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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Meet Yourself and Diagon Alley

A huge thanks to the wonderful legolasprinceofmyheart who made this amazing banner for me!!! ~Set in the first book~ Your going into your Fourth year at Hogwarts, you have a crush on the Gryffindor quidditch captain, see what happens when Flint starts to like you too, and you make the Gryffindor house team after Katie Bell quits? Will Oliver start to have feelings for you? Will Flint kill you before he can admit it to you? YOU/OLIVER !!!SEQUEL IS UP!!!!! Butterfly Kisses: The Sequel; Promises

3,637 22
2 Hogwarts express, Flint, and back to Hogwarts

On the train back ot hogwarts, Flint rears his troll like head again.

5,330 11
3 First day back

First day of classes

2,257 12
4 On the team, Harry's 1st practice, your first kiss?

The day after.

2,889 7

someone gets punched, who is it?

2,213 7
6 Hogmeade and happy birthday

trip to hogsmeade and a birthday party

2,780 11
7 The deadly game

The big game, first big game for the gryffindor team of the season.

1,867 6
8 waking up, giving up, and memories

like the titile says

3,816 15
9 Christmas joy and Christmas pain

a joyfull and depressing chapter *fights back tears*

2,536 28
10 The Funeral, and the Killer's Son


1,729 11
11 non-depressing chapter that I think you'll like

like the title says!

2,313 19
12 Guess whos back, back again..

now i can't give anything away now can i?

2,834 18
13 Mixed Emotions

just read

3,243 20
14 Letting it all out...

making up with your dad, spilling your guts, and crying, but i thought it was a rather good chapter, i liked it at least.

2,502 23
15 A Night on the Pitch

Shorter chapter, simple and lighthearted break from the Stress, I think.

2,153 18
16 Valentine’s Day Promises

I think your gonna like this one.... I'm oddly proud of it...

2,809 18
17 Someday

just read

2,972 51


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