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Draco, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, Ron
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Mild Language
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First Published
2005-01-17 4:03pm
Last Chapter
2005-01-21 5:35pm
Last Updated
2005-01-21 5:35pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1:

Harry Potter has just came back from his 5th year at Hogwarts and is now back at the dursleys. Of course, Vernon has an interesting interview with the strange governor and his wife. Harry can't wait to get back to the weasleys. But when he does he has strange dreams about a sword and Voldemort. Then to top things off, when he gets back to hogwarts, the dreams pop up again! And strange romances. Enjoy this story, and please review. At first it was called Harry Potter Story, but i changed the name because it didn't sound interesting. (please send review, because i need to know what you all think

841 3
2 Chapter 2

Harry finds Pig in his room and reads the invitation from Ron. But they don't end up coming to get him quick enough, so he is stuck in his room when the Governor and his wife come to visit. what the heck is with these people though?

2,087 2
3 Chapter 3:

Harry meets with the governor and finds out his secret when the weasley car pops up. It seems they got a new car. But they all go to the weasley house and make a fuss about the red mark on Harry's face.

1,303 1
4 Chapter 4:

Harry is back at the Weasley home and is happy about it(WELL OF COURSE DUH!) Harry tells ron the truth about the red mark on his face. He tells him his uncle just hit him. (Hermione made a little bit of a fuss when Harry arrived. she doesn't know that truth yet.)

822 1
5 Chapter 5:

Ok, this is where the sword fist pops up. Harry has a strange dream about a sword and Voldemort.

579 1
6 Chapter 6:

Harry doesn't want to think about the dream, but cant help but wonder about it. He keeps having strange thoughts. But soon forgets about the dream after a wonderful day at the weasleys.

679 2


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