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    Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    James/Lily, Remus/Lily, Sirius/OC
    Humor, Romance
    Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2005-02-18 12:26am
    Last Chapter
    2007-09-22 2:43am
    Last Updated
    2007-09-23 7:51pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 The Unfortunate Swap

    Ah, the beginning of the story. The chapter with the switch. The chapter that sets the stage for what is to come.

    2,847 158
    2 Makeup, Chocolate, and Some Revenge For Flavour

    Sirius provides plenty of humor as he wakes up in the girls' dormitory for the first time. And Lily has a similar humorous experience as she learns just how close the maraduers are.

    2,834 81
    3 Playing the Part

    The marauder's map makes it's first appearance, a prefect meeting takes place, Sirius changes the password to something that is sure to cause a stir, and Lily still wonders why the boys refer to themselves in third person.

    3,466 90
    4 Feelings, Realizations, and Important Conversations

    Lily can't find Sirius, and now she has to spend more time with 'the raven haired, cocky pureblood'. Sirius has an argument with the headmaster, and how do mirrors fit into all of this?

    2,328 62
    5 Over-Bloody-Whelming

    Lily discovers another of the marauders secrets, plays a game of 'dare' with James, and someone finds out about the switch.

    2,995 65
    6 Remus' Story

    Lily meets Remus in the common room after midnight, finds someone else there as well causing her to come to all the wrong conclusions, and learns some shocking secrets in the process

    2,474 68
    7 You is a smart one, Moony.

    The person at the top of the stairs is revealed and what follows next is just a sweet little chappie. hehehehe, have fun.

    2,197 51
    8 The Anxiety of Lily Evans…Or is That Sirius Black?

    Humor soon turns to panic as we enter into the night of the full moon.

    5,100 66
    9 The Chapter In Which Sirius Finds Himself Out of His Element.

    Take a look through the eyes of Sirius Black.

    3,836 92
    10 So What Really Happened to James' Cat?!

    The day after the full moon, but this time we look through the eyes of Lily Evans...and a certain beloved Potter.

    3,231 53
    11 Lily’s Confession and the Overdue Cornering of Peter.

    Read the chapter title.

    5,347 115
    12 Last I checked, the Term ‘Marauder’ Applies to You Too.

    Chapter 12...James comes with some news. And a bad mood.

    2,284 61
    13 It’s Like Wearing Shorts Under Your Pants

    Super long chapter in which the game of truth or dare begins. Can secrets be kept? Can embarrassing stuff be kept to a minumum? With the marauders? Read to find out!

    6,638 120
    14 The Unfortunate Swap: Part 2: The Chapter of Stress, Truths, and Hallway Conversations

    Uh oh. Trouble is abroad and hallway conversations are plentiful. Does Sirius spill the secret? What will happen if he does? What will happen if he doesn't?

    5,454 116
    15 What Happens in the Potions Room Stays in the Potions Room

    Here's a chapter of Sirius and James. Aren't you excited?

    4,943 100
    16 'This is definitely one of our more greater discoveries, Prongs.'

    Just what do Sirius and James find down the dark, deserted passageway? And what do Lily and Remus do while they are waiting for them to return?

    3,631 146
    17 The Problem With Teenagers

    Well...the night plays out a little differently then James, Sirius, Remus and Lily ever expected it to.

    3,160 129
    18 ‘Seriously, just tell me’.

    Lily has a distracting day as she reflects upon her feelings and is torn between two rather lovely marauders.

    2,381 70
    19 The Words of Lily and Sirius, (With The Occasional Marauder Here and There)

    Lily and Sirius find a room of comfort, James discovers something that upsets him, Sirius, and Remus in the DADA room, and we wonder what happened to James' apple..

    3,252 177
    20 A Craving Fulfilled

    The chapter. Dedicated to all the J/L fans out there.

    2,925 94
    21 A Rush Of Reality

    James has a breakdown. And who better to come to the rescue then a loyal friend? (Not so much a funny chapter as an intense one portraying the powers of friendship)..

    3,457 161


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