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Draco, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, OC, Ron, Snape, Voldemort
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
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First Published
2005-01-19 7:26pm
Last Chapter
2005-01-23 2:36am
Last Updated
2005-01-23 2:36am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The New Kids

Professor Snape's granddaughter comes to Hogwarts and is in her sixth year as well ... it'll be explained later, what happens when Ron likes her and they all stumble upon a mysterious scroll that lies inside a dungeon that was not at the school before... How will Professor Snape react to Ron's liking toward his granddaughter ... yes I know Snape and Harry's parents are the same age, just bear with me here it's explained later. thanks to HPFanf for my banner!

3,715 2
2 The Teacher's Secret

Harry just found out what Prof. Thompson was talkinng about in the carriage and Ron is freaking out about Hermione ... I Just noticed how Snape is the same age as Harry's parents ... i say: Snape fell in love with a girl when he was very young and they made a big mistake because lo and behold the woman he loved became pregnant.

7,434 2
3 A New Christmas Event

There's going to be a new tradition at Hogwarts like a secret santa, and when Ron is Skyler's secret santa, he finds out there's more to her than he thought ...

7,068 0
4 An Awkward Christmas Gift

Ron ... and spiders ...

10,018 0
5 Draco's Hunger

is Draco hungry? lol no not really

9,918 0
6 Back to the Past

Harry finally uses that memorium

1,809 0
7 The Fifth Clue

just read the title of the chapter ... lol

4,956 0
8 Quidditch Returns

well ... quidditch returns

8,092 0
9 Those Three Words

hmm ... I hate you or I love you? which one which one ...

2,202 0
10 A Lurking Creature

hmmm.... a creature that is lurking ...

6,635 0
11 The Only Dress

I love dresses ... lol

5,190 0
12 Patronus Mayhem

Draco and Ron talk about Skyler on their way to Dumbledore's office after they have a little spat in their Defense Against the Dark Arts class. the warning about the scenese of a mild sexual nature thing is only because they talk about it, nothing more

4,168 0
13 Deceiving Hearts

Who's lying?

2,497 0
14 Ballroom Terror

Something bad is going to happen ...

4,411 0
15 The Truth Uncovered

Yes! Exciting! The only reason this would be AU is if Malfoy's dad is in Azkaban (is he i don't remember) and if Peter Pettigrew is dead (is he i can't remember) if none of those are true, then there is no AU involved. The summary is summed up in the title of this chapter

3,911 0
16 Nothing Escapes

"Nothing escapes the ears of Lord Voldemort!" - excerpt form this chapter. The first battle begins ... well the spider part anyways

3,716 0
17 Reflection of Strength

THe mirror is back ...

2,708 0
18 The Necklace

Professor Dumbledore gives something to Ron that was supposed to be Skyler's ....

3,347 0
19 The Daunbraik Potion

Hermione just found a certain spell that might help return Skyler ...

1,762 0
20 A Love Returned

Ron reads his letter to Skyler in the hospital wing when Professor Dumbledore tells him they're going to let her go ...

1,331 0
21 An Award Times Six

The students are rewarded for their good deeds in saving Skyler and the school

2,066 0
22 Going Home

Well ... everything has been resolved and now they're ... going home

1,314 8


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