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Lupin, Snape, Sirius, James, Lily, Lucius, Narcissa, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
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General, Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature,
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-01-15 11:34am
Last Chapter
2005-10-24 10:12pm
Last Updated
2005-10-24 10:12pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Just a Bad Dream

This is Lily's story of her adventures and events at Hogwarts. This story contains large chunks filled with twists and surprises. It explains Lily as a young girl, becoming a woman and of course parenthood. Now follow me and see Lily’s life for real. This is a story of Lily Evans. -note- This story is very alike to my previous one, A Story of Lily Evans though that got deleted.              Lots of thanks go to TomFoolery for the amazing banner Next Chapter in Limbo! (finally)

1,255 14
2 What Big Sisters Are For

Lily figures out what big sisters are for with a little help from Rose.

1,496 6
3 Birthday Surprise

Lily gets a birthday present she wasn't expecting.

1,883 5
4 Promises

Lily must make promises

1,820 9
5 Floo Powder

Lily gets her first taster of the Wizarding World.

1,811 5
6 Exploring Diagon Alley

Must read to find out!!

2,002 4
7 The Express

Lily meets new friends then soon loses one!! uh-oh

3,219 5
8 The Hat's Warning

Lily recieves her first warning about her life in the future, Dun dun dun!

2,393 5
9 Elizabeth Maxis

Lily and Marina meet a new friend and Lily finally confirmes her newfound enemies.

2,373 6
10 Enemy Number Three

Lily meets a new friend but all changes soon enough.

2,757 4
11 The Mysterious Book

lily finds a book. Sorry but I hate doing summaries.

1,813 7
12 Halloween Surprises

Lily finds out some hidden secrets. Does she appreciate them?

2,756 6
13 A Few Notes of Advice

Lily gives a little advice to Liz about Remus and Marina's secret is finally revealed.

4,043 5
14 The Book's Pictured Story

Lily and Marina both find the hidden secret of The Mysterious Book.

1,727 4
15 Going Home

Lily, Marina and Liz have a small run in with Georgia and Ebony when a prank is pulled on the two of them by...guess? Also, Lily has a small challenge with James and it gets quite competitive.

2,860 7
16 Christmas Eve

Lily returns home to small welcoming home party where she sees all her family and her two muggle best friends who she later gets into an argument with.

2,813 5
17 An Eventful Chritmas

Lily has a Merry Christmas Morning then Petunia strikes back and Christmas becomes eventful.

1,867 3
18 New Years With Liz

Lily goes to stop at Liz's for her new years and they find out some interesting stuff about each other. Finally the day of returning to hogwarts is here!

2,570 2
19 The Return to Hogwarts

Basically, Lily returns to Hogwarts feeling a little blue but once the three girls are back with each other, happiness is all round.

2,146 3
20 A Discovery by Lily the Cupid

Lily discovers a secret and does a little Match Making but has it worked? I'm sorry this has took so long but it's a long chappy for you guys!!

2,050 1
21 The Break Up and the Make Up

Lily finds it hard when she become second best to Marina. Jealousy begins to overtake Lily. The end of Marina and Lily?

1,914 3
22 The Book is Back

Valentines Day is here. Finally. Lily recieves what she thinks is a Valentines card but it turns out to be another clue to the mysterious book.

1,659 2
23 The Disagreements of James Potter and Lily Evans

The first bad arguments begin with Lily and James. How far will Lily's fiery temper take her?

2,009 1
24 Exams and an Encouter with Snape

Lily takes her exmas, will they go smoothly or badly? Severus snape doesn't waste time on taunting the muggle blooded witch.

1,532 3
25 A First Kiss

Chapter 25: A First Kiss

1,525 2


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