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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Introduction

Hosted by Putfile.comBased on the movie, 'My Best Friend's Wedding'. Hermione Granger has just found out that her best friend, Harry Potter, has found the girl of his dreams. Hermione feels as if there has to be something wrong with this match; it is too perfect. So, Hermione sets out to ruin the relationship. With some help from Ron, she learns more about herself and her emotions. But in the end, which man will she snag?-Thank you, Aphimera, for the brilliant banner!-

1,481 40
2 Preparations

Based on the movie, "My Best Friend's Wedding."

973 5
3 The Competition

When the fiancé and friend meet, it isn't all chaos like Hermione had suspected.

1,908 16
4 Tell No Lies

Why exactly has Harry fallen in love with another girl?

1,564 27
5 Moment Of Silence

Just how will meeting the parents of Victoria affect Hermione and Ron. Ron seems content, but it's Hermione who's screaming inside. The silence could be very hard to endure in the end.

2,021 14
6 Back In The Game

Pictures, horses, envious thoughts; it's all enough to make Hermione go insane.

2,020 15
7 The Eyes Have It

Eyes can be enchanting, and to Hermione, they can keep her up all night long.

1,017 26
8 Incoming Idea

A plan takes place in the mischievous mind of Hermione Granger.

2,386 9
9 Backfired

Victoria might actually pull something off over Hermione's head...

2,417 10
10 Property and Territory

You never really forget your first love, even if they are hard to get a hold of.

2,273 14
11 No Way Out

Just which one does she want now? Is it Harry...or is it Ron?

1,228 20
12 Mad World

Where our fateful "princess" left off; with two princes ...

1,745 9


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