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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Heat and Heartbeats

Thanks to TomFoolery for the GREAT banner!!! ***COMPLETE!!!***Harry is now kicking himself for letting Ginny slip through his fingers. He now begins to fight with himself on how he is going to let her know what he feels for her...Ginny wants nothing more than to fall into the arms of Harry Potter, but she knows he would never look twice at her...How will they ever know what the other thinks if they don't open up...

1,217 37
2 Stolen Glances

Harry and Ginny are alone and the tension is thick. They have known each other so long. So why is so hard for them to talk now?

1,748 19
3 Fairytale in the Making

Harry and Ginny experience a night of sleeplessness. Ron finds it fun to tease and reassures Harry that things will be fine.

1,423 27
4 Hogsmeade Holiday

Chapter 4

1,933 38
5 Destination Unknown

Off they go with Dumbledore, but just what does he have in store for them?

2,117 18
6 Gryffindor Castle

The group has arrived at an unknown place however it soon turns into a holiday to remember.

2,004 23
7 Innocent Intimacy

Now that Harry ang Ginny has gotten past the first kiss, where will they end up?

1,620 21
8 Holiday Hearts

Christmas morning is upon them...what will the Holiday bring?

2,237 99


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