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Dumbledore, Lupin, McGonagall, Snape, Sirius, James, Lily, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Remus/OC
General, Romance
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-02-17 9:54am
Last Chapter
2006-09-25 11:00pm
Last Updated
2006-09-25 11:00pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The First Bite

This is the first half of Phoebe Estray's story, a girl who is a danger to both worlds because of her mother. Even though her mother is gone, her curse still lives in her daughter. Set in the time of James and Lily's first year and afterwards. And Phoebe finds that she should never have given up. That maybe someone out there could possible understand what she's going through in life. Please leave Reviews, anyone who reads. Don't be intimidated by the number of chapters. YES! OVER 54000 Reads! SWEET!

1,767 15
2 St. Mungo's

Selene gets medical help and meets the man who saved her, but she has another downfall to the accident.

1,532 10
3 The Days Before

This is just to show what her life was like before everything changed.

1,640 15
4 Fate Deals A Bad Hand

This is where everything changes for Phoebe, when everything crashes on her. This is a crucial chapter to the story so please read and review!!!

2,385 20
5 The Ministry of Magic

Phoebe goes to the ministry of magic. And she realizes that she is, indeed, a witch just like her mother was!!!

1,946 12
6 Respects And Aftermath

This is during and after Phoebe collects her mother's ashes and how it affects her.

1,405 8
7 The Letter At Last!

Phoebe finally gets her letter to Hogwarts and forgets to be depressed about her mother's death for the first time in years!

2,777 13
8 Enter L.E

This is Phoebe's first time to Diagon Alley, and she meets quite a few major people in her life to come. Including a certain red haired, emerald eyed someone. :) Please Review

2,911 10
9 Michael!

Sorry folks I mislabeled my chapters. This was supposed to come after Enter L.E. Thank you Moony'sGirl4Life for opening my eyes to the mistake!

1,711 8
10 The Final Days

For the last few days of muggle life, Phoebe is panicked about her condition and how people will take to her. Michael tried to ease her worry, but it didn't really work. This goes right up to when they reach Platform 9 3/4

2,259 9
11 The Hogwarts Express

The title is kinda self explanitory. Phoebe finally goes to the Hogwarts Express and meets some of the first friends she ever had.

2,248 8
12 A Long Ride To School

Phoebe is on the Express, and meets a few boys who will infinitely impact her life forever. And Michael shows who he really is to the world, not so kind or fun loving anymore, but'll understand when you read.

2,073 9
13 Sorting

Phoebe finally see's Hogwarts and it put in a house. Will it be Ravenclaw like her mother or Slytherin because of her extra abilities? Read and find out!!

1,807 8
14 The Sight of Home

Phoebe has a boy who shows signs of fancying her and her first time in the common room. She gets to talk to her new friends of her year, who she will spend her seven years with, if she's not expelled that is, and reveals her thoughts a little too openly with the girls for her liking.

2,301 9
15 Serverus Snape

Phoebe gets an idea of what kind of behavior to expect from James Potter and Sirius Black. And she has some head on head time with Serverus Snape.

1,946 7
16 Binns and Boys

Phoebe's first day of classes and things don't go as smoothly as she would have liked. The others find out a bit more about her background and figure out she is orphaned. And Phoebe learns for the first time, the name that will destroy her bit by bit... Voldemort.

2,890 7
17 Flying By

Phoebe flies for the first time and discovers another common tie between her and Remus Lupin.

1,815 6
18 Exploring The Castle

Phoebe gets a letter from Cardinal that almost ruins everything and Phoebe sends out a hand of invitation. Will Snape accept such a gesture from a Gryffindor's sympathy?

2,482 5
19 The Perfect Hideout

Phoebe finds a place to hide when she changes in Hogwarts. And she has a bit of a temper swing. But worst of all, she has tempered right into Remus.

2,968 7
20 The Guardian Friend

Phoebe meets someone in the forest that will help her transformations and gets a hint as to how to find the kitchens.

1,975 6
21 The Maiden Voyage

Phoebe's transformation night comes for the first time, and Remus displays some very strange behavior.

3,513 6
22 The Kitchen

Phoebe ventures out into the school and James finds use for his Invisibility Cloak.

3,206 6
23 Suspicions Rise

In this, Remus confronts Phoebe about her little lies.

1,438 11
24 Up A Bold Sleeve

Phoebe pulls her first really big prank, her prey...Michael. Please, whether you are a regular at this site or not, review my story because I haven't been getting any feedback lately. Thanks @)----^------

2,187 6
25 A Dangerous Accusation

Michael accuses Phoebe for his bad luck and offends Phoebe in the worst possible way. And Phoebe's secret is in jepordy.

2,065 5
26 Halloween Beast

Phoebe tells it like it is, and James helps her on Halloween. Too bad the beast was unleashed....Please review. I'm getting alot of reads but no one reviews so I'm not sure if anyone likes it or not.

2,360 5
27 Open Your Eyes

Catch up in terms and the beginning of Christmas vacation brings more thought into the Marauders about Phoebe and what she might be.

2,023 12
28 Christmas Surprise

Phoebe's first Christmas reveals something that's never happened before and James and Sirius gets to plotting for Phoebe's love life.

2,903 9
29 Enter Mr. Perfection

This is a fairly short chapter for me, so I decided to add it quick. Remus gets his competion, and he doesn't like it one bit. And Phoebe runs into a whole new fold of problems...

1,300 10
30 Break Down

Keeping secrets is starting to take it's toll on Phoebe, and the cold shoulder isn't helping. But when Phoebe is finally confronted she might lose more than her cool streak.

2,617 5
31 Her First Match

Phoebe attends her first quidditch match and gets more than she ever bargained for. And Firenze helps Phoebe figure out what it is she really wants.

1,680 7
32 An Answer and Amendment

Phoebe knows what she has to do, but that doesn't mean she'll like it, nor the company it will bring from her own house. And what little she knows about the men within it. Luckily she's got her friends to help her see the light as she hides in the shadows. (Dramatic much?)

2,160 7
33 Champions

Phoebe takes her step to repair what everyone thinks she ruined.

3,022 8
34 Through The Barrier

Cardinal pulls one of the oldest parent trips in the book. He embarasses the hell out of Phoebe in front of the guys.

2,382 7
35 Home Sweet Home

Phoebe returns home with a new leaf....

1,618 5
36 Time To Pass In Riddles

Phoebe's life careens in turns, but will it settle?

1,519 5
37 Bonnie Gets Her Wish

Phoebe heads back to Hogwarts, and notices smaller changes that normally go unseen by anyway. And Sirius gives Bonnie a little after summer shock...

1,869 6
38 The Dream Becomes Clearer

Phoebe falls to sleep on the train...and has her share of revelations.

2,741 6
39 Back Where I Belong

I can't think of how to tag this chapter. Regulus comes to Hogwarts and Phoebe is one step closer to her Hogwarts dream.

1,893 5
40 No Hero To Me

So close and yet so damn far away!!

2,403 5
41 The Great Flute Maker

Phoebe suffers her first detention with the boys and finds out that one friends opinion/ knowledge is more developed than any other.

2,700 5
42 Testing the Team

Phoebe goes out of the Quidditch team at Hogwarts and Remus causes more problems

1,787 4
43 Cuts

Phoebe can't sleep. She's too nervous. What if she didn't make it?

1,708 5
44 Training

Taking Bonnie's advice never seemed so foolish before, but now Phoebe knows...when Bonnie gets that look in her eyes, run!

1,889 6
45 Her First Trip

Phoebe finally gets to Hogsmeade, but some problems along the way make her trip impossible to withstand.

2,711 5
46 To The Quiet Place, Love Mother

Phoebe encounters Michael in the worst possible way and finds out that her mother is not so far away after all

2,943 6
47 Phoebe Fights Back

Phoebe isn't all too happy about what Michael did to her. And just because he's punished doesn't mean he's sorry. So Phoebe shakes her sleeves for another scheme.

2,052 5
48 A Silver Mistake Sealed With A Kiss

Lily's good intentions almost ruin Phoebe's streak.

1,861 7
49 Michael's Final Attack

He's pushed the level too hard this time, and no ones going to stand for it.

1,802 7
50 An Enticing Discovery

Phoebe finds an extra room of use....

2,122 5
51 Fearful Summer

Read and find out cuz I can't think how to summerize.

1,184 8
52 Things Start Getting Warmer

Phoebe comes back to Hogwarts, to find a very attractive youth trying to gain her attention. To bad positions are still unequalled.

1,678 6
53 Calvin, A prefect?

Phoebe's not the only one who can have stressful breakdowns.

2,216 7
54 The Pack

Phoebe finds out that she's not as alone on the grounds as she thought.

2,334 7
55 Remus' Heart: Revealed

A long awaited chapter for blue dragon and Forget_me_not

2,634 5
56 We're Finished! (With a Wager)

Even though the day went sour in Hogsmeade, Phoebe will not let her mind be distracted from the wager at hand.

2,496 6
57 Head On Calvin

Calvin's crossed a nerve on Phoebe, and she's not about to take it sitting down. Neither are the Marauders...

2,779 6
58 Bravery

James and Sirius finally push Remus to do the unthinkable. (Forget_me_not....u will be proud)

1,803 5
59 Their First Date

Phoebe comes to terms with one of the most important things in her life.

3,165 7
60 Stay Away!

James and Sirius see a little too much for Phoebe's comfort.

2,046 6
61 Lifting A Load

Forget_me_not, this will make you proud..... for everyone else... Phoebe finally breaks all cords between reason and illogic.

2,652 8
62 O.W.L’s and James’ Last Torment

James gets his just desserts after bothering Lily one last time. Who knew it'd be Phoebe to feed it to him?

2,976 7
63 A Summer Tutor

James starts to change with his new tutor's help. And Phoebe starts her greatest prank ever.

2,527 9
64 For The Love of Lupin

Will families ever learn to stop embarrassing their kids?? Even for an orphan like Phoebe, the torment never seems to stop.

3,241 7
65 The Stay at the Swamp

Phoebe's first transformation on Remus' turf. Just a showing of passage.

2,467 8
66 Getting There

On to the Potter's!

2,175 9
67 The Potter's

Phoebe get's to James' house...and it's worse then she thought. Her work is only half cut.

1,772 6
68 The First Hunch

Phoebe notices things aren't all as perfect as she'd hoped...

1,908 8
69 Not Right O.W.L's

Peter Cracks.......

2,246 8
70 Back to Hogwarts

Exactly as the chapter says, with a few revelations for Phoebe

2,031 7
71 To The First Test

Phoebe has a little fun with everyones head....Sorry it took so long for me to post this, I've been so freakin busy as a Junior..... *sighs*

2,181 7
72 Phoebe and Prongs?

James is in a line of fire, so Phoebe decides to help him kick it up a knotch... But will her friendship with Lily withstand it?

2,058 7
73 Phoebe’s Retaliation

Phoebe hands out dessert....and one of the Marauders gets first serve.....!

1,954 7
74 Cracking Down

Phoebe makes another useful alliance...and helps them meet a later old time friend...

1,983 8
75 The Two Way Window

Phoebe is told about a very important piece of equipment that'll make a night with Snape all the more bareable.

2,088 6
76 A Tolerable Detention

The most Phoebe and James ever do, and how Phoebe makes everything intolerable for Serverus.

2,021 6
77 Everything Falls

Phoebe breaks up with James. But will Lily think of it as standing clear?

2,327 6
78 A Match to Meet All

*gasp* It's letting me add again. I can't even see straight, I'm so happy! Okay, this is the chapter where James gets his way and Phoebe is set free. Thank goodness for that. Please read and have no idea how much it means to me!

2,455 5
79 Lily Wises Up

Phoebe confesses and begins what will start her life.

2,109 6
80 Franz Nov'yeski

Phoebe finds out about what exactly Remus and the others make in their spare time and puts it to use. And something in Phoebe's life is about to change, forever. The love of her mother is not forgotten.

2,136 5
81 Licensed Apparition

Warning: Extensive Chapter. I wanted to get it all in one shot so read this only if you have a lot of spare time on your hands. In which case if you’re one of the few who’ve gotten this far you probably do!

3,118 5
82 Occurance and Acceptance

Phoebe finds out whether she passed, and gets a birthday surprise...

2,324 4
83 Not so Deja Vu

James cleans it up, Serverus shows just what he's done over his summer, and Phoebe has a revealing dream.

3,519 4
84 The Search for Franz and Little Secrets

Phoebe strikes a deal with the last person anyone would expect. Please, if you read this leave a review cuz it drives me crazy to see so many people reading and not leaving any feedback. Please and Thank You...Shadowed Raven

2,813 4
85 Transforming Anew

Just so you know...she tried...come one people, review...sheesh. lol.

2,159 4
86 Sirius Grows Up

Sirius does the first adult like thing in his entire, I'm on the final 5 countdown for chapters. It's been a long ride, but I'm almost there. DANG!

1,966 4
87 Serverus's Trick

Serverus does the unthinkable. If you already disagreed with some of the things written here, this might not be the best place to start. Can't believe, down to my last 3 chapter!!!!

2,928 4
88 The Final Win

The Final Quidditch match...between...well....just read it ;)....and please please PLEASE leave a review. It's very important to the sequel, which I promise won't be as long, that I know the feedback, even if you think it's crud or for whatever reason, don't like me, please leave something. Thank you in advance!

2,151 4
89 Their Greatest Accomplishment

Not to worry guys...this is the second to last chapter...creepy it got this far huh? No worries, next time it'll be shorter, and better broken up. lol. Just bear with me on this one and please leave reviews.

2,498 4
90 Phoebe's Fresh Start

Here it is guys. The last chapter! Amazing that it took me over a year to post it all. hahahaha. This is Phoebe's revealing of who she really is, where most everything is cut clean. Of course, some mysteries had to be saved for the sequel, and I hope you'll understand, but enjoy. And PLEASE review...the sequel is still being written so I could really use the feedback! Till then!

2,965 22


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