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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Lucius, Voldemort, Draco, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Mild Violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-01-15 9:50pm
Last Chapter
2006-04-25 12:08am
Last Updated
2006-04-25 12:08am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

***Banner: potterfan226***A flash of light and Jeanine, once again, finds herself back in that whitewashed room. She sees the blood-red, glaring eyes, tries to run, and, instead, falls into darkness... Jeanine is incessantly haunted by these mysterious dreams. She will need Harry's help to discover what her fate is. This is a story of death and despair but shows that in the most terrible times hope can be found in the most unlikely person. (6th year, Harry/OC) Please REVIEW!!!

824 76
2 Moving

Oh no! Jeanine has to leave the life she knows when her dad gets a new job!

2,482 15
3 Goodbye and Hello

Jeanine says goodbye to her old life and hello to her new life, befriending Hermione along the way.

2,508 18
4 A Sign

Jeanine realizes that Hermione is just like her!

1,535 14
5 Prisoner

Jeanine is took prisoner in the Malfoy Manor Dungeon. Will she escape? Read to find out!

2,363 19
6 How Can I Hope to Escape This Pain?

Jeanine will need the help of another to escape the dungeons of Malfoy Manor, and even then will she manage to escape? Read to find out!!!

3,993 17
7 The Issue with Trust

Can Jeanine trust Draco to lead her to safety when he starts acting like a total git toward her? Read to find out!

2,344 13
8 The Fire

When 4 Privet Drive is struck with a fire, what will happen? Read to find out!

2,130 15
9 The Order of the Phoenix

When Jeanine is taken to the Order of the Phoenix, who, of all people, does she meet there? Read to find out!

2,908 13
10 Marked

Jeanine's conversation with Harry is interrupted when someone comes bursting through the door of 12 Grimmauld Place. Who is it and why are they there?

1,785 11
11 Fitful Dreams and Sleepless Nights

Does Remus become the Order's spy? What happens when the mysterious dreams continue? Read to find out!

2,719 7
12 Surprises

Out of such a simple thing as getting O.W.L. scores and going shopping for new school supplies arise surprises beyond imagination. Read to find out more!

7,124 21
13 The Unexpected

Mrs. Weasley's acting strange, Mr. Ollivander betrays Dumbledore, can the Order take any more before it breaks?

3,617 13
14 A Selfish Thing

Mr. Ollivander and Jeanine try to escape Voldemort's grasp. Do they succeed? Read to find out!

2,630 12
15 Answers

Jeanine has so many questions, as I'm sure you do too. Read this chapter to find out all the answers!!!

3,325 17
16 The Sorting of a Lifetime

Jeanine is sorted into her house. What house does she get sorted in, you ask? Well, read to find out!

3,458 17
17 Fainting Frenzies

Jeanine faints, Harry faints, they all faint!!! Read to find out why!!!

6,248 19
18 A Rather Unpleasant Experience

When Jeanine heads toward her first Potions class with Professor Snape, she has no clue what is in store for her....

3,340 11
19 Overrated

Harry and Ron have to clean up after their Potions fiasco, Hermione and Jeanine are given one huge scare, and everyone meets the new DADA teacher!

4,712 17
20 Harry's Escapade

See what happens in everyone's first class with their new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher!!!

3,490 13
21 Luna Lovegood

What happens when Kingsley meets Luna Lovegood?

2,679 8
22 A Terrible, Yet Invaluable Discovery

Lupin makes a terrible, yet invaluable discovery and Harry recieves a huge surprise. What are these discoveries and how will it affect their lives? Read to find out!

4,330 8
23 Could It Be?

More information on Hedwig's return, Jeanine has another pretty creepy fainting attack and dreams strange things...about....well to find out about what, you'll just have to read now won't you?, and everyone gets ready for the battle with Voldemort and his followers.

4,209 9
24 The Battle Begins

The chapter pretty much sums this chapter up...The battle begins...expect some unbelievable twists!

2,870 9
25 Pettigrew's Second Chance

Was Dumbledore really running from battle? Who's giving Pettigrew a second chance, and why? Read to find out!

2,105 9
26 The Prophecy

Find out more about the mysterious prophecy that linksHarry and Jeanine and now, mysteriously...Malfoy.

2,978 6
27 Betrayal?

In the first Quidditch match of the year, Harry gets a MAJOR surprise. His first thought is that it is an unexpected betrayal. Is this true? What else happens? Read to find out!

2,557 5
28 Butterflies

Jeanine receives a special gift from Harry, a beautiful silver butterfly necklace, along with a letter. "I saw this in a shop one day and knew that you had to have it. I give it to you in hope that you will always remember the two people who loved you most. No matter what happens to me, always keep it with you and I will be with you." -Love, Harry.

2,919 8
29 Desires Intertwining

"You need to know a Slytherin is what you’re meant to be / Stop clutching onto Potter and start hanging onto me / Itching for control, the darkness threatens to consume you / Afraid of your destiny, you run, you hide, and you bury yourself away without leaving behind a clue / As to why, but I know why, I know you’re frightened / But don’t be, join me and your power and control will only be heightened / Embrace the Slytherin you know to be your destiny / Stop clutching onto goodness and take your side beside me..."

3,105 13
30 Outline Ch 30 - End (including sequel)

As I've chosen to abandon this fic, here's the outline I had for the rest of the story and its sequel, Suspended in Darkness. Hard to read, and often doesn't make sense, but it's all I have to give.

5,525 2


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