cocoapuffshooter, just to p*ss you off!!)*... Liberty and freedom before anything, including life and love... La Nostra vita, La Nostra libertà, La nostra giustizia....” You nodded, knowing well the motto of the *(another edit to p*ss you off!!)* “Our life, our freedom, our justice...”

2,915 17
92 May I Cut In?

Laughing, Draco walked off, and you shook your head, starting up a familiar foxtrot dance with that someone, having fun and subconsciously hoping that you were moving too fast around the dance floor for anyone to notice that your dance partner now had black hair instead of blond.

2,199 11
93 Farewell to Hogwarts

Ron stared after her, peering his head out in the corridor. You all watched in silent amusement as he asked, “Does that mean I’ve got to do the meeting?!” And suddenly a hairbrush sailed out of nowhere and narrowly missed his head. Chuckling, you said, “I think that’s a yes.” “Emotional over the fact I bloody hated the invitations. Er...” Ron consulted the meeting schedule, which Hermione had dropped. He crumpled it up, smiling, and tossed it over his shoulder. “All right, meeting over! Get out!”

2,245 59


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