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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Voldemort, Draco, Pansy, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Harry/OC, Other Pairing
Romance, Action/Adventure, AU
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature,
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-02-09 1:11am
Last Chapter
2016-02-21 9:17am
Last Updated
2016-02-21 9:17am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Graínne (The Sorting Feast)

Image hosted by Thanks to trixytonks for the FABULOUS new banner!!! In the Golden Trio's sixth year, Hogwarts receives its first ever group of foreign exchange students from all over the world, including the daughter of US Aurors. As the war starts in earnest, some join in to make a difference. Follow Harry and his friends through the end of the war.

2,378 46
2 Called to the Office Already?

Sixth year brings transfer students from other countries, including the daughter of US Aurors who have come to help Dumbledore. Some of the newbies stay, commit themselves to the fight. Follow the team through the last battle. Who will live and who will die? Please review!

5,189 13
3 Quidditch Tryouts

End of week one

2,278 9
4 Getting to Know You

A quieter Friday evening than Graínne is accustomed to.

3,878 11
5 Saturday

In which Graínne experiences her first Hogwarts Saturday and is pleasantly entertained.

4,294 11
6 Self Defense and Imperfections

In which Graínne proves she isn't perfect

3,963 10
7 Sorting Out the Problem

In which Graínne learns that sometimes parents make mistakes, and one does not always have to suffer through them. Sometimes they can be corrected.

2,142 12
8 Gryffindor vs. Slytherin, first match of the year

I don't write Quidditch games, just the befores and afters. In which Harry and Graínne come to an understanding.

1,889 11
9 Hogsmeade

In which Harry struggles to remember why social isolation is a good thing, and Graínne fails to help him.

2,533 11
10 Dueling

In which the Dueling club meets for a demonstration.

3,422 13
11 If Birthdays Usually Hoover, Why Am I Having A Good Day?

In which Graínne has a birthday and winter approaches. Sorry, it's short and not much happens.

1,380 12
12 Fighting

In which Graínne has two fights. (I am not crazy about this chapter. I wrote it a long time ago, and now I don't like it very much.)

2,829 6
13 It's Like The Middle of a Freaking Fairy Tale

In which certain things are made plain.

3,316 10
14 Winter Ball

In which something else of importance is made plain.

3,354 12
15 Christmas

In which Harry has dinner with 'the parents' and the four spend Christmas day together.

2,933 8
16 Winter Into Spring

In which study and conversations occur. And, I guess, not much else.

2,802 9
17 Attack

In which there is practice, success, snogging, house elves, and attempts.

5,357 13
18 In the Hospital Ward

In which Graínne and Harry begin their recovery

1,917 12
19 Getting Well

In which they get better.

3,553 10
20 Back to Work

In which Graínne and Harry go back to class, and Winky goes back to serving

3,941 12
21 Animagi

In which goals are reached.

3,210 7
22 Quidditch Cup

In which Gryffindor plays Slytherin, in a regretably short chapter.

1,196 10
23 End of Term, Sex vs. Love, Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

In which this story departs from canon by having school let out without a confrontation between Harry and Voldemort. WARNING: this IS a fluff story, so please don't complain about sticky sweet romance.

3,791 11
24 Summer Hols

In which there is much fluffiness.

3,814 11
25 Keeping Busy vs. Getting Busy

In which bordom inspires new lessons and Grainne's little brothers arrive.

3,736 10
26 A Premature Attempt

In which a few Death Eaters decide to make a try for Harry at the Dursleys, and thestrals are discussed.

3,849 10
27 The Next Morning

In which there is talking and swimming and not much action, but one must move the story along somehow.

2,273 12
28 Coming of Age

In which Harry has a birthday party

3,804 10
29 By the Sea

In which the friends are evacuated out of the line of fire.

1,856 9
30 The House

In which Harry receives part of his inheritance.

2,765 10
31 Summer at the Hollow

In which life goes on in Godric's Hollow and outside it.

3,447 9
32 Remus/ the Last Day of Summer

In which Remus buys Wolfbane Potion from a local source and the students get ready to return to Hogwarts.

4,717 9
33 Back to School

In which duty cuts in on snog time.

3,067 7
34 Stress, Brooms, Robes, and a Jerk

In which the team works on teamwork, and there is much more about the new brooms and robes than interests warrent.

4,222 11
35 Zanni Price

In which Remus picks up his Wolfsbane Potion.

3,837 9
36 A very short chapter on Harry and Grainne

In which Harry takes Grainne "out" on a date after Quidditch practice. Nothing of substance here.

860 6
37 Sunday

In which Remus returns as promised, and Mad Eye makes a visit.

3,781 8
38 Another Very Short Chapter

In which we check in with the students to remind ourselves that it's their story. not Remus'.

1,313 8
39 Legilimency in Dorling and the Committee

In which Zanni is scrutinized twice (a long chapter for a change).

5,754 10
40 Dreams and a Gathering of Wolves

In which a secret mystery is stumbled over, and the Werewolves of Dorling gather.

4,522 10
41 Dorling Wedding

In which there is a wedding and a settlement.

3,509 12
42 Of Wedding Nights, Birthdays, and Mildewed Cows

In which an estate gets settled, a birthday comes around again, and we get back to Harry and Graínne and Ron and Hermione. Also the lemoniest lemon you're going to get is here, but it isn't all that much, so don't get too excited.

5,059 8
43 Making Arrangements

In which Sirius' mementos are deployed and Christmas hols arrive. Warning: Fluffy.

4,322 10
44 Christmas at Godric's Hollow

In which there is much fluff and Christmas presents and good news.

4,170 12
45 Of Rings and Things

In which our friends get back to school and turn their attentions toward the last six months.

4,875 11
46 Moonlit Meeting/The Talk from the Nurse

In which a cat is useful and seventh years have another good reason not to tempt fate or one another. Warning: This chapter contains a Protestant view of birth control. I know it's not for everyone.

3,527 9
47 Lessons, Study, Easter Hols

In which Snape raises the bar, Grainne acknowledges her need for her mother's help, and spring break arrives.

2,376 8
48 April and May, Another Quidditch Cup

In which news of the war creeps in, the Cup is won again, and people have a wilder than usual party.

2,620 6
49 N.E.W.T.s and the Last Day of Sanctuary

In which the seventh years take their finals and the whole school parties like the end of the world.

4,474 6
50 Waking Up

In which Grainne wakes up twice, gets a note, swears a lot, and prepares.

2,338 11
51 Briefings

In which enough information is given to get into place for the first stage, and Grainne is through being a nice little girl, and the author trots out a tired old Congreve quote.

4,049 10
52 Skirmish at Malfoy Manor

In which Dumbledore makes a tactical error of allowing the teens to come to the battlefield, and all must wrestle with the consequences.

4,884 6
53 Morning at Number Twelve

In which PBLS is explained, International Aurors explain about another skirmish, independence is declared, and they go out to lunch.

3,172 6
54 Lunch in Diagon Alley

In which the four exercise a little independence by having lunch out, and what comes of it.

3,320 12
55 The Battle of the Giants and Dragons

In which there is war with Dark creatures, and Grawp is helpful.

5,155 8
56 Between Battles

In which the strike team is debriefed, solutions to problems are examined, and everyone gets a good night's rest.

4,635 9
57 The Battle of Hogwarts

In which the grounds are invaded and battle ensues.

2,838 17
58 Short and Sharp

In which the Death Eaters are run out of Hogsmeade.

1,849 12
59 The Falling

In which the readers start screaming for the author's blood.

4,215 6
60 Surviving Despite All Desire to the Contrary

In which the author writes things that necessitate the changing of identities of herself and close family members and moves to a third world country where no one can find her until the sequel is posted.

2,127 67


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