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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Neville, Draco, Fred, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, Draco/Pansy, Ron/Hermione
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-01-02 1:52pm
Last Chapter
2009-07-13 1:24pm
Last Updated
2009-07-13 1:24pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Reflections of a Dream

As Harry looks back over the recent events of his life he allows himself something that he has never had before.... peace. He looks within himself to find his true power.

7,519 63
2 Secrets Among Friends

Harry is keeping a secret from that he's not sure Ron will accept when it comes out. What Harry doesn't know is that Ron has a few secrets of his own...

6,695 26
3 All Aboard

They are heading back to Hogwarts. Harry and Ginny steal some quiet time alone, until an unexpected person from Ginny's past reappears...What will happen when their secret is revealed?

10,786 21
4 Expect the Unexpected

Harry and Ginny realize they must tell Ron about their secret...the scene that unfolds however shocks them all and may change things between them forever...

7,111 38
5 Dispelling the Truth

The train speeds northward through the Scottish countryside. As the four-some return to Hogwarts, what new challenges will they face.

4,303 6
6 Back to Reality

They return to Hogwarts and the feast commences. Things seem to be going better than expected, but can that last?

9,198 28
7 The Nightmare Returns

Harry and the others discover what happened to Ginny...but there is more to tell...Mrs. Weasley's secret must now be revealed.

5,190 30
8 The Second Prophecy

Ginny has been attacked by Tom Riddle once again. Although they are uncertain of his full intentions, it seems the time has come to reveal the past and what is to be.

12,602 28
9 Wants and Needs

Mrs. Weasley takes on the task of convincing her sons they are up to the task. It proves to be quite difficult. Ron looks to Hermione for support but finds she has some needs of her own...Harry and Ginny find a few minutes of peace, but how long can it last?

10,556 23
10 A Glimmer in the Darkness

This chapter is from Ron's POV. Feeling overwhelmed by the prophecy he looks to his love for support and strength.

5,938 21
11 Unconditional

Harry and Ginny's love sparks something within Harry. Is it just strong emotions or something more...

4,954 26
12 Moving Forward

Life around the castle struggles to return to normalcy as excuses are made and plans are formulated. Time for Ginny is running out with the potion and they realize it's time.

10,013 22
13 Rules of Engagement

The Weasley brothers return. The group is gathered and the plan is set, but Harry's not happy with a certain potion masters involvement in the plan. He decides to take matters in hand.

10,373 26
14 Words Unspoken

Harry and Ginny leave Dumbledore's office. They had no way of knowing just where it would lead or what they would discover on the way.

9,460 17
15 Facing the Unknown

Harry and Ginny return to Gryffindor Tower, poised to face the unknown.

9,074 21
16 Changing of the Guard

The Dark Lord escapes only to grow more determined. While Harry and Ginny's bond grows stronger, how will it change the role of their guard and how will the members of her guard accept it?

11,737 28
17 Facing the Music

A new day dawns and it is time for Harry and Ginny to face the most recent changes in their lives.

10,564 26
18 Friendships and Owl Follies

So much is happening...lessons, Quidditch, DA, prefect duties...amongst the hussle can they find time for each other...

10,514 25
19 Memories and Dreams

Harry and Ron enter her dreams once again, but find something is not quite right. They will need to work together to unlock the mystery of her dream.

10,893 25
20 Anticipation

Harry finally gets to take Ginny on their first official outing, but will it turn out the way he plans?

10,998 25
21 Best Laid Plans

Harry and Ginny finally have some time alone. They find time for a little romance, but sadly it was never meant to last.

10,952 21
22 The Irony of Fate

Something has happened...something that has caused McGonagall to portkey them away. The problem is, no one will tell them what.

10,236 27
23 Controlled Destinies

In a single day Harry's life has changed. Everyone wants what's best for Harry, but no one is certain what that will be. When a startling solution is offered, will Harry be ready to take it...

12,159 40
24 Bonds Can Be Broken

Waiting for Ginny to respond is torture. Without her in his life, Harry falls deeper and deeper into despair. Unable to take it any longer, he must find a way to bring her back to him. Will it be too late?

11,431 43
25 The Cauldron of Fears

Something has gone wrong and Harry is being held in a suspended state of dreams. Either he is unable or unwilling to wake up. It's up to the Weasley's now to go in and find him...but will it be too late...

10,846 54
26 A Question of Trust

Harry and Ginny have found their way back to one another. Now it's a matter of faith and trust...

11,148 56
27 The Lion and the Serpent

New challenges arise as a dark figure with a dark purpose invades the castle grounds... ~I dedicate this chapter to my friend, MG. Without you, this would not have been possible. Thank you for giving up your time...and your plot with me. *hugs* Sugar~

11,089 64
28 Plans Into Motion

Decisions are made, destinies that things are set into motion, where will our favorite couple go from there...

11,200 83
29 The Tempest Within

Panic has struck Hogsmeade as the Death Eaters wage a small scale attack. In the midst of the mayhem, Ginny and Hermione have disappeared. Will Harry be able to trace them? If he does, just what will he find?

14,107 57
30 A Perfect Fit

Confrontations and consequences... Love and desire... Actions and emotions that can change the world... Perfection can be found in many places, if you only take a moment to look.

14,292 82
31 Making Memories

A beautiful proposal...a wonderful night together... New memories are made, old ones remembered. As the morning dawns, they are faced the task of telling everyone their news.

15,122 59
32 The Twisted Game

Harry and Ginny find a moment of peace, but can it last? Forces are working against them from more angles than they realize. When the game of life becomes even more twisted than before... can Harry win?

15,373 92
33 A Spider's Thread

A mystery begins to unravel as another only becomes more entwined. As Harry and Ginny search for the meaning behind her ring another wizard waits for the opportunity to move on his plans.

15,560 67
34 Out of the Shadows

Timing is everything. Moments, sometimes seconds, can change lives. As night falls, a dark-haired wizard waits anxiously in the shadows. When Harry is drawn away, will he finally have the time he needs to claim his prize?

15,263 98
35 The Truth Will Out (Part 1)

Deception is a dangerous game, one that is played without rules, without boundaries and without remorse. Who can win in a game of secrets when the opponents of good and evil collide? Will the side of light prevail or will it succumb to the darkness? The only certainty is that in the end...the truth will out.

8,806 19
36 The Truth Will Out (Part 2)

Deception is a dangerous game, one that is played without rules, without boundaries and without remorse. Who can win in a game of secrets when the opponents of good and evil collide? Will the side of light prevail or will it succumb to the darkness? The only certainty is that in the end...the truth will out.

9,470 65
37 Recovery

Fear, anger, pain...all very real and immediate. As Ginny, Harry and the others begin to work through the aftermath of the most recent attack, each must take a different path to recovery.

12,891 32
38 Mind Over Matter

The mind is an amazing thing. It can lock away painful memories and yet help us bring a lost loved one back into focus. Sometimes it's necessary to endure the pain in order to fully appreciate the joy. As our friends face the past and attempt to move forward, one wizard plots to dampen their future.

11,836 26
39 Breaking Away

As Harry anxiously awaits Ginny's answer, other plans are brewing. What may promise to be a night of beginnings for some, could turn out to be a night of endings for others.

15,071 9
40 Paradise Lost

The path you follow can be unpredictable and surprising. When you arrive at a fork in the road, the direction you travel can have life-altering consequences. As Harry and Ginny begin their journey together, others may come to the end of the road.

11,452 45
41 Secrets Within

A secret's effect can be far-reaching. A single lie may begin small, like a tiny seed. As it grows and takes shape, it has the potential for touching many lives. Harry and Ginny try to move forward as the wizarding world deals with the aftermath of Snape's deception. Although things can seem bleak, often the darkness gives way to the light.

12,634 30
42 Turning Point

Along every person's pathway, there are turning points, forks in the road of life. A decision to pivot in one direction versus another, can lead us down a new, and sometimes, uncertain trail. In the end, you can only hope you've chosen wisely and charge forward to meet the challenges ahead.

12,891 17
43 Out in the Open

The thing about secrets is they never stay hidden for long. As weeks roll into months, many changes are taking place. Harry and Ginny are moving closer, step by step to their future...or its end.

14,708 23
44 The Calm Before

As Harry and Ginny prepare for the birth of their child, forces are working to darken their future. Plans change and time tables are shifted in the calm before...

11,655 24
45 The Storm

As Harry faces his ultimate challenge, sacrifices will be made. In the end, his world will never be the same.

12,332 22
46 A Dream Unlocked

The lines between reality and dreams blur in the aftermath of Harry's final confrontation.

10,590 8
47 Epilogue

I hope you will enjoy a glimpse into the future. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and leave your final thoughts on my work. ~Sugar~

4,966 54


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