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Harry, Hermione, Ron
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First Published
2005-01-23 7:14pm
Last Chapter
2005-05-24 2:42am
Last Updated
2005-08-03 2:27pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Mirror Mirror

Hermione and Ron have been together since the beginning of their sixth year. It seems like the perfect relationship. When some mysterious event involving a mirror occurs, Hermione finds herself in a sort of alternate reality: she’s been dating Harry, not Ron, and no one believes her that this is not the way things have been. Unsure of how to return, Hermione begins to live the life that could have been. But even if she can get back, will she want to? Same story, new banner!

2,023 36
2 Lockets and Letters

Hermione wakes up and finds out something is not quite the same as it was before she was knocked unconscious. The only problem is, will anyone believe her? Or are the right, and Hermione has lost her mind?

1,825 15
3 Sarev Enozime?

Hermione has to either convince her friends that something is very different, or convince them that nothing has changed. She has to find out what exactly happened, and how exactly can she go back?

2,083 14
4 Potter's Pensieve

Slytherins' jokes aside, Hermione has the idea of borrowing Harry's pensieve to put it to her own uses...

2,369 12
5 Alone

Hermione begins to discover what life was like in her new existence as she examines her memories in the pensieve. But she makes more discoveries of what Harry never told her in her life before...

3,394 10
6 Head-Over-Heels

Hermione finds out how much she means to Harry, Ron finds himself in detention, Harry finds himself reliving unpleasant memories, and still Hermione can't sort it all out.

2,292 8
7 Options, Choices, and Fate

With everyone having an opinion as to why Hermione should be dating either Harry or Ron, Hermione finds herself with a new predicament: its not just a question of if she'll be able to get back to normal, its a question of if she wants to get back to normal...

2,291 20
8 Christmas Wishes Ball

It's time for the Ball that Hermione has been anticipating in both of her alternate lives: how will things go for Hermione and Harry? What will happen when Ron gets angry (as usual) and Hermione comes to her big conclusion? Will it matter, anyway?

2,418 21
9 Something Wrong

Hermione's back... what is she going to do? How will Ron react? Or will they be too late for Harry?

2,177 26
10 Tying up Loose Ends and Boyfriends

Hermione has to tell Harry everything now: if she doesn't, it will be to late to stop him from throwing away his life. And if she can stop him, will he return her feelings? How will this tangled story end? LAST CHAPTER!

2,829 66


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