Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Snape, Tonks, Fred, Ginny, OC
Drama, General, Action/Adventure
Mild Violence
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2005-02-01 13:19:33
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2018-04-26 08:10:12
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Year Six, Easter

Snape adopts Harry in this story that stretches from the end of year six until Harry starts his Auror apprenticeship. Harry defeats Voldemort and has to deal with his greatly increased fame and with some odd, disturbing skills he inherited from the Dark Lord. He and Snape grow into something resembling a family when they start to rely on each other. Harry survives his seventh year at Hogwarts with a parent as a teacher and starts his training as an Auror. (Written between Jan 2004 and June 2005, so book 5 canon only)

1789 93
2 A Long Bitter Night

Dumbledore and Snape rescue Harry from the forest.

4414 56
3 St. Mungo's

Snape and Harry portkey from the death eater safehouse to St. Mungos where Harry requires treatment.

2622 37
4 Restless and Sleepless

Harry find himself studying for Potions more than before. He also learns alarming news from Dobby.

4447 36
5 Meeting Destiny

Harry's vision of Voldemort beckoning him from the Entrance Hall is real. Harry must draw on his past to defeat the dark wizard.

5087 42
6 Aftermath

A big party is thrown to celebrate the demise of the Dark Lord but Harry is wondering about the future and seeing visions.

6454 21
7 Unexpected Offers

Harry finally answers his post. A vision in the middle of Potions leads to Snape holding him after class.

2017 24
8 The Big Match

An exhibition match at the end of the school year draws a strange and frightening crowd.

4570 30
9 The End of Year Six

Year Six is over and Harry's classmates depart on the train. Harry is stuck at Hogwarts with nothing but the teachers for company.

4276 22
10 The Request

Dumbledore makes a shocking request of his Potions master.

5295 27
11 Fame, If Not Fortune

McGonagall takes Harry down to Hogsmeade for a butterbeer.

4560 20
12 The Offer

Harry's nightmares of Wormtail grow worse but he doesn't have to deal with them alone and on the eve of his seventeenth birthday he gets an offer that would mean not having to cope with anything alone again.

5013 35
13 Acquiescing

Harry's seventeenth birthday and he is allowed to have a small party in the Great Hall. The wizarding world sent many gifts but some are more important to accept than others.

3755 30
14 Forms and Filings

A solicitor comes to help with the adoption paperwork.

5316 23
15 A Home

After a contentious hearing with the Wizard Family Council, Harry goes home to the first real home he has ever had.

5461 25
16 It's Always Calm

Harry makes himself at home but that isn't so easy when you are the boy who lived.

9309 17
17 Unannounced Visitors

Harry is left alone for a few hours and a knock sounds on the door.

4889 26
18 Mum

After meeting his father, Harry asks Snape about his mother.

5669 30
19 Year Seven Begins

Harry returns to school, but by Floo, rather than by train. At the welcoming feast the new students are a little overawed.

4500 18
20 Settling In

Classes begin, but Harry has not figured out how to explain things to his friends.

3687 26
21 Potions with a Capital "P"

Harry and the new Potions professor are not getting along.

5964 20
22 Painful Truth

Harry gets in deep with Filch and the truth comes out. Ron reacts just as Harry feared he would.

4344 28
23 A Time to Reap

Dumbledore calls various people up to his office to talk to them.

5624 28
24 Rendezvous

Snape is meeting a mysterious woman in Hogsmeade.

8640 24
25 Another Big Match

The first Gryffindor Quidditch match of the year and Harry faces an unexpectedly adept opposing Seeker.

4584 16
26 The Christmas Ball

Harry finds a date and almost manages to enjoy himself.

4905 24
27 Holiday Blues

Harry goes home for his first real Christmas, but things don't start out quite as expected.

6063 31
28 A First Christmas

Harry goes home for his first real Christmas.

4945 24
29 Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

Harry find himself not understanding his friends as well as he used to.

4771 22
30 Transformations

Advanced DA keeps working on their Animagus forms and visitors arrive at Hogwarts.

5526 28
31 Fur and Snow

Harry gets partnered with one of the Durmstrang students on a Care of Magical Creatures project.

4360 24
32 Applying Oneself

Harry fills out the application for the Aurors program

3345 24
33 Old Wounds

Harry's Care of Magical Creature project insists on following them around.

5343 18
34 Round About the Cauldron Go

Harry goes home for Easter break and finds Tonks at his house.

4244 45
35 Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog

The morning after and a walk on Knockturn Alley.

7695 22
36 Wool of Bat and Tongue of Dog

Harry returns to school and begins having bad dreams.

4337 15
37 Adder's Fork and Blind-Worm's Sting

Harry finds the castle is still not completely safe for him.

5646 16
38 Lizard's Leg and Howlet's Wing

Snape gives Harry an extra lesson in Defense.

4260 17
39 A Charm of Pow'rf'ul Trouble

During Quidditch practice, Harry has his eye on someone.

4362 12
40 Boil Thou First i' the Charmed Pot

McGonagall takes Harry to Hagrid to identify his Animagus form.

4936 19
41 Swelter'd Venom Sleeping Got

Hermione brews a dreaming potion that she later regrets taking.

4115 20
42 Like a Hell-Broth Boil and Bubble

Even walking the Hogwarts corridors with two friends isn't safe for Harry.

5267 17
43 Silver'd in the Moon's Eclipse

The one year anniversary party of Voldemort's defeat arrives.

4843 17
44 More than the Wars of Our Fathers

Malfoy picks on Harry one time too many.

7585 20
45 Knock Down the Walls

Harry gives a lesson in Defense to Snape.

8351 15
46 End of an Era

Seventh year comes to an end.

7925 21
47 The Game of Life

Harry and his friends spend a day in London.

8844 22
48 Distant Shores

Harry visits the Continent.

10632 37
49 Silent, Steadfast, and Forbearing

Harry has his Auror testing.

9629 14
50 Tangled up in Blues

Penelope's visit spawns some angst.

7637 15
51 Uncertain Glory

Harry has a party to celebrate his acceptance to the Auror's program.

5822 14
52 The Auror's Apprentice

Harry begins his Auror training and suddenly realizes that Candide hasn't been around.

7536 11
53 Desperately Seeking Something

Harry visits his parents' grave.

10720 12
54 Distant Family

Harry and Snape have a one year review with the Wizard Family Council.

5657 13
55 Past Present

Harry has a birthday.

10103 16
56 Big Wide World

The world at eighteen.

7427 13
57 Transitions

Hermione moves out. Harry has a date.

8970 15
58 Snape's Story

Snape's past becomes an issue.

7062 27
59 An Unexpected Test

Snape has been up to something.

7829 19
60 Enemies and Friends, Part I

Harry is missing.

7962 19
61 Enemies and Friends, Part II

Harry is rescued.

5909 14
62 Field Work

Harry begins shadowing Tonks while she is out on duty.

10017 16
63 Haunted by the Past

Candide comes asking difficult questions.

10426 11
64 Just Visiting

Harry goes back to Hogwarts for a Quidditch match.

10566 9
65 Mum Galore, Part 1

Harry and Snape visit Harry's distant relatives.

7741 12
66 Mum Galore, Part II

Harry gets hurt during training.

6309 19
67 Removing the Mask

A Halloween party at the Burrow.

9122 14
68 Magic to Muggles

Harry tells his relatives that he's a wizard.

7689 17
69 Circling in the Dark

Harry takes a late night flight.

10197 11
70 Time and Tide

An all too real reminder of the past.

10362 12
71 Arms of the Angels

Avery takes his revenge.

10471 16
72 The Substitute

Harry tries a bit of teaching.

10399 18
73 Revenge & Redemption

Aftermath and a small confession.

10068 13
74 End of Chapter 73

Overflow text.

8259 190


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