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Dumbledore, James, Lily, OC, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Snape, Voldemort, Narcissa, Lucius, Peter Pettigrew, M. McGonagall
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, Angst, Drama
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2005-02-15 8:06am
Last Chapter
2006-07-17 6:46pm
Last Updated
2006-07-17 6:46pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 This Is Goodbye

Avianna never asked for things to go they way they did, always the good girl, the just girl, she never felt hate or wanted to harm anyone till her 8th birthday. Everyday after that her life just got worse as she was introduced into a world her mother tried to protect her from. When she left to Hogwarts she hoped things would turn around, oh how she was wrong. Sorted into a house who rejects her simply because of her surname, she settled with a single friend her first year, a boy who seems strangely familiar.

5,361 12
2 Pensive Departing

It’s been three years since her life was changed, so dramatically that for some unknown reason she doesn’t even consciously remember the actual events of her 8th birthday ever occurring. She’s plagued with strange dreams about people she doesn’t even know, and things happening she’s never been witnessed to. She’s finally given the chance to escape the home she’s the black sheep in and go to Hogwarts. see chapter One for Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme warning.

3,150 3
3 Finally There

The last of her train ride is intruded by a dream that felt too real for comfort, leaving her in a reflective daze. Her eyes fall upon the grounds keeper of Hogwarts for the first time, and meets some new people. She’s sorted, and tries to befriend someone but fails. “You don’t want to associated with a Malfoy, Trust me”

4,682 2
4 A Word

She was positive the first week of school wasn’t supposed to take this long to get through, but it has. Her relationships with her housemates and her head of house hasn’t improved much, if anything its gotten worse. She meets with her headmaster and is given a journal she’s seen frequently in dreams, it isn’t until she’s crying in the hallway that all the information hits her.

5,284 5
5 Letters

Ava doesn’t like being emotional, and she really doesn’t like crying in front of people. She especially doesn’t like a certain two boys, and is spared what could have been a bad encounter with them when a sympathetic Lupin saves the day. She finally hears from her relatives in the form of a letter, and actually attends a meal where Rosier completely creeps her out. Then the second letter she finds reduces her to more tears.

4,943 1
6 Diary of a Time Forgot

The actual entries from Avianna's diary, giving a small look at the missing month of her life.

1,656 2
7 A Party, An Unexpected Guest

The school year flies by quickly now that things have calmed down considerably. Her friendship with the Slytherins grow, but she remains with her same beliefs and opinions. She’s forced to a party, and to dance with someone she rather not. She gets in a fight, fooled once again, and finds out first hand truly why the chair is feared, but saved from the worst of it by an unexpected guest.

3,405 2
8 Resent and Repress

Germanicus returns, summer break occurs. Ava makes a new friend, But finds out something she rather not involving herself and another friend, Severus. Her cousin gets married, She speaks to Black once again but things don’t turn out as bad as before. The year passes by and she goes home for spring break finally getting rid of the if.

6,922 2
9 Girlfriend?

Second year, spent ignoring things, but like always it catches up, and in the beginning of third year it catches her in the worst way possible.

6,705 2
10 Uncomfortable First Date

The supposed perfect dress, for the perfect occasion, but not the perfect person. Her first date, strange, but ignored. Year three, a calm before the storm?

6,807 4
11 Aftermath

The events of the summer leave Ava lost in thought, returning to school feeling the results of a very lonely summer.

6,923 3
12 Giving In

What made this year so different then last year? Now when she would be alone with Severus things where different, the strange tension that once was there, it’s gone now. She didn’t know when she unconsciously changed her mind about things, Severus, and his friends, or why. Possibly she has come to know the true world she’s growing up in, she knows what lurks in the shadows and is ready to except the slightest happiness she can find. Weather this be forced or not, it’s easier this way though it may feel as wrong as something can be this is her path.

4,833 1
13 Study and Detention

Things change and decisions are made, promises broken, and a first detention…

6,238 2
14 Break

Finals passed and term ended, she passed classes but only just. Lily and her friendship wasn’t exactly on good terms when she left school, apparently two stressed out 15 year olds living together wasn’t the best combination for a relationship. She was defiantly not looking forward to owls or fifth year, she seriously needed to try harder.

4,204 3
15 Don’t Want to Talk

Why is it when she wants peace and quiet alone she has to be disrupted? Do people just know when her thoughts begin to settle and she starts to get comfortable not thinking and be alone? Sleeping at strange hours and eating even less then she sleeps adds to her already bad mood. After expressing her frustration irrationally she tries to repress, and tries, and tries but sometimes it slips out.

7,015 5
16 Nighttime Trip

The night before Christmas vacation Avianna spies an interesting old paper. Her interest and curiosity take hold and she sets out after all her dorm mates have gone to bed. The trip to her destination turns out to be an even bigger trip then she set out for.

4,576 4
17 Green Potions

Oddly 4 boys are acting quite nice, even stranger she herself is being nice back.

4,231 14


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