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Harry, Lupin, Sirius, James, Lily, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC
Drama, Romance
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-12-21 1:34am
Last Chapter
2005-07-11 10:12pm
Last Updated
2005-09-09 10:00pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Meeting the Malfoys

Image hosted by ****Pre-HBP**** For years, Heather's only remaining relatives ignored her, leaving her in an orphanage...until, when she turned 17, for some unknown reason they saw fit to send her to Hogwarts for a final year of schooling. At fist, Heather was nervous about meeting her only family. But she quickly realized that she needn't be afriad...she should be terrified. Her relatives were worse than she had remembered. Especially her cousin, Lucius Malfoy.

2,841 93
2 Assumptions

Heather meets Sirius Black.

2,874 18
3 Love at First Fight

Heather meets Lucius' freinds. She has a fall out with Sirius, and then some kind that she just can't explain. What is happening to her?

2,004 20
4 The Sorting

I'd say the chapter title pretty much gives it away...

1,677 27
5 The Treacherous Waters of Denial

Heather meets some new freinds. Lily Evans, Sara Thomas, and Alice Theil. They eat together at the feast. Sirius isn't coping well however...she's in Gryffindor? Mainly what the title says...they're in denial...READ AND REVIEW!

1,604 26
6 Heather's Gift

Bella asks Sirius to join with the Death Eaters, and if he refuses the offer...well, she doesn't plan on giving up without a fight. Heather has another strange dream, but this one is a little more intense. Could these dreams be more than just dreams? Or are they something much more?...READ AND FIND OUT! AND THEN! REVIEW! AND THEN READ IT AGAIN!! Eh?Eh? Lol.

1,626 44
7 Reveal Your Secrets

Heather deals with Lucius, and Sirius confesses some of his feelings.

1,304 17
8 Quidditch

Remeber Heather's first vision after the Hogwarts Express...and also there is a wicked awseome Quidditch game!!!

2,223 22
9 Those Three Dumb Words

Heather chases after the little boy she saw in her first vision...

1,448 23
10 That's What Friends Are For

Is Sirius keeping secrets from Heather? What happens when Heather see's her best friends parents dying? All in one day, a day that will end in a full moon...

2,782 14
11 Wounds

Full moon...and it's consequences.

2,478 15
12 Revenge

Peter and Alex decide to take things in their own hands...but what will be the consequences??

2,342 11
13 Letters To Hogsmeade

Heather and Sirius go on their first date...but then an odd letter arrives. Who is it from? And what does it mean?

2,477 30
14 When 'No' Is Not An Answer

Heather helps Sirius through the contents of the mysterious letter. Then is burdened with some problems of her own when Malfoy maes her an offer that she cannot deny...

2,683 13
15 The Pain of Deception

Heather needs Remus ' help. She struggles with the hardest thing she has ever had to do. Will she be able to go through with it? How will Sirius react? read and find out! Then review!!

1,599 34
16 Hopeless

See how Heather and Sirius are coping...or not coping. Remus decides to talk to Heather...this is getting out of hand. Can he fix things?

1,492 27
17 Candy

Sirius and Remus have a little run in...and then Remus meets somebody new...

2,819 21
18 The Consequences Of Our Actions

Alex and Peter have decided that things are definately not working out. Alex has some issues with her conciense to work out. Peter...well, all he cares about is Alex's happiness. They seek Remus's help. Can they get the two back together?

1,197 28
19 Dream A Little Dream

What will Sirius do? Is he fed up, will he yell? Scream? And what about Remus? What really happened that fateful night when he was bit? WHere are his parents now? Read and find out!

3,299 20
20 Quidditch Lessons

Alice tells a little secret she's been hiding, Sirius and James decide to give Heather and Lily Quidditch Lessons, and Heather has a rather odd that she shares with about every other seer in the world...

3,117 19
21 Prophecy

What was that mysterious vision? Whats happening? All is answered when Dumbledore conveniantly comes to the Quidditch feild. Will he be able to answer their questons? And if so, what will they make of the answers?

2,899 24
22 Broken Hearts

Find out how everybody is taking the news that one of their children must defeat Lord Voldemort. Will they try and outrun destinay? Or will their relationships grow stronger with their determination to be brave...

2,843 17
23 Live Life

Remus sees that a ball is going to be held soon. Should he ask Cany out? Of course! But things don't go exactly as planned...and then what happens when Lucius sees that Heather and Sirius are far from fighting. Will he lash out? Or will the couple be spared from mpreof Lucius' meddling? And who could forget poor Alice and Frank? Why did Frank break up with her? Was it for the shallow reasons that he says, or is it much, much deeper than that?

2,485 20
24 Soul, Body, and Heart

The Ball....and AFTER the ball *winkwink*

3,216 11
25 Andromeda

In this chapter we get to see...yep, you guessed it! Andromeda makes an appearance in this chapter, and she plays an important role. Sirius and Heather are invited to join a strange organization to fight Voldemort; The Order of the Phoenix.

1,551 10
26 Farewell to Malfoy

In which everybody says there goodbyes, and move on from their lives as students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! A nice little chapter wrapping up a few loos-ends. Now prepare for the next part of the story...when we enter the time of independance and marriage, and Prophesies, and all that good stuff! Enjoy!

3,135 14
27 The Power of Silence

One year later...

1,769 12
28 The Smile of a Rock

I personally loved this chapter. And you'll soon find out why! A character you might have forgotten about reappears. And she, yes she, does a whole lot of good! Oh well, read on and you'll see what I mean!

4,831 13
29 Surprise!

Read a little about Remus's feelings about the big revelation. Also, Lily and Alice have a little suprise for us!

4,038 16
30 Evanesco

Sirius makes a little mistake! His big plans to take her out to dinner get ruined, but will he give up? Or will he try and fix the mishap?

3,388 13
31 Rings and Reparation

An employee from the Floo Network Orginization Office gives her an unexpected visit. Then Sirius has some great news, and he takes her to a fancy resteraunt...

2,752 17
32 Blank Eyes

Peter and Alex have a litte run in with...Aurors?

3,518 23
33 Dead and Born / Orin

This is a combination of two chapters.

4,635 10
34 Lies and Lost Trust/There Is Still A Way

Some things get resolved, and a little man named...well, nobody really knows!! Lol, but keep your eyes on him people. And then, I leave you with some exciting news about Lily!

3,973 11
35 He Wants Potter / I Spy

Harry Potter is born! James is practically having a heart-attack, but just when they think that Harry is The One, Dumbledore shows up from a mysterious errand. Where was he? Then, in the next chapter, after things have settled down, Snape bursts in with some terrible news, and they soon find out that they have a spy in their midst! Read and watch as suspiciouns fly!

3,885 14
36 Pride and Prophecy / Alternate Endings

The Potter's picked a Secret Keeper. but Sirius is having doubtful thoughts. he wonders if he's worthy enough. Will he go through with it? And then what happens when Heather has a vision about another path of destiny...will it actually occur? Or can she stop the Potter's from making what she considers a horrible mistake?

5,190 6
37 A Change of Plans

After Heather's vision, she gets yet another bizarre visit from Orin/Akeem. Who is this guy? And how is it that he knows practically everything? He helps Heather make a devistating decision. Meanwhile, Sirius and james talk about the future...or the lack there-of.

2,888 13
38 What Dreams May Come/ Echoes of the Past

Bring out the tissues...These chapters focus on the Potters....

6,762 15
39 All Good Things

Pull out the tissue box once again, as all mysteries are answered. Who is Orin/Akeem? What happens when Heather goes searching for Sirius? What is Peter's fate? And then...what happens when Heather gets a vision of herself having a vision from the future? Think this sounds confusing? Read and find out...then review.

4,880 103


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