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Dumbledore, James, Lily, OC, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Snape, Voldemort, Peter Pettigrew
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Mild Language
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First Published
2005-03-06 11:05am
Last Chapter
2005-08-10 1:37am
Last Updated
2005-10-04 6:31pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter - Surprises all round

Lily Evans. James Potter. These two are two sixth year pupils at Hogwarts and have just started NEWT Year. James Potter is the handsome quidditch star who all the girls jump at...but he only wants one. However, this girl, Lily Evans, thinks that he is big headed and conceited. Will James be able to prove her wrong? Thanks to Iced_Cherries for the awesome banner!! Sequel is up!

905 29
2 Chapter 2- "People Can Change"

Please review once you've read it!

1,034 18
3 Chapter 3-Things never Change

Another one

1,028 10
4 Chapter 4-Marauders to the Rescue

Let me know what you think

1,329 22
5 Chapter 5-Meet Amos Diggory

A long chapter!

2,427 15
6 Chapter 6-The Question he asked so Often

Here's the next chapter! Please R'n'R

1,464 10
7 Chapter 7-Lily and James' Joy and Jessie and Sirius' Heartache

Chapter 7 up! please review

1,256 12
8 Chapter 8-The New Kids

8th chapter up!

1,209 13
9 Chapter 9-I still love you

This is when you find out what happened to Jessie. ** Please Review**

1,050 9
10 Chapter 10-Regulus Black

Please R/R

1,367 9
11 Chapter 11- Meet The Potters

It christmas time for the gang and they spend it at James' house

1,191 8
12 Chapter 12- Christmas At The Potters

This is after Christmas and Back at school

911 6
13 Chapter 13- James' Birthday

This one we find out what hapened to Aimee and It's James' birthday!

1,622 15
14 Chapter 14-Trouble in Paradise

Its the holidays and James and Lilys relationship takes a turn for the worse

1,306 6
15 Chapter 15- Lily talks to Sirius

Lily and Sirius have a chat about James and other things happen too!

1,655 12
16 Chapter 16- Friends

The gang are back at school

1,732 4
17 Chapter 17- The Ring

Run up to Jessie's birthday

1,816 15
18 Chapter 18-Jessie's Birthday

Sirius asks Jessie to marry him. But what will she say?

1,497 10
19 Chapter 19- Tough Times

Mr Potter's funeral. Aimee blows up!

2,369 10
20 Chapter 20- The Pressure of Weddings

This is the run up to the wedding!

1,799 14
21 Chapter 21-The Wedding

Sirius and Jessie's big day is here!!!!

1,677 15
22 Chapter 22- The First Mission

We find out what happened to Jessie and Sirius. James saves the day...sorta

2,762 15
23 Chapter 23-Caught

Sirius is released from hospital and Remus and Tia get a little closer!

1,538 11
24 Chapter 24- I've Still got the Bracelet on

James and his fellow marauders go out for some drinks without the girls but something happens which might ruin his relationship with Lily.

2,809 24
25 Chapter 24- The Aftermath

James and Lily are trying to cope with being apart

3,041 11
26 Chapter 26- Back together

Lily and James get back together. But one person isnt a happy slytherin...

2,929 12
27 Chapter 27-Christmas Dinner Disaster

It's christmas time

2,086 14
28 Chapter 28- At St Mungos

Sirius is taken to St Mungos where he stays for a while/

1,995 8
29 Chapter 29- A Little Bit of Quidditch

Sirius is back atHogwarts and an important quidditch game is coming up!

2,861 11
30 Chapter 30-Studying

The NEWTS are Approaching and everyone is nervous

2,522 8
31 Chapter 31-N.E.W.T's

The NEWTS are here! But along with the stress of studying, Remus has a shock in store!

2,151 9
32 Chapter 32- Graduation

The final day at Hogwarts for the youngsters comes with many surprises. The main one is a face from the past makes an appearance!!

3,366 38


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