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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Thoughts of Hermione Granger

Image hosted by Hermione (who has recently become Ron's girlfriend) discribes the insane "war of revenge" she has gotten into with Parvati. This story is taken from her journal and is filled with hilarious entries and (supposedly) funny lists.

1,132 28
2 Parvati's Revenge

Hermione was right in her suspicions: Parvati seeks revenge on her for "stealing" Ron.

1,214 10
3 Ron's Revenge

After Parvati "seeks revenge" on Hermione, Ron decides to seek revenge as well. Things get ugly...

1,279 10
4 Parvati's Revenge...again

Parvati is furious and plots ways to get back at Ron - Hermione goes berserk

1,258 5
5 Hermione's Revenge

Hermione finally snaps and decided to seek revenge on Parvati. In a splurge (haha...splurge) of creativity, she decides that miniature pink flamingoes would be the perfect weapon.

1,177 11
6 An Inopportune Time to Act Out of Character

Professor McGonnagall provides an...erm... "interesting" solution for the conflict between Hermione, Ron, and Parvati

1,227 8
7 Stuck to a Shelf in a Pink Dress

Hermione discovers the reason behind Parvati's grin and Ron's conspicuous absence.

1,219 5
8 Trouble in the Dragon's Lair

While on their date, Hermione and Ron run into Harry and HIS date. Things get awkward

1,354 7
9 Harry Has Gone Insane

Harry now believes whatever the evil one...I mean Parvati says, which is incredibly bad for Hermione. Random half-goose-half-cat hybrids make an appearance.

1,499 4
10 The Truth Revealed

Much to Hermione's dismay, Parvati continues to spread ugly rumors. However, an accident may reveal to the others that Parvati is not as truthful as she seems...

1,683 7
11 Epilogue - Learn Your Lessons

Hannah Abbot teaches Parvati a lesson...Hermione thinks it's hilarious

1,151 49


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