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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, McGonagall, Snape, Voldemort, Draco, OC
Primary Relationship
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Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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First Published
2005-01-10 4:00pm
Last Chapter
2009-03-19 2:36pm
Last Updated
2009-03-19 2:36pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Start of A New Term

You had just picked up the book and were starting on the first page, when the compartment door slid open.

“Oh, uh... you mind if we come in here?”

You looked up, recognizing Harry Potter’s voice. He was standing in the doorway, one hand on the door and one hand on his trunk, looking over at you.

3,109 48
2 Aboard the Hogwarts Express

This is kind of everyone meeting everyone. Enjoy and review! Thanks!!

2,134 30
3 Back at Hogwarts Again

Erm.... The Feast, you know?? And somewhat on the way to Dormitories.

1,976 25
4 You Can't Report a Prefect

WARNING: Talks about undies and bras. Get over it. I didn't think this qualified as sexual nature.... Well... Erm... just kind of... I dunno. I'll just grab a summary and paste it here.

2,824 18
5 Monday Morning Classes

Erm.... well here's an excerpt. “BLACK.” She jumped and stared at you. Ron and Harry glanced at each other before looking back at you. Lavendar and Parvati were staring at you around Trelawney’s form, and a few others had looked up. You were still staring at that little point of light. “THE STRANGE BLACK HAS COME FOR HIM...BEWARE ALL WHO COME IN CONTACT WITH HER.... FOR SHE IS AND ISN’T WHAT SHE SEEMS..... SHE CHANGES... SHE FOOLS.... SHE IS EVERYONE AND NO ONE.... THE STRANGE BLACK HAS COME.”

2,440 28
6 The Photo Albums

Erm.... just enjoy it, mmk? Review, please!!!!

1,489 17
7 Beside the Common Room Fire

“One night, they surrounded the house. There was no way out. Dad fought hard to keep them away from my room, where mum was hiding in the invisibility cloak, trying to contact someone, keeping me safe and quiet. Next thing she knew, half the house seemed to explode, and the cloak fell off her hand. Bellatrix saw her before she could pull it back...but by that time it was too late."

1,145 17
8 Professor Stelangre

Erm.... get to know the new teacher a bit, yeah know?

1,817 23
9 Long Awaited Weekend

OHMYGOSH you'll LOVE this "episode"!!!!

2,608 21
10 Ron and Hermione

Erm.... lol this one is actually more funny than anything! Please review!

2,846 13
11 First Meeting of the Junior Order of the Phoenix

Erm.. look up... at the title... :P

2,089 12
12 Quidditch Try Outs

The bludgers were chasing you, Malfoy was manipulating them. “MOVE RON, MOVE!!” you yelled. He dropped ten feet just as you flew where he had been, leaving the goal hoop clear. You were headed stright for the metal ring....

2,694 11
13 President and Co-President

“Good morning. We will be having your first practical lesson today,” Professor Stelangre said briskly. “And it has come to my understanding the the President and Co-President of the Junior Order of the Phoenix are in this classroom.” Everyone immediately looked at you and Harry, and you both nodded. She gestured for you two to stand up. “I am going to gage how well you already know how to fight,” she said, pacing the length of the room. “I am sure that you two already know how to duel?”

2,184 12
14 The Vision

"Something really freaky happened, Melia...... Harry was trying to get your attention. You looked back at whatever it was, and that’s when you woke up, I guess...”

1,956 14
15 Gryffindor Versus Ravenclaw

Suddenly she swerved, and you saw that she had been flying at the stadium wall. You tried to turn or dive, but it was too late. SMASH.

2,717 13
16 Hogsmeade Weekend

Erm....Hogsmeade, you know?? Ah just read and review.

2,763 9
17 Hogwarts Weekly

You started doodling on the paper without even looking. After a while, you looked down and stared at your own picture. It was a very rough sketch of a once-beautiful woman with heavy eyelids and an uncaring face. You stared at her. She was so familiar....

2,210 12
18 Trelawney's Assignment

You were silent for a moment, before looking up at her. She had removed her glasses, and you were startled to see that her eyes were actually very pretty without the spectacles. “I.... I won’t tell you,” you whispered, trying to stop trying. “I won’t let him die.”

2,838 7
19 Seer's Pensieve

...This is also a certain level of insanity, for it allows you to be bodily within the confines of your own brain. Be careful when using it, for if you do so too often, or too long at a time, you can possibly turn yourself insane.....

2,841 11
20 Dueling Stelangre

Erm... Stelangre goes kinda nutz-o.... just read and review!!!

2,718 14
21 Reading Minds

You raised your wand. "Silencio...." you tapped the camera. Then, looking up, you focused on Ron and Hermione. "Smile....." you whispered.

1,869 10
22 Picture Perfect Revenge

"AMELIA!!!" Hermione shouted, red-faced. You grinned. "You get me, I'll get you back!"

2,294 6
23 A Puff of Green Smoke

“Harry Potter,” Madam Pomfrey said briskly as she returned. “Usually only Healers and Aurors know what a puff of green smoke means when it comes from this tool.” She held up the instrument she’d stuck in your ear. “And you’d better keep this knowledge with you always. A puff of green smoke, Harry Potter, means that someone has preformed an Unforgivable Curse upon that person....."

3,162 14
24 Halloween

Although, you did manage to get a rather hilarious picture of Hermione snoring with her head on a book, the page stuck to her cheek.

2,223 8
25 Hufflepuff and Gryffindor

"BOMBS AWAY!!" Suddenly a snowball hit you on the back of the head. You looked up to see Ron.

2,525 8
26 Expecto Patronum

You stumbled backwards, terror stricken. The boggart had turned into a dementor. Suddenly, you heard a death rattle, a shaky, sniffing breathing, and a decomposing hand extended from the long black shroud as it advanced, your mother and father’s screaming resounding in your ears. “RIDDIKULUS!!” you yelled. Nothing happened.

2,891 7
27 The Two Great Houses

The quidditch cup was, once again, between the two great houses.

2,756 13
28 One Month Yesteryear

Erm... ONe month, ya know?? AH just read and review

2,838 7
29 Our Secret Room

Erm..... god just read and review it, already!!!

2,360 9
30 Galdrag's Wizardwear

You turned to your Junior Order notebook, which Hermione had been going through, and were displeased to see a large smudge of jelly on one of the pages. Just then Hermione and Ron entered. "Oy, Mione!" you called, holding up the page. "Not suck a neatnick now, eh?" "I didn't do that," she said, sitting down. "The only other person to use that page was Ron." You both rounded on him as he smiled guiltily. "Whaaaat?" he asked. "I was hungry!"

2,278 8
31 Treasure Hunt

....Harry smiled, and you thought you saw him blush a little. Grinning, you kissed him. Harry pulled you closer, and you put your hands around his neck. And suddenly, as he kissed you, you felt your lips tingling and saw bright dots dancing before your eyes.....

2,492 10
32 Before The Party

There were little butterflies in your gut, and you always liked to have your wand around at times when that happened. You three rounded the corner and came to the entrance hall, where people were meeting and slowly entering the great hall. You scanned the crowd and felt a jolt in your stomach. Harry was nowhere in sight.

2,296 6
33 Christmas "Party"

"Draco...” you said, voice shaking. “I will never join you Death Eaters, and I will put myself under the Cruciatus Curse before telling you what I’ve Seen.... and I would rather die a million painful deaths than let you touch me, let alone let you dishonor me.” Malfoy’s face grew stony. He snorted. “Your choice, Wright. You know I know how to kill...” You sneered. “Fortunately for me.... So do I.” With that, you pushed yourself off the ledge, plummeting towards the icy hard lake.

2,691 7
34 All What Happened

He glared at you, his face obviously red. “I swear to God, I will hurt you. You’ve got no idea what I saw-” “AND YOU’VE GOT NO IDEA WHAT I HEARD!” you roared. “I was running through these halls as fast as I could, looking for you! You may think you saw me making out with DRACO MALFOY, Harry, and let me tell you, you have never been more wrong in your entire life!! He was trying to get me to join the Death Eaters, Harry! He told me you were writhing on the floor, dying of pain, and the only way he’d ever tell me where you were was if I gave myself to him, if I let him rape me!"

2,868 9
35 Bus Ride to Nowhere

Tonks plugged your ears for a bit, and then pulled you forward, into the threshold of a house you were sure had not been there three seconds ago.

2,434 5
36 Hippogriff in a House

The door opened, and one of the twins stepped out. He looked like he had acne all over his face, but instead of coming to a head, the pimples turned into wriggling worms. The second followed him out. His hair had turned into cotton candy. The first, you assumed Fred, took a bit of cotton candy of George’s head and ate it. “So, mum...” George said, glaring at Fred. “What’s for breakfast?”

2,309 10
37 Twice the Christmas Cheer


2,977 8
38 Anniversary

Mrs. Black started screetching again as Fred and George burst out the door, one doing a victory grind and the other a ballroom dance with an imaginary partner.

2,221 12
39 Weasley's Wizard West Wing

Just, erm... read and review, ya'll!!!

2,396 10
40 Three Muggles Killed

“Isn’t that, oh, I dunno, a bit ILLEGAL?!” said Hermione. “Not if you’re of age,” said George, smiling widely. “But we’re not,” said Ron. “Not yet.” A/N!!! I don't know about the whole British money currency thing and I probably guess like WAY too high or get the Suros and stuff mixed up, but I'm an American so I dunno... sorry if it confuses you!!!

3,047 6
41 New Years As Nineteen

PAAARRTAY!!! Sorry. Just read and review, eh??

2,699 7
42 Oddities

Well... a load of wierd stuff happening, man.... Just read and review, mmk? Please? PLease? PLEase? PLEAse? PLEASe? PLEASE?!!!

3,139 5
43 Diagon Scare

You pointed your wand at your forehead, muttering quickly, shaking, knowing that if this failed you were dead. The Dementor was now before you. You faltered, and it suddenly grabbed your throat with one hand, reaching for it’s hood with the other. You mutter was cut short and you vainly attempted to get out the last word in the sequence as it lifted you up off the ground. “Ph-” your voice was too weak. You gathered the last remaining breath in your lungs as your head started to scream along with your mother.

4,660 6
44 Tutto Animagei

Look my computer is being a dork and won't let me say only specific characters so this episode has Ameila, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, Lupin, Tonks, Fred/George, and Draco.

3,988 8
45 Dumbledore's Office

You sighed and shook your head. “It wasn’t that random....” He gave you a look. “Okay, maybe it was. But it’s not like Tonks, like it’s a natural ability that popped out in the nick of time...."

2,450 8
46 Boggart's Tricks

You glared up at the Dementor as it bent, grabbing your neck and pulling you up. You barely felt your throat close off air, choking you. All you knew was you were being stripped of your powers and your arm was paralyzed under the Cruciatus Curse.

3,082 4
47 A Bend of the Mind

As far as Harry Potter and his friends knew, you were the perfect little orphan that had never experienced sadness outside of loosing her parents when she was too young to remember them, and never actually having a friend. As far as Harry Potter and his friends knew, you’d never had your entire world ripped apart before your eyes.

2,634 12
48 Amelia's Diary

He pulled you closer, and you had the sudden urge to kick him excruciatingly hard in the shins, and then tell him what was wrong as you sobbed into his shoulder. Talk about an oxymoron.

3,683 8
49 Hidden Pain

You wondered if Hermione would say anything to anyone. In the girl’s room, you’d slipped face and let her see your true feelings, your want to break and cry.

2,570 7
50 A Foot Long?!

Suddenly Lergen slammed into you. You wove out of control from the hit, and heard Lergen’s laughing. You saw the yellow Hufflepuff tower coming closer at an alarming speed. You knew there was no way to get control back and threw the quaffle to Kevin, who was staring at you, horrified.

3,272 8
51 Hospital Wing

"You knew this day would come...” he said, locking the door and walking closer. You tried to ward him off, but he easily knocked your wand out of your hand. You screamed, but no one heard, no one cared. Your Tapless Magic wasn’t working, it hadn’t since that day... There was no way out, no way to stop it. The scar on your arm was throbbing terribly. “No... Don’t...” you whimpered, backing yourself into a corner. “I said no! STOP!!”

2,905 10
52 Harry's Dream

....You buried your face in your pillow, drew your drapes shut, and cast a firm silencing spell around your bed so no one could hear you cry the tears of the brokenhearted. All the while, his words rang in your head. “I hate you, Amelia Wright.... I wouldn’t care if you died.”

3,149 16
53 Pain of Living

"Ron said he walked in on Harry crying the other day-” “Probably because some girl told him to keep his fat ego in check!” you snarled, standing. And this time, you made it all the way to the bathrooms and into a shower before you collapsed

3,327 7
54 Miseries of a Gryffindor

...Perhaps I’ll just... fade into obscurity after the War. I’m to the point now where I just don’t care who wins and who looses, as long as this pain I feel goes away and leaves me for good, just like the insolent Potter did...

2,914 5
55 Amelia's Living Nightmare

By the time you were finished wiriting, the sun had risen, and she was staring at your appearance. Your shirt and pants were ripped, your cheek very red and slightly bleeding from behing hit. She scanned you and saw you were bleeding around your genitals, and without ever touching your diary to read what Draco Malfoy had done to you, her eyes popped. "Amelia... He didn't..." You nodded, sobbing.

3,805 12
56 Badger and Lion

“Never mind. It’s obvious that snake lied to me, among... other things.” Harry heard her voice catch oddly as she quickly turned and walked towards the castle. “Wait, Amelia... what?” he called. But Amelia shook him off, hurrying up into the entrance hall and out of sight. As Harry watched her figure retreat, he felt the urge to go upstairs and throttle someone from Slytherin house, since she was obviusly talking about one of them. Instead, as he stood there, he knew it was even more urgeant to read the entry that she’d written in her diary that morning.

2,884 5
57 Truth of Lies

There was a long silence as the two of you walked, and after a while, you gave up on him telling you. As you approached the Fat Lady, Harry spoke. "What is a stupratore?" he asked. You froze. "What did you say?" "What is a stupratore...?" You turned to stare at him. There was only one place he would have learned that word.

3,889 6
58 I Still Feel

“I know how you feel, Amelia...” he said, taking his book. “I’m numb, but still feel, too. I feel as if I’m killing myself, not you. I feel sad when you cry, and I havn’t seen you properly smile in ages... It’s all my fault.” Harry sighed and cast a glance around the empty common room. “Thing that really kills me.... Is I still love you, too.”

3,320 13
59 Mirror of Faces

Hermione hugged you, and you silently cried into her shoulder for a while. As she patted your back, she whispered, “Who was the man?” You stared up at her. “Harry....” Her eyes grew, if possible, even sadder. “And, the woman... the woman that you recognized... that killed you... Who was she?” You sat there for a while, crying, then opened your mouth and whispered, “Bellatrix Lestrange.”

2,948 10
60 "...In the Rain, In the Hail, Gryffidor Will Prevail!"

--You have been contacted by a staff member regarding this story. If you cannot find the e-mail that was sent to you, please contact me at bitterepiphany[at]harrypotterfanfiction[dot]com. (7-15-05)--

3,168 11
61 Beauty in the Ice

You fell to the ground hard, face pierced by the shards of ice. You just lay there, bleeding, breathless, pained, hoping you'd die. Ginny landed next to you. "God... you look like hell," she whispered. Then she helped you up. "No she doesn't," came a voice. "She's damned beautiful."

2,738 15
62 Conflictions

"Does it hurt?" asked Becky Wright, staring up at you. "Us not remembering you?" Your eyes were squeezed shut to hold back the tears. “No.... No, Ma.... I’m so used to it. You don’t even remember it when I tell you, every day.... That I’ve been shattered and raped and I’m dying. There's nothing left in this forsaken world for me to live for. Love broke me... Malfoy broke me... Harry broke me... I'm dying, Ma... I'm dying, I'm dead right in front of your eyes and you don't even see it... Because you're dead, too.”

3,714 10
63 You Don't Know

A/N!!!: Just don't kill me for the last chapter!! See?! I didn't post them TOO far apart...! *still hides!*

2,742 8
64 The Hurt, The Seer...

--You have been contacted by a staff member regarding this story. If you cannot find the e-mail that was sent to you, please contact me at bitterepiphany[at]harrypotterfanfiction[dot]com. (7-15-05)--

2,244 4
65 One Last Cry

You immediately recognized Ron’s voice and felt a shiver of horror run down your spine. They wouldn’t see you like this, Harry wouldn’t see you like this.

1,976 3
66 Deceit

Hermione refused to look at Harry or Ron as a tear rolled down her cheek. When she spoke, it was in a cracking whisper, full of pain that she knew was twenty times less than the pain Amelia felt. “You don’t know! God... Come on, Harry. Stomach surgery.... terrified of Malfoy... been sick for the past few weeks. You’re a smart boy. Figure it out.”

1,864 5
67 Lies, Betrayal, and Pure-Blood

You shakily stood, feeling your stomach heave. Harry had leapt to his feet, running over to where Hermione, Ron, and Malfoy were standing. Malfoy’s wand was pointed at Ron, and likewise Ron’s to Malfoy. Hermione was pulling hard on Ron’s arm, trying to get him to stop, but he pushed her off and she fell into the ground. Pansy was now unconscious on the ground, behind Malfoy. You wiped your mouth and chased Harry desperately. He couldn’t go to Azkaban, the Death Eaters there would kill him and where would you all be then, when Voldemort took over?

2,261 2
68 The Field of Paper Flowers

Hermione seemed both desperate and angry at you. “You’re tricking yourself into thinking you’re happy. It’s a drug, it’s a field of paper flowers. It’s perfect but it doesn’t exist. Right now it seems like heaven, but it can shatter in a snap. Then where will you be, where will your happiness be? Nowhere, Amelia. Harry’s not killing you, you are.”

2,888 17
69 The Potters are Back in Business

Look I know it took a while for this one, but I had a writer's block, and then i went to a party. SORRY!!!

2,714 3
70 Back to Reality

Harry had turned also, and was glaring at him so hard you thought the little worm might spontaneously combust. "Of course it was stomach surgery. I've seen the damn scar." He hadn't, but whatever. "Don't lie to me, you bastards." Anger welled in your chest, and you saw red dots dancing in front of your eyes.

3,205 7
71 Trelawney the Great

You sighed and were about to follow him. Hermione spoke. “You cannot hide it for ever.... Have faith in him... That’s what love is about.” You gritted your teeth. “I know, Hermione.”

2,633 6
72 The End is Coming

“Harry... I’ve got it... I did it,” you said breathlessly, shaking the paper. “I know who it is.” “What...?” “Amalissa!” you whispered. “I know who Amalissa is!"

2,901 4
73 The Woman and the Mirror

Hermione nodded. You took the paper from her and looked at the writing all over it. Hermione went upstairs for bed, but you just sank back into your armchair, staring at the paper. And suddenly you were making more of a connection, things were happening for your eyes. You shook your head and whispered, “Someone’s been very, very naughty.....”

2,109 14
74 The Strawberry Ice-Cream Boy

You just stared at him. It was impossible. Things you’d seen, you’d dreampt... they were coming true. But it was impossible. Muggles could not see Hogwarts. Muggles could not be in Hogwarts. But here was a Muggle child, eating a strawberry ice-cream and staring at you with a camera round his neck, in Hogwarts.

2,400 6
75 Bethany Stelangre, Liar

You turned to stare out the window, watching the tree tops sway in the breeze. “The one place that’s almost as dangerous to go to is the one place that will be safest to hide.”

2,438 5
76 No One to Save You

Harry felt the tears sliding down his cheeks, and dropped his arm, his wand clattering to the floor in the silence. Voldemort smiled and his lips moved, but Harry heard nothing as he started to sob. And, suddenly as everything in his life had happened, he was engulfed in a cold, white light, and everything went black.

3,403 10
77 The Most Venerable Angel

“You’ll find, Miss Wright,” he whispered. “That the most beautiful angels.... are the most venerable. Watch out for yourself.”

3,064 10
78 Back to Another Life

The year had been long and adventurous, and now you were in for a bit of down time before going back. Smiling as you buckled your seatbelt, you resolved your thumping heart with the fact that they’d be round to kidnap you off in a month.

2,051 76


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