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2005-02-02 23:52:55
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Wallflower Too Shy to Cross

Yuna has an unusual heritage that ties both her parents' world but when something dead comes to life she'll have to put her training to use and help Harry no matter how much she hates it. Follow Yuna as she breaks her shell of protection to embrace both the wizarding world and that of her ancestors. Set in Harry Potter's sixth year. A/N In case you don't know what I'm talking about half the time, it makes a lot of sense if you read the Abhorsen Trilogy by Garth Nix

1332 13
2 'First Lady'

"As the new Minister, I will promise a new change and do everything in my power to help out the wizarding community and make sure that our world is safe from the Dark Arts."

966 1
3 Unreturned Surprises

As soon as I made sure that the letter wasn't fake I tore it open but I was disappointed because there was only one line.

1138 3
4 Family Trip

I don't remember much except that she had really red hair...I think...or was it brown?

1566 2
5 Unknown Accidents

The quaffle nearly missed me but that was the least of my problems when something flew head first into me.

2226 1
6 Charter Marks & Disguises

I now understood why everyone was looking at me strangely. Reaching up to my forehead I could feel my mark and... I could see my midnight black hair laced with silvery highlights.

2493 1
7 Dinner Conversations

He took in the warmth but felt somewhat empty to his right. He was right when it felt empty because no one was sitting there. It felt odd that no one had notice it except Sammy.

1642 1
8 Messaged Deliveries

"5:30! Why would you get up at 5:30? Did something bad happen?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

1996 2
9 Stupid Discoveries

"Mother what the hell," George shouted. "Does this mean?!" Fred finished.

1844 1
10 The Better House

"...Why do you give everyone the cold shoulder?...we're not bad people. It's not like we'll kill you or anything. Well Ron might but he won't get far," Harry rambled.

1762 0
11 Missing in Action

Placing silencing marks on the diamond again, "What am I going to do?" I whispered.

2751 0
12 Meeting of Convenience

George handed out the extra Ears to Ginny, Ron, and Harry. When he held one out to Hermione, she simply passed him and sat on the couch with a book open. Shrugging, "Your loss," and stuck his end of the ear to the door.

3556 0
13 Diagon Shopping

"2 hours. We are in the freaking dress shop for 2 hours and we haven't even done anything else since we got here," I mumbled.

3397 0
14 Touchstone Valley

"Well nice to meet you two. Where to?" "Terrycove Alley in Bath."

4625 0
15 Just an EarthlyDreamer

"At least you didn't cry like Cho did but then again, I did try to kiss her," Harry joked.

1787 0
16 One Too Many Problems

Upon hearing a thump, I looked onto the floor to see that Neville had fainted.

2949 2
17 A Silent Soldier

Giving him a glare, the Fat Lady opened and let Harry inside.

1983 0
18 Troublesome Twins

Damn. I never knew the twins woke up so early. Making sure they didn't see me, I ran the rest of the way to the Great Hall.

3348 1
19 Double Bubble Toiling Trouble

Finally putting her book down, Hermione looked at Harry, "Harry class doesn't start for another 20 minutes."

2355 0
20 Devil's Advocate

"Like I said you wizards were always stupid."

749 1
21 Spoken and Unspoken

I lost them a few times but they always come back. Bloody little cockroaches they are.

2419 0
22 Secrets in Hiding

"Insufferable old sod," I mumbled. Harry, having heard me, started to chuckled but changed it to a bad cough when I glared at him.

5193 0
23 A Bonding Experience

"Fred! George! You said fresh air not kidnapping!" Hermione exclaimed.

3644 0
24 Best to Watch and Learn

It was the first time Harry had heard her laugh...He didn't even know when he started watching her, only that he knew he was watching her from afar.

2632 1
25 Undefinable Pain

But Ron's triumphant look only lasted a few seconds before someone blurred past Harry and knocked Ron to the ground, punching him like there was no tomorrow.

3185 1
26 Getting a Grip

Getting up, she gave me a hug, "May the Charter be with you dear. Blaise will calm down, you'll see."

4503 0
27 Rampant Halloween

And lastly I started to panic as the Hall doors were opened and footsteps could be heard coming towards us.

4690 0
28 Patience and Control

As I was putting the letters away someone hopped into my lap and was crushing my legs with their weight.

3676 0
29 Discreet Knowledge

"How about we all skip it, well not like you'd go, and have a picnic by the Lake during the game?"

3076 0
30 Of Readers and Reviewers

Taking a break.

501 2
31 Chances for Many

I watched as it shimmered for a second before disappearing into him.

3022 0
32 Deadening Effect

"Yes! Dead creatures attacked....Astronomy....by Hagrid's Hut."

4608 1
33 Subtle Arrangements

Smiling, Harry walked into the Common Room with the best news he's had in a long time.

2221 0
34 Ancelstierre

The moon was out letting him see her through the dark but he paled when he saw blood.

4722 1
35 Releasing Some Tension

"You've been following her since we came back. I didn't realize it then until a few weeks ago."

4369 6


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