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Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, OC, Ron, Snape, Voldemort
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Romance, Action, Humor, Mystery, Drama
No Warnings
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-02-04 11:05pm
Last Chapter
2005-02-18 9:35pm
Last Updated
2005-02-18 9:35pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Ghost of Godric Gryffindor

At the start of Harry’s 6th year, the wizarding world is falling further under Voldemort’s evil control. Fudge has declared a draconian State of Emergency, but he is merely Lucius Malfoy’s puppet. Hogwarts, the last bastion of the Light, is Malfoy’s next target as he seeks to impose Voldemort’s racist Pureblood ideology on the students – who rise up in revolt. The spirits of the great Witches and Wizards of the Light send Harry and his friends an ally. An epic struggle against corruption, racism ... and Ultimate Evil. The roller-coaster plot twists and turns into the past and future.

4,891 79
2 (Attempted) Murder on the Hogwarts Express

Rick falls at the feet of the witch of his dreams ... almost. But which witch? He meets Harry on the Hogwarts Express. Harry is in a bad way ... depressed about Sirius’ death, for which he blames himself and oppressed by the destiny foretold for him in the prophecy. He’s not about to trust Rick ... and neither is Ron. Then there are Death Eaters to deal with ... but Rick discovers that it’s easier to deal with his enemies than gain the trust of those he wishes were his friends.

6,150 45
3 Sorted, Settled and Snaped

Rick finds it easier to sort out the Sorting Hat, than Ron Weasley, who gives him a leper’s welcome to Gryffindor. However, for true ‘hospitality’, you just can’t beat Snape, at his vitriolic best.

4,647 36
4 Slytherins and Skulduggery

Rick becomes the Perfect Spy. He’s trying to figure out how to use his awesome powers without giving it all away. Hermione’s keeping an eagle eye on Rick – while Ron’s keeping an evil eye on him. Has Rick got what it takes to stand up to Snape, when it really matters?

5,347 23
5 Welcome Back to the Inquisition

Events turn dark for Harry and his friends. Draco is back ... just as he promised, but there is worse to come: The Hogwarts Inquisition begins.

5,137 15
6 Quidditch, Quaffles and Blue Balls

The first Quidditch match of the year – Gryffindor versus Slytherin and the third attempt on Harry’s life. Just when you thought the Inquisition couldn’t get any worse, it does – courtesy of Special Educational Decree Number Thirty-seven. Is this the beginning of the end for Hermione? It’s going to take more than nimble wand work, to save her from her fate.

4,057 20
7 The Temptations of Ronald Weasley

Ron comes in for some serious temptation at the hands of Slytherin’s Mistress of Manipulation ... will he succumb? Draco is appointed Commandant of the Inquisitorial Squad – his silver ‘I’ is bigger than everyone else’s. His head is even bigger. He feels powerful ... and he plans on using his power to settle an old grudge.

6,179 19
8 The Haunted House of Malfoy

The Inquisitorial Squad are not having things all their own way – the Resistance begins! Rick finds himself conflicted – between love and duty. Finally, the Ghost of Godric Gryffindor decides to put in an appearance – and justify his naming rights to this fic. He is really going to spoil someone’s day.

6,449 26
9 The Rise and Rise of the Resistance

The students are revolting! Hermione and Harry lead the fight against Fudge’s tyranny. Headmistress Umbridge suffers a very embarrassing moment in front of the whole school when she does a most convincing flea-bitten dog impersonation.

5,845 21
10 A Witch’s Prerogative

Hogwarts is back to normal again. Dumbledore decides that a reward the students is in order – but Harry and Ron think it’s more of a punishment than a reward. The ‘Great Hogwarts Wizard Hunt’ is on ... watch out for those witches, chaps! What exactly are the ‘The Special Powers of Witches’? Hermione knows ... and the mystery of the Ghost of Godric Gryffindor is finally be revealed.

4,657 16
11 Séances and Interrogations

Professor Trelawney, Hogwart’s self-proclaimed mystical mistress, is on the hunt – for the Ghost of Godric Gryffindor. She’s determined to make contact – but will he oblige her? Hermione’s not interested in ghosts - she has her own mission. She’s determined to get to bottom of an even bigger mystery – Rick Godfry. Poor Rick, will he survive her interrogation? He feels like a fox, cornered by a pack of ravenous bloodhounds.

5,027 16
12 A Witch, a Wizard and a Room of Requirement

Rick and Hermione have some success with their Empathetic Magic experiment. But Rick wants to take it to another level ... will Hermione agree? Will Rick manage to keep all his good resolutions? What really happens in the Room of Requirement? Will Hermione finally solve the mystery of Rick Godfry?

4,965 21
13 The Yule Ball

The big night arrives. Dumbledore’s hired the ultimate Boy Band: Quentin Quaffle and the Broom Boys. The Hogwarts wizards are worried. Will they survive a Witch’s Prerogative? Severus Snape is in riot-control mode. He finally realises who Rick reminds him of and decides it’s time to settle some old scores – and put Rick in his place.

6,468 16
14 Voldemort Plays Santa

The magic of Christmas at the Burrow – complete with Fabulous Fruity Frogs (courtesy of Weasley' Wizarding Wheezes). Harry gets some special one-on-one training with Rick. What exactly is Voldemort’s idea of the perfect Christmas gift for the witch or wizard who had everything?

7,615 18
15 The Prisoner of Azkaban

Rick risks everything to rescue Hermione from Azkaban. Professor Dumbledore warned Rick about the Dementors ... and, as usual, he was right. It looks like Rick’s luck may have finally run out... Will the Dementors of Azkaban have his soul for their Christmas feast? WARNING Do not read this chapter last thing at night ... unless you want Dementored Dreams!!

7,098 12
16 Back to the Burrow

It’s back to the Burrow to finish the holidays for Rick and Hermione ... but first they need to convince Mad-Eye Moody that they’re not Death Eater impostors. So what exactly is Enchanted Mistletoe and who stands under it with whom? Harry and Hermione begin their Animagus training and discover their Animagus forms.

5,698 19
17 The Foxy Lady

What happens when Bellatrix casts her Killing Curse on Harry? Will Rick and Hermione quit snogging in time and discover that Hogsmeade station has been attacked by Death Eaters? ... and will there be anyone left for Rick to save ... or is it time for him to “give up the ghost”? How is Rick going to explain where he was during the attack to Professor Dumbledore? And why exactly is Rick spending his nights in the sixth-year Gryffindor girls’ dorm ... and whose bed is he in?

5,281 17
18 The Healer

Having failed twice at capturing or killing Harry, Voldemort is furious. He goes on the offensive. Is he just letting off steam or is this the start of all-out war? Professor Snape pushes Hermione over the edge – and she lets the slimy git have it with both barrels. It’s a most memorable dressing-down. Snape is not amused – he’s determined to have Hermione’s prefect’s badge for her “insolent and disrespectful comments”. Can Rick save her from Snape’s wrath?

6,268 17
19 Hogwarts Destroyed

It all started out so happily, on a crisp, sunny, Saturday morning with Harry and Rick out flying together – Harry on his Firebolt, and Rick as an Animagus Peregrine Falcon. But what happened while they were off enjoying themselves? “You can die together with Potter – how fitting. But first, I’ll give you the opportunity to admire my handiwork,” said Voldemort, with a wicked laugh, as he gestured towards the ruins of what was once Hogwarts castle.”

3,804 13
20 Talking Time

Voldemort's plan of using Time Travel to finally kill Harry, didn’t quite work out as planned ... In this chapter we find out just how badly Voldemort has bollixed himself.

4,527 8
21 Halloween 1981

It’s time for some serious Time Travel.... Dumbledore sends Rick back to that fateful Halloween Night of 1981. Catch a snatch of Harry’s happy home-life ... before You Know Who arrives to do You Know What! The big question is ... will Rick be able to control himself and abide by Dumbledore’s injunction to Change Nothing! as the events of that fateful night unfold and reach their momentous climax.

5,338 11
22 Welcome to My Nightmare

In the last chapter, Rick went back to that fateful Halloween Night of 1981. He followed Dumbledore’s instructions to the letter. In the end, he changed nothing. But did Dumbledore get it wrong this time? Should Rick have followed his own instincts and acted?

7,064 18
23 The Breeding Mad Magistocracy

Rick ventures deeper into the Nightmare Reality. He expected a world ruled by Voldemort to be brutal and cruel – but never, could he have imagined anything as completely callous and inhumane as this. What will Ron Weasley and Ginny Weasley be like in this world?

5,668 15
24 Social Conformity and Obedience

Another dark chapter ... but we catch a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel as Rick’s plans to get his wand back, and end the Nightmare Reality start taking shape. Can Rick cultivate Pansy Parkinson ... without succumbing to her amorous designs. Rick had always thought Draco Malfoy a pompous git ... but the old one was humility itself – compared to Draco in the Nightmare Reality. Draco has plans for Ginny ... can Rick save her from Draco’s evil clutches without arousing suspicion?

7,394 8
25 The Stonehenge Wiccans

Rick goes along to the Muggle meeting which the Death Eaters are planning on turning into a torture session, and a bloodbath. Can he save them? More importantly, will Hermione be at the meeting? What will this Hermione be like? Does she knows about magic ... or that she’s a witch? What will she think of Rick?

5,693 9
26 Time and Time Again

The Spring Equinox arrives ... and with it comes Rick’s Death Eater initiation, along with Pansy and Draco. Draco discovers it was Pansy who got Rick’s initiation fast-tracked ... and the penny drops. Draco is determined to throw a spanner in the works. Will he get Rick investigated by his father’s Secret Security Service? What then?

7,643 16
27 Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw

Quidditch matches always seem to be full of unexpected surprises ... and this one is no exception.... Especially when the referee is none other than Nimble Minnie. Snape’s in cross examination mode ... not a pretty picture ... but Nimble Minnie knows how to put the slimy git in his place!

7,489 9
28 Birds of a Feather

Harry and Rick experience the joy of flying in their Animagus forms. But it’s not all fun and play when they get caught up in a massive Death Eater attack ... and then there are the Dementors ... Hermione’s Healing powers will be desperately needed. And if that’s not trouble enough, Snape just has to stick his long nose into other people’s business ... and ends up with more than a bleeding nose.

7,162 9
29 The Great Cover Up

The End Game begins ... It’s time to deal to the Dementors. Ron has been feeling very left out of late, and he’s hurting. But his friends really need him. Can they get Ron back on board? Will the master tactician be able to figure out how to dispose of the Dementors?

4,800 12
30 The Flying Squad

It’s crunch time ... and time to put Ron’s daring plan of dealing with the Dementors to the test. The Flying Squad: Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Rick set off for Azkaban on a very dangerous and heart-stopping mission. Will they all survive? The stakes are high ... The very future of the Wizarding world is riding with them. If they fail, Voldemort’s victory is certain.

6,121 7
31 Assault of the Dark Creatures

More action is on the way ... The Dementors may be gone, but Voldemort has plenty of other Dark Creatures to over-run Hogwarts ... not to mention a little “inside help”. The day starts badly for Ron ... he misses breakfast ... and it goes rapidly downhill from there ... until his very worst nightmare comes true ... poor Ron!

6,399 11
32 Lady Firebird and Muldorion

The Assault of the Dark Creatures continues ... What other horrors does Voldemort have in his evil arsenal? Dumbledore and our heroes thought that in removing the Dementors from the equation they had blunted Voldemort’s attack. But Voldemort has found a fierce and ferocious substitute for his grand finale. Will Hogwarts’ be over-whelmed and destroyed? ... Or will its brave defenders find a way to deal with the Evil One’s final blow?

5,704 5
33 End Game

The inevitable confrontation with Voldemort to which the plot has been inexorably leading finally arrives. Who will live – and who will die?

6,164 12
34 A Midsummer Night's Dream

The final twist ... in which all mysteries are revealed.

5,350 8
35 Epilogue

Find out what happened to Hermione and Rick ... and what the future holds for them and their friends.

2,533 260


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