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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Snape, Cho, Fred/George, Ginny, OC
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Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Cho, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Ginny/OC, Harry/OC
General, Humor, Romance
Next Generation
No Warnings
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2005-03-19 11:27am
Last Chapter
2006-03-07 9:08pm
Last Updated
2006-03-07 9:08pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Except for the date part

Image hosted by Harry and Ginny have an unexpected marriage and a whirlwind romance. Sadly, it was short lived, and the marriage ended after only a year and a half, each of them taking one of their young twin daughters. When the girls come face to face for the first time, one things for sure: They're going to rekindle that old flame. Special thanks to poprockzwitch14 for making the banner!

965 17
2 Friend's Can Dance

Ginny and Harry have dinner together and prove that "friends" can slow dance.

945 4
3 One Place Where She Could Always Go

Harry and Ginny have a huge argument.

542 5
4 As Straight As Her Hair

This is the introduction to Carina Jane Weasley.

612 9
5 Lillian Eliza Potter

This an introduction to the other twin.

990 22
6 Carina, Lily, Lily, Carina

Carina and Lily have their first Qudditch game against each other, and fur flys.

1,705 19
7 Of Hissy Fits and Pranks

Lily and Carina decide to make each other's lives utterly misrable at Hogwarts.

1,554 18
8 The Battle of the Books

Lily and Carina confront each other in the library.

1,071 36
9 Ironic Doesn't Even Begin To Cover It

Carina found the book she was looking for in the “Records” section. “This,” the book title read “The Record of all Authorized Witches and Wizard’s Marriages” she opened the book to the page that she was looking for. The page read: Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter, the “Majestic Witch cruise ship” June 13, 2001. The marriage was annulled in December 17, 2002. “Harry Potter?” Lily repeated, “That’s my dad!” “Ginny Weasley is my mum!” Carina was shocked.

938 26
10 Scheming Brilliance

Lily comes up with a ridiculous plan, will Carina go along with it?

1,384 7
11 Ten Months Is Far Too Long Of A Time

Lily and Carina meet their parents.

982 7
12 Join the Family

Lily and Carina get their first introductions to their homes.

2,152 26
13 There's No Family Like the Weasley Family

Carina and Lily both spend mornings in the lives of each other.

1,043 7


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