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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Draco, Ginny, Neville, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Action/Adventure, Angst
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-03-24 2:59pm
Last Chapter
2016-06-11 4:23pm
Last Updated
2017-07-28 4:58pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Ah, yes. I Remember Like It Was Yesterday...

Strange events from the past affects the present in the life of Alexis Kanno. All she knows about the power running in her veins are they are of her own to control. Little did she know that there are two sides to her abilities.

4,838 24
2 Adjusting to New Scenery

Taken away from one place and into a new area, Lexi struggles to get along with others. Or does she?

5,209 12
3 Slytherin Ambush

As the tension begin escalating, what will become of Lexi and Draco's interrupted fight?

2,703 8
4 Trapped With The Enemy

With those two trapped together, it's like placing a piece of meat in a lion's den. Watch the fun unravel.

2,635 6
5 Floating Rumors

What happened between Lexi and Draco has now been leaked into the corridors of Hogwarts. Now what?!

2,248 3
6 Cid Sigardo, DADA Professor

The moment you've been waiting for: DADA class. The picture was drawn my yours truly.

2,036 7
7 Mystery Guest

More troubles arise for our young heroine and those around her. What else is new?

2,212 6
8 Shortened Rest and A Late Lesson

While Lexi undergoes a private training, our trio of Gryffindors wonder what else she's hiding from them. The spells in here are of my own figment of imagination and does not exist within the real Potterverse.

3,012 6
9 The Soul of a Morph

What is Sigardo's connection to Lexi and her parents?

1,631 10
10 Unrealized Trip and More Training

 Casting and learning magic is anything but elementary, my dear.

3,922 3
11 Torn Between Reality and Dreams

A private training interrupted by an expected guest.

3,255 6
12 A Little Chat

To each their own, but their paths will cross again. After all, Hogwarts isn't that big of a school.

4,185 7
13 Limbo Between Life and Death

A lesson on a trip gone oh so wrong.

4,352 10
14 Hanabi

What's going on between Harry and Cho again? And a small glimpse at the tender side of our protagonist.

4,179 8
15 The Things Lurking Ahead

Clash of the egos, a misunderstood fable, and perhaps a premonition.

2,760 13
16 Dumbledore's Words

The wise words of a senile headmaster is passed down to dearest Lexi. Whether for good or bad, we'll have to see.

2,637 8
17 On The Road Again...

To return to one's homeland only to find things never stay the same, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

3,169 9
18 Snow Flower

A moment of reflection around the serene nature of winter.

2,821 8
19 Rune Play

A hidden message is halfway revealed within old relics of small stone tablets.

1,437 7
20 Defeat of the Ego

Many more strange and interesting encounters lie later on along with struggles for Lexi.

2,436 8
21 Calling Forth the Name

A careless whisper of a name from a family relic leaves Lexi in a limbo of frustration and determination.

2,922 7
22 Fight for the Soul

Will Lexi be able to find out the name of her katana?

3,354 8
23 The Devil's Eyes

While the past of her father continues to be dug up, Lexi finds herself in limbo.

3,887 8
24 Stay With Me

The other side of Malfoy you thought you'd never see.

2,405 8
25 Man Hunt

Behind the cigarette smoke: Samantha Cid Sigardo's story.

4,746 12
26 Order of the Phoenix

The first of many encounters of Voldemort with Lexi.

3,321 8
27 Awakening of the Saikai Reiki

For the sake of protecting innocence, will Lexi be driven to madness?

3,295 9
28 Lament of the Mind

The psychological trauma done unto those who were there that night slowly unravels.

2,586 6
29 Changes

Haunting images from that night continues to terrorize Lexi's mind.

4,050 9
30 Judge, Trial and Jury

Lexi's developments with Harry and Co, current events and smashing pigeons.

3,954 7
31 Limit Break

Do you REALLY think community service would be easy for Lexi?

4,308 8
32 Reunion

What really did happen during the winter break when Lexi came back to New York?

3,504 6
33 Pretend You're Alive

Retracing the steps of her not so distant past, Lexi revisits an old friend before her birthday.

3,390 7
34 Indecisiveness

A death, parties and the mystery that's Lexi.

4,692 9
35 New York Subway Shuffle

On the way to the city, New Yorkers give Harry and everyone a nice welcome in their own mannerisms.

8,698 8
36 Severed Ties

The aftermath of Arlene's Grocery and a newly discovered secret.

6,654 7
37 To Protect Someone Dear

Whirlwind of events leads up to Lexi's reason to fight while Harry and the others are figuring out where she went.

5,323 8
38 What They Left Behind

Faint traces of her reminants, a possible hypothesis, and limits are broken.

5,657 6
39 Threads of Life

As confrontations draw near, Lexi begins to find her goal.

5,588 6
40 Kizuna

Ties are reconnected and reborn. What happens from here on, only time will tell.

4,809 5
41 Henshin

To see truth is to see one's faults and improving upon it.

5,688 5
42 Mamoru

When one's limits are tested, there is no knowing what he or she is capable of.

5,914 7
43 The Power Within

The method of madness called Lexi's training schedule.

5,419 5
44 Weight of the Wand and Fist

A life lesson taught through defeat.

8,802 2
45 To Each Their Own?

What's next for our heroine as she makes her separate ways from the group?

8,284 1
46 Under Stars

Truth is a powerful thing. People can't unlearn it and can't go back to who they once were.

4,662 2
47 Even Heroes Have Dark Sides

Developing events come in full circle. How will everyone accept this?!

2,511 0
48 Shades of Red and Green

Old lessons will become anew. Seriously. Can we get on with this already?

5,861 1
49 A Muggle Disguise Is Just As Good As A Polyjuice Potion

Harry begins to think about how well he really knows his DADA professor, all the while a secret mission comes to fruition.

7,792 0
50 We're All Hiding Our True Selves

It's just a recon mission. What could possibly go wrong?

8,550 0
51 Choose

Everything eventually comes down to a choice and one must bare the consequences.

7,703 0
52 Break Free

 You can only get stronger if you cast away what you once knew and rebuild yourself.

4,421 0
53 Brand New Eyes

A dive into the subconscious can put many things in perspective.

5,546 0
54 You Know I'm No Good

You can't always like the decisions you need to make.

3,925 0
55 The Hidden Blade

 The pieces are slowly falling into place as the shadow of war linger in the background.

5,129 0
56 Klaxon

 The warning bell has been rung. Prepare.

4,072 0
57 The Final Night

 The epic battle you've all been waitin' for!

5,227 0
58 Nothing But A Memory Now

The fated clash of Lexi and Hidemune reaches its climax.

2,955 0
59 Apotheosis

 It all comes down to this one final moment...

2,239 0
60 The First Day

The Dark Lord has fallen, but so has another life.

2,411 0
61 Epilogue: Journey’s End

"Nothing can be gained without sacrificing something in return." - Full Metal Alchemist

5,108 2


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