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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, Neville, Draco, Fred/George, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Mild Violence,
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-12-26 7:23am
Last Chapter
2005-02-18 12:58am
Last Updated
2007-03-10 6:49pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 New Beginnings

We've come for Harry Potter.

1,342 34
2 I Was Wondering If You Carried Floo Powder

Ron asks Megan and Noah one simple question that sends them into panic. "So, what brings you to England?" Also, Megan, Noah, and Ron spend the day in Diagon Alley, getting their school supplies for their new school, Hogwarts.

2,045 14
3 The Castle Seemed To Enchant Him

Megan and Noah spend the train ride to Hogwarts with Harry and finally see Hogwarts castle.

1,130 14
4 A Wise One Does Not Play Leapfrog With A Unicorn

The Sorting. Megan and Noah's first night at Hogwarts.

1,279 13
5 He Wasn't Ready For Everything

Megan and Noah reveal part of their purpose in coming to England.

1,262 22
6 True Life: The Story of Megan Rogers' Teenage Angst

Megan's first divination class with Harry and Ron.

1,235 14
7 Throwing Quaffles Into Windows

Megan freaks out. Megan and Noah reveal to Harry that Voldemort is after their family, but Harry doesn't get the chance to ask why. Something really bizarre happens...

1,752 16
8 So Everyone Tells Me I Need To Be More Careful

More of the mystery of the breaking window.

1,140 19
9 It Doesn’t Matter What Was Going On Around Us

Things aren't looking up...or are they?

1,087 13
10 I Guess It's Time To Tell Everything

Megan is about to reveal to Harry and Ron all about the weirdness around her.

1,545 13
11 Il Sait. Il Sait Toujours.

Revealing the secret...

1,269 12
12 The Lion's Pride

Megan gets detention!

1,671 14
13 Have Yourself A Spooky Little Halloween

It's Halloween! so obvious...

1,600 10
14 A Little Shop on The Outskirts Of Town

There's a Christmas ball?!

2,378 12
15 Everything Looks Perfect From Far Away

The Christmas Ball, of course!

3,003 20
16 Smile Like You Mean It

forget me not?

1,254 10
17 How Do I Put Into Words What I Feel?

confusion? not really..

2,055 10
18 Everything's Not Lost

some Megan/ Harry bonding..

1,339 13
19 Et Comme La Clair De La Lune, Je Vous Laisserai

the last smile that i fake for the sake of being with you...

1,590 18
20 In Light Of The Second War

quidditch match, after the match, hogsmeade!

3,677 22
21 Regaining The Control That I Lost

Megan wakes up!

2,924 18
22 There He Lies, Broken Inside

Megan and Ron..Draco..transfiguration..

2,372 17
23 A Giant Mess Of Emotions

some quidditch, mischief...haha

2,010 13
24 Can't You Feel Me Reaching To You?

Hogsmeade, common room party...a fun little game...mehe

2,453 14
25 All The Things Left Unsaid

some trouble, some betrayal...

2,385 16
26 Double Trouble: Part One

entirely about Meg and Ron. no promises though...hehe

2,579 16
27 Double Trouble: Part Two

and in this moment, I am happy...

2,197 20
28 Mistakes We Didn't Know We Were Making


1,968 21
29 Endless Everything

forest trouble, birthdays coming up...

2,679 24
30 And Many More To Come

megan and noah's birthday!

1,630 45


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