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Harry, Ron, Snape, Lucius, Blaise (M), Draco, Fred, Luna, Neville, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Luna, Draco/OC
Humor, Mystery, Romance
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-03-24 2:31am
Last Chapter
2016-04-04 2:09am
Last Updated
2016-04-24 12:45pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Who's That Knocking at My Door?

Emily Carlisle hated Draco Malfoy! So when she was told that Draco was coming to stay, she thought things couldn't possibly get worse. Oh, how wrong she was.

1,964 112
2 Fun and Games!

When Fred Weasley turns up with Draco in tow, tempers fly and the tension begins to build!

1,404 23
3 Give Me Back My Wand!

When Emily and Draco are left alone together--the sparks fly!

2,400 22
4 Turbulent, Draco Filled Dreams

Plots, half-truths and steamy encounters in the bathroom.

3,126 11
5 Let Mummy Kiss It Better

The one where electricity crackles, in more way than one...

2,144 7
6 Saved by Longbottom

Fun and games in the kitchen and with Neville dropping in for a surprise visit. How on earth will Emily cope?

2,501 8
7 What Are You Doing Here, Harry?

A journey into the center of London and a unexpected encounter with Harry!

2,541 5
8 Feeling, Surprisingly, Wonderfully Happy

All about Harry and discreet kisses in darkened alleyways.

2,463 18
9 What on Earth Is Ron up To?

Rumours and Ron in The Leaky Cauldron.

3,378 6
10 Screams in the Night

Dreams in the night and a unexpected turn of events!

2,849 10
11 A Surprise Visitor

Concerning explanations and a surprise visitor drops by!

3,679 38
12 A Goodbye Kiss

Revelations and a kiss goodbye.

2,970 57
13 Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

A talk between Emily and Harry and Draco gets drunk!

3,102 112
14 Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Draco thinks, Snape fumes, Harry wonders and Emily is destressed!

1,978 67
15 Lies, Spies And Revelations

A chapter of many questions, some answers and a revelation.

5,312 23
16 Encounters At The Lamb And Slaughter

A chapter of lies, conversations, secrets and an unexpected reunion!

5,395 86
17 A Romantic Interlude...

In which Draco and Emily get re-aquainted.

5,854 78
18 The Morning After

Emily and Draco get to know each other a little better and Harry gets angsty.

5,341 104
19 A Parting of the Ways

Emily broods, Luna acts dotty, Harry and Draco fight, a lot! Will Snape ever be able to control these teenagers and their wayward emotions?

7,559 81
20 By The Pricking Of My Thumbs, Something Wicked This Way Comes

As an unearthly darkness falls, Emily and Draco become closer, some secrets are revealed, and a web of intrique begins to form...

8,176 59
21 Discord and Disharmony

When the going gets tough, tempers fray...

8,062 28
22 Fight and Flight

The boys fight a nasty wizards duel and a old friend shows up.

9,231 18
23 A Very Eventful Day: Part One - What the Dawn Brings...

It's story time; Draco finally opens up and tells all to Emily. Harry, Luna and Ron make their way to Hogwarts

8,756 24
24 A Very Eventful Day: Part Two - In the Clear Light of Morning....

Tempers fray, nerves frazzle, and as time begins to race against Emily and Draco, the chase is about to begin.

8,535 10
25 A Very Eventful Day: Part Three - The Day Darkens...

The day darkens, secrets best forgotten are told; and threachery lies down every path.

9,824 14
26 In the Snake Pit

When Emily wakes up, where will she find herself? In the Snake Pit, perhaps?

6,761 11
27 A Flicker in the Dark

Even in the darkest of hours, hope still flickers. Emily and Blaise talk, as Harry races towards them.

5,863 26
28 Fleeing the Vipers Nest....

Harry quickly scanned the note again. What did this mean? Did Dumbledore want him to turn up? Was he merely keeping him informed - how would this affect his plans? Would he find Emily and Draco there? Find out what happens, as Emily and Draco make a desperate attempt to flee the Vipers nest.

8,447 16
29 Alliance and Accusation

Time is the essence, and essence is the key. Harry comes to terms with certain truths, Draco is snarky, and Emily witnesses the true horror of torture.

7,535 10
30 Meetings and Greetings

Plans are discussed, an old friend shows up, and Draco is bored, very bored, and turns to scheming.

2,045 7
31 And so, We shall Dance into Darkest Night

"Come, Emily," he spoke her name almost as softly as a loving caress, "come, it is time. Your final moment has come. Step forward, girl; come, follow me... Come; let us partake in the 'Turning of the key.'"

8,997 24
32 The Turning of the Key

The world around her was coming to an end, and all Emily could do was watch on.

9,707 0
33 Aftermath: A Flurry of Owls

In the aftermath, just how do you cope? Letters are written and owls fly, as the ash finally begins to settle.

4,598 0
34 In the Dog and Duck

In a muggle public house, four wizards sit and sort out their problems. Draco, however wishes he was any place but here. 

5,624 0
35 A Romantic Reunion

Alone in her flat, Emily is getting ready to go, to finally move on in her life.So what happens, when a certain Slytherin appears on her doorstep? Will Emily finally get her happy-ever-after?

3,889 1


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