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Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, Neville, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Snape, Fred/George, Seamus, M. McGonagall
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Angst
No Warnings
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-02-21 2:31pm
Last Chapter
2005-05-14 4:49pm
Last Updated
2006-02-21 9:53am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Thoughts II

Angst!!! In third year Harry only saw Lupin as a stranger. Three years later, things changed. Sirius is dead, and Harry can only blame it on Remus; the one who Harry can hold responsible for everything that went wrong in his life, the one who is alive when his parents and godfather aren't, the one who held him back in the Department of Mysteries. This isn't a sequel; thoughts 1 is the same story from Lupin's point of view

834 10
2 He should have remained a stranger

Harry is now in six year... and knows Lupin more than he wishes

1,245 8
3 There's no way to help me

At last, Harry had an occasion to let his anger out on Malfoy. Why did Lupin have to show up? Now he'll have to talk to him. But there's no way Harry will forgive Lupin. Not right now. Not the day after. Not the year after. Not in a lifetime. On top of it all, there's something not right in the way the teachers act. Maybe it has something to do with what's written in the Daily Prophet...

1,709 5
4 Do not even mention him...

What is wrong with him? Harry knows it too well. Remus knows it. Harry hates Lupin because he held him back in the Department of Mysteries. But then why is Remus waiting in the Gryffindor Common Room?

1,259 5
5 Down the stairs

When Harry reaches the Gryffindor COmmon Room, Lupin's there. Except Remus is only here to tell Ron and Ginny to follow him. And if it has something to do with whatever happened that was written in the Daily Prophet, or with the fact that teachers are acting unusual, then it can't be something good...

1,410 4
6 Odd behaviors

The teachers are worried, Harry and Hermione know it. Something is NOT right. And Ron is still not here...

1,323 4
7 Surrounded by enemies

Hermione doesn't agree with Harry either... and it's time for Defense Against the Dark Arts.

1,109 4
8 Do not pretend you do not care

Is Harry finally going to know where Ron is? Nothing is less certain... Remus seems well decided to keep quiet, but Harry insists...

1,399 5
9 Speech

At dinner, Dumbledore makes an announcment. A terrible announcment...

1,269 4
10 Paired up

Harry learns he's to Patrol with Snape... he and Hermione are on the verge of witnessing a pretty bad fight between Snape and Remus... then Harry must go and meet Snape before they start touring the castle.

1,397 5
11 A couple of red-haired twins...

Harry meets a pair of troublemakers on his way back to the Common Room. They want to play a prank on Snape, but what if Harry lied? What if it wasn't Snape who ended up in trouble?

1,130 3
12 Between classes...

A little disagreement between Malfoy and Harry during Quidditch...

1,547 4
13 Bad news, good news

Something strange happens at the end of DADA: Lupin asks to speak to Harry... Also, Ron comes back.

1,317 4
14 Encounter

Harry hates the idea of seeing Remus again, but he knows he must. Why do his feet carry him to Lupin's office? He has no idea. Nor does he have an idea about what Remus wants to show him.

1,367 6
15 Together

Harry finds out where Remus wanted to bring him... and it affects him in more ways than he would have thought. This story is NOW FINISHED!

2,103 8


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