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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Snape, Tonks, Narcissa, Neville, Luna, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2005-03-16 5:52am
Last Chapter
2012-04-28 12:00pm
Last Updated
2012-04-28 12:00pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Haunted Dreams

Image hosted by Special thanks to danfan4ever for the wonderful banner! Haunted by the events of that night in the Department of Mysteries, Harry and Hermione resolve to never be caught unawares by Voldemort and his Death Eaters again. All of the characters will mature as events escalate and they begin training for the final battle. And perhaps even the su

3,044 29
2 Plan of Attack

Voldemort plans to lash out at Harry and Dumbledore and Snape meets his match.

1,414 13
3 And So It Begins

Death Eaters attack...who will survive?

2,048 14
4 Neville Discovers Grimmauld

Voldemort continues his attacks on the homes of those who went to the Department of Mysteries.

2,272 11
5 Another Moody?

Death eaters attack at the Lovegoods and at Privet Drive.

2,671 13
6 Constant Vigilance!

Moody's pleased, Molly Weasley meets Luna Lovegood, and two friends turn to each other for comfort.

2,102 17
7 Revelations

Confessions, love, and learning more about the eccentric Luna Lovegood.

2,574 11
8 The Morning After

The Order and others begin to deal with the effects of the earlier attacks.

2,353 13
9 Plans for the Future

Both Dumbledore and Voldemort begin to reveal their plans for the immediate future as each side prepares for all out war.

2,767 17
10 Friends

Seeking solace with friends.

1,895 19
11 Dudley's Lament

Dudley's thoughts on what has happened to him and the knowledge that he is a wizard.

2,675 15
12 Tonks Takes Charge

Tonks encourages Harry, Hermione, and Neville to come to her if they need to talk and takes care of some loose ends from Dudley's attack.

2,664 14
13 Ron, Fred, and George, Oh My!

Ron awakens and Fred and George have a proposition for Luna.

2,799 14
14 Moody Returns

Training begins for Neville, Hermione, and Harry.

2,913 15
15 Animagi

McGonagall arrives at Grimmauld to begin training Harry, Hermione, and Neville to become animagi.

3,107 16
16 Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes

Luna visits the twins shop and discovers several interesting projects underway in their lab.

2,563 14
17 Strangers in Grimmauld

The identity of the two claoked figures are revealed.

2,299 11
18 Stirrings

Harry and Hermione's relationship deepens as the face what has happened together.

4,009 13
19 Breakfast with Ron

Ron is updated on what's happened and is left with several things to think about as he interracts with the others over breakfast.

2,767 17
20 Plans

Plans for a memorial, more about Hermione's uncle, and plans for training.

2,471 5
21 Hermione's Choice

The beginnings of the memorial service and Hermione reveals her choice.

2,170 10
22 Bound in sadness

The memorial service for those lost, and a secret is discovered. Neville gets some interesting news. Finally, will Harry and Hermione's relationship survive?

3,162 10
23 Making Up Is Hard To Do

Harry and Hermione begin to deal with their fears about bonding with a little help from Luna Lovegood.

1,986 10
24 The Order

An interesting Order meeting, and some new members...

3,494 5
25 Hermione Fails At Something

Just as the title suggests, our favorite bookworm finds something magical that she just can't do...

2,654 7
26 OWL Results

OWL results arrive as thoughts of war and the possible losses come to the forefront.

2,495 11
27 Azkaban

Azkaban prison is attacked as Voldemort attempts to get his followers back.

2,940 8
28 Battle and Loss

The battle continues and the injured begin to arrive at Grimmauld.

2,851 5
29 Moving On...

The Order struggles to continue the fight despite the losses and injuries over the last couple of months, and Moody makes a discovery.

2,254 6
30 Alice's Story

Neville meets with his Uncle to sign his emancipation papers and discovers a secret about his past that will change his future.

2,997 11
31 Forms Revealed

Harry and Neville discover their animagus forms and Hermione learns something about herself as well.

1,873 9
32 Family

Neville shows Harry the letter from his mother, and Dudley makes a reappearance.

2,427 6
33 Hogwarts Bound

It's September 1st, and time to head to Hogwarts!

4,466 12
34 First Day

The beginning of classes including a first look at the new DADA professor.

2,276 8
35 A Quest

Hermione meets with McGonagall.

2,031 8
36 Setting the Stage

The Hogwart's Quest, an interesting letter, elemental magic, and a look at the D.A.

3,446 5
37 Let the Games Begin

One team tackles the first two clues in the Hogwart's quest.

2,225 8
38 Snape

An angry potions master, and still more suprises for Harry and Hermione...

2,935 8
39 Delays

A Death Eater challenge...

2,056 8
40 Neville Saves the Day

Neville leads a DA session and takes on some Slytherins.

2,536 9
41 Distracted

Neville is distracted, the Hogwart's Quest continues, and Harry and Hermione have a little alone time.

2,920 14
42 Proven Wrong

Apparaition in Hogwarts?

2,115 6
43 Live, Laugh, Love

Students enjoy a sunny day...

2,083 7
44 Decisions

Snape's decision on the apprentices, the Quest takes an interesting turn, and Harry continues with his wandless magic studies.

2,553 10
45 Two Sides

Brief encounters...

2,026 9
46 How Far We've Come

Exactly as the title suggests - a look at how far they have come, and a glimpse into the future.

3,718 10
47 Letters

Letters, some not sent, some bring terror, and some just curiousity...

2,273 11
48 Surprise from the Vault

 Neville and Harry visit the Potter Family Vault and new discoveries are made.

3,055 4


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