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Lupin, Snape, Sirius, James, Lily, Lucius, Narcissa, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Fluff, Romance
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-01-22 10:34pm
Last Chapter
2006-05-24 9:34am
Last Updated
2007-07-18 12:05am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1: Reunion

Natalie McBain is a typical 16 year old witch. She has been in love with Remus Lupin since her 1st year, but what happens when he starts to feel the same way about her, and she doesn't know it? And what will she think when she finds out his secret? Can she be in love with a werewolf? OFC/Remus, some James/Lily later in the story.

2,114 80
2 Chapter 2: A Not So Dreamless Sleep

Natalie sleep talks during a very private dream. She wakes up to strange stares and doesnt know why. While she is trying to explain to Remus, the rest of the bunch pay Lucius Malfoy a vist.

2,551 28
3 Chapter 3: Bad Dreams And Twice Rescued

Natalie wakes up to a surprising situation...How will she handle it, and what will her friends make of it? Please read and review!

1,852 30
4 Chapter 4: Hidden Tears And Sliding Stairs

After the sorting feast, Natalie and her friends decide to spend some time in the common room talking. Someone lets one of Natalies secrets slip, which sends her into a frenzy? Can anyone bring her out of it?

2,408 20
5 Chapter 5: Compromising Positions

Natalie couldn't sleep, so she heads down to the common room. When she realizes she's not alone, she tries to leave, but soon has no reason to. What will happen when she has an emotional breakdown, and how will Remus console her?

2,086 33
6 Chapter 6: Regrets And Schedule Complications

Natalie has a talk with Remus before breakfast. What will they say to each other? What will Natalie do?

2,583 34
7 Chpater 7: Unintentional Recipient

Natalie makes a big mistake during History Of Magic. The wrong person gets the note intended for someone else. How will she handle it?

2,988 24
8 Chapter 8: Detention With Davis

Natalie and Remus go to their detention and have an extremely rough night.

3,072 28
9 Chapter 9: A New Crush

After the previous nights detention, Natalie wakes up in an extremely bad mood thanks to Sirius and meets someone she finds to be rather interesting in her Defense Against the Dark Arts class. How will this affect her relationship with Remus?

3,125 33
10 Chapter 10: The Silent Treatment

After a brief run-in with Snape, Natalie returns to Gryffindor Tower, where Remus really lets his jealousy show.

2,625 16
11 Chapter 11: A Fight On The Roof

Natalie stumbles on Remus and Zach having a little dispute. Then Zach wants to talk to her after class. What can he possibly want?

3,218 27
12 Chapter 12: Hogsmeade

It's now October, and there's going to be a dance. After picking out their dresses, Natalie and Remus regain their friendship, but what will happen when Natalie asks for the truth and doesn't like what she gets?

3,541 39
13 Chapter 13: Dressing, Dancing, And Dishonesty

It's the night of the Halloween Ball. After a quick dance with Remus, Natalie decides to go see where Zach went when he doesn't return quickly and is shocked at what she stumbles upon.

3,354 28
14 Chapter 14: The Brawl

After a peaceful sleep somewhere unnexpected, Natalie soon learns that the Slytherins found out about her split with Zach. How will her friends handle the rude comments made towards them?

2,586 37
15 Chapter 15: Plans And Pains

Natalie gets a letter from her mom with some very good news. But a sudden headache and class with Zach makes her day take a turn for the worse. What is she hearing in her head?

2,177 27
16 Chapter 16: Relaxing

After Natalie collapses in the hall, she wakes up in the hospital wing after having a weird dream. Madame Pomfrey makes her take the day off to relax and wants Remus to keep an eye on her. What exactly was she hearing and seeing in her dream?

2,834 32
17 Chapter 17: Giving James Advice

Natalie gives James some tips on getting Lily, but he lets something slip about Remus. Will Natalie ever understand what he meant?

2,100 26
18 Chapter 18: Peeping Tom

Natalie gets a little too intrigued with what she see's in James' window. What will Remus think?

2,298 38
19 Chapter 19: Early Christmas Gifts

Natalie and the other's exchange gifts. How does she respond to Remus' wonderful gift? Is Lily finally starting to come around to James? And what is Carla so angry about?

2,640 29
20 Chapter 20: Late Night Hook-Ups

Carla and Sirius make a shocking discovery while at James’ house, and Remus has a Christmas surprise for Natalie.

2,822 34
21 Chapter 21: A Close Call

After having a nightmare and falling back asleep, Natalie is startled awake by Lily bursting into her room, and finds that her mom just returned home.

2,964 31
22 Chapter 22: Ex-Friends And Deceit

After Allison reveals some shocking details, a big fight breaks out between her and Natalie, but Remus will be there to comfort her.

3,160 38
23 Chapter 23: Howlers And Bludgers

Remus’ missing pants return, along with a letter from Natalie’s mom, and Natalie faces Zach on the quidditch pitch.

3,333 28
24 Chapter 24: Pranks and Presents

The Marauders and Carla get thier revenge on Zach for what he did to Natalie. Valentines Day presents are exchanged...sort of.

3,471 25
25 Chapter 25: A Dream Come True

Natalie discovers Remus' secret after almost being killed by him. How will she take the news?

2,546 28
26 Chapter 26: A Nightmare, Or The Future?

Natalie’s dreams continue and get more and more frightening as Voldemort slowly gains power. Could there be a connection?

2,812 22
27 Chapter 27: Birthday Drinks

It’s Natalie’s birthday, and the gang decide to go to the Hogshead, where they learn the strength of muggle alcohol. Will Remus forgive Natalie for her drunken actions?

3,195 24
28 Chapter 28: Getting Caught And Getting Into Fights

Natalie learns something about herself that she didn't even know, and she and Remus argue about the previous night. Is this the end of their relationship?

3,314 25
29 Chapter 29: A Stroll By The Lake

Because of her anger towards Remus, Natalie goes for a little stroll on the grounds, and gets into more trouble than she bargained for. Exactly what does Snape want from her?

3,925 32
30 Chapter 30: Payback And Goodbyes

Carla, Sirius, and Remus seek revenge on Snape on the night of the full moon. Then goodbye's are said for the summer.

5,110 51


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