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Lupin, Snape, Sirius, James, Pettigrew, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, OC/OC, Sirius/OC, Snape/OC
Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2005-02-18 8:16am
Last Chapter
2007-07-14 11:55am
Last Updated
2007-07-14 11:55am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Grand Entrance

Look back into the past and find out how he lived and loved, what despairs he felt when he was young and what he thrived for. Get to know my version of our beloved Padfoot. A young Sirius goes too far in hurting Snape but Snape isn't the type to take it standing down. See where this game takes them and how many they hurt along the way.

1,805 25
2 A Debonair Excursion

“Well I have never thought I would say this, especially to a Gryffindor nonetheless but I like you,” said the voice curtly, and then it huffed in protest before saying seemingly to itself, “yes Severus, she is bound to say yes to you if you say it like that!” James and Sirius gave each other a bewildered look, here was Snape talking to himself about asking a girl out, and a Gryffindor girl at that. James leaned towards Sirius then whispered, “I think he’s lost his marbles, must be the fumes from his chemistry set.”

1,440 8
3 "Very Beneficial To The Mind"

Remus was either found in the library finding books to read or in front of the fireplace in his favourite chair reading the books he had found. The latter was where they found him, his eyes were glassy as he read as fast as possible without taking the time to blink so as to finish as much as he could before the next lesson. Sirius proceeded to rudely interrupt his friend by pulling the book from his grasp and pitching it behind him. Remus sighed and without even looking up said, “Sirius your methods of communication are fast becoming legendary.”

812 4
4 The Rather Bloody Beginning

One caught Sirius’ eyes for all the wrong reasons. She was a plump acne covered girl wearing mismatching rainbow coloured knee length socks with pigtails that pulled her high forehead up further, and she was blushing furiously under his gaze. Tilting her round face to the book on the desk, she lifts a podgy hand in an attempt to look at him through her fingers. Sirius was disgusted but James was highly amused.“I think she likes you Paddy … her drooling says it all … but she could just be hungry.”

1,985 6
5 The Book Club Part One

When Snape tried to capture the Helias girl’s attention, he was watching. Snape looked like a fool, talking to some weedy Slytherin boy and doing all the spells correctly to impress her. What an amateur, and his hair even looked somewhat sanitary. It was only when she looked back at the grease ball and smiled warmly, a smile reserved for close friends, that it hit him. Yes, Sirius realised that getting this girl meant that Snape would be happy. Snape could not be happy, that was against everything that was right at Hogwarts.

1,048 6
6 The Book Club Part Two

Sirius was reluctant, but strangely James made sense and that was why he was so reluctant. Something nagged at him to hit James on the head and go ask Remus what he would do, but after some more persistence on James’ side, he relented and listened to his friend.“Besides Padfoot, haven’t you noticed that they’re all girls, and I bet you any money that only the older ones can join and anyway love is all that girls talk about init,” that Sirius had to agree with.

1,158 4
7 Stupid Actions Equal Consequences

Her eyes narrowed in thought but she didn’t pocket her wand or turn her back on him. Sirius groaned inwardly in mortification, he obviously had to make this look good but he would not grovel. Damn Snape for picking this girl out of all the girls in bloody Hogwarts. She isn’t even very stable, he thought to himself.

2,080 4
8 Golgoloth The Gut Wrencher

While pulling out the desired object, a chocolate frog wrapper came entangled with it. Thinking nothing of it Sirius bends down to drop it in the bin only to be suddenly interrupted when something heavy collided with him after giving out a blood curdling scream and threw him to the floor.Sirius fell with a loud bang on his back with James holding him round the stomach and lying on top of him, his eyes were closed and his teeth were clenched tightly. “What are you doing mate?” Sirius asked in a frightened whisper unable to comprehend why this action had taken place.

1,384 3
9 "Could I…please have my hand back?”

"Could I…please have my hand back?” she asked politely not wanting to wind him up any more then he was already.“Oh sorry,” he said as he reluctantly let go now wishing he had pinched her until she bled for her impudence. “Umm…what I was trying to say is that…you treat me how I want to be treated. Like Sirius, who is me…I don’t think I’m making sense,” he spluttered angrily but carried on anyway, “I’ve had a…few relationships before but none of them have worked out…because…umm…I never felt anything for them girls. When - when Snape and you - I felt jealous. Really jealous."

1,969 1
10 The Wrapper Ordeal

In her minds eye could see it. Her and Sirius Black, walking hand in hand, studying together, talking together…when girls talked about their boyfriends she could join in too. The look of envy- No, she couldn’t go out with someone just to make people jealous. That was all the wrong reasons to get into a relationship, she had read love stories and in them, when the lovers met they felt a spark sizzle in between them. Arty stared at Sirius’ face. She waited. Waited some more. No spark, not even a twitch.

1,416 2
11 God this is crazy...give me a sign that you love me

His hands snaked languidly up her own till he reached her wrists the clenched his fingers around them, using it to pull her closer. “I was hoping for a good bye kiss,” Sirius whispered softly into her ear.

1,834 7
12 Arty

He could actually feel her warm breath on his lips, giving them a slightly moist feeling that made him want to lick them. He could also see the effects his closeness had on her, the way her breathing hitched when he met her eyes and how her pupils widened when he inched his head down towards her. He could even feel the heat coming off her as a slow red blush worked its way up her long skinny throat and onto her already flushed cheeks.

1,729 5
13 The Other Man

All good things come to an end, it is an inevitable part of life but that doesn’t make it fair or any easier to accept. An oblivious Snape had been getting on with his life and studies, completely unaware of what was happening between the two most important people in his life. One, he loved with passion, the other, he hated with even more.

2,145 4
14 The Other Man II

However, soon just sitting near her wasn’t enough, quick glances in her direction wasn’t enough. He wanted more, needed it. He wanted to hear her tell him about her day, what she ate yesterday, her favourite colour and if she was afraid of the dark. He wanted to be able to smile at her and make her laugh like other boys and their girlfriends. He wanted to pile her with presents that he couldn’t afford and fuss over her … he wanted it to be real.

2,455 3
15 "Did You Miss Me."

Then with a highly exaggerated moan he slid his face down until his mouth was near her lobe. A pink tongue darted out like a snake to flick it and wet it slightly.

1,798 2
16 Love and Peter

“I do …” she replied not wanting to say the words ’like you.’ Sirius turned around at this and peeked at her from beneath his long black lashes, his granite eyes shimmering through them like silver fish scales moving fast in clear water. Dazzling. “Show me.”

2,199 10
17 Of Break-ups, Make-ups and an Intensely Funny Remus

“I read that as well, it was good wasn’t it?” He didn’t actually know what he was saying this in response to having not actually paid much heed to the conversation but knew immediately that what he had said was wrong when he saw the amused expression on Remus’ face.

1,986 5
18 Dheema

To be truthful he had expected as much, their relationship, for lack of a better word, had soured since the whole Dheema incident and he was desperate to make amends. Especially since he knew that she had begun to spend an awful lot of time in the library again, no doubt with that pasty-faced clown. Their illicit meetings would probably blossom into love and Snape would prance around with a permanent smile on his face, which would set Sirius’ nerves on edge.

2,158 4
19 Halloween, Loyalty and Wobbly-Headed Dogs

“I’m guessing I messed that one up proper, eh Moony?” he breathed dolefully. “I just noticed that she hadn’t done herself up like all my last girlfriends and thought that she didn’t like me or something.” He waved his hand vaguely in the direction of Alice, Frank’s woman, “Longbottom’s girl has done herself up so why hasn’t mine?” he muttered bitterly.

2,509 4


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