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James, Lily, OC, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Snape, Voldemort, Peter Pettigrew
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
No Warnings
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-12-20 1:54pm
Last Chapter
2005-11-15 1:55am
Last Updated
2005-11-15 2:28am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 She Contemplates

Image hosted by Banner by legolasprinceofmyheart Lily thinks herself too clever to fall for James Potters charm. Yet, as the two of them are appointed Head Boy and Girl, will Lily regret her negative feelings towards James? Pre-HBP

1,178 37
2 He's Infatuated

James's account of what happened on the train

1,573 22
3 A Train Off Tracks

The already unpleasent and uncomftorable train ride gets even more complicated

1,497 18
4 The Noble Fight

James, Lily, and their friends fight off the Death Eaters hoping to persevere, alive.

1,768 23
5 The Feast

The annual feast at Hogwarts. Not much more to say. This and the next chapter are basically like the introductory chapters to Hogwarts and Lily and James's new lifestyle.

1,648 15
6 Oleander

Dumbledore takes Lily and James to their new living quarters where they meet Oleander.

1,936 17
7 You Think You Know Me

Lily and James share some of the feelings they have been withdrawing from one another.

1,620 24
8 Are You Happy Now?

Lily's POV after the fight. Next chapter: James's POV. I like it much better than Lily's.

1,129 15
9 She Will Be Loved

James' POV. Short, but good. James's POV after his infamous fight with Lily Evans. He makes a decision that may patronize his entire relationship with Lily.

725 16
10 Forgotten

James decided that his time spent chasing Lily could be used to benefit himself in a better way. How does Lily react to this sudden change?

1,396 21
11 Girls Just Want To Have Fun

This is by far my favorite comedic chapter I have ever written. It was pretty popular. Sirius, Remus, and Addison work together to try and get their friends together. They go through some changes and do some snooping around in order to receive some information that hadn't bargained on.

3,128 24
12 Just A Girl

There's more instigating taking place after James was caught with Maimee.

2,638 29
13 Head Over Feet

Lily's POV on her friend becoming the girlfriend of James Potter.

1,406 20
14 Only One

James's POV.

689 31
15 Just Missed the Train

James goes through plenty of confusion. He has feelings for Maimee, but are they great enough to surpass his intense feelings of infatuation for Lily?

1,092 23
16 Parts Undone

Team Lily/James has to think of a new plan to get their two guinea pigs together. How will they react? Better yet, how will Lily react to James's surprising answer to the kiss they shared?

2,079 21
17 Somebody Told Me

Addy and Sirius go undercover in order to break up James and Maimee and lure James and Lily together. Will it work or will it crumble before them? Better yet, what will Sirius do in Addison McKinnon's body?!?

2,335 29
18 Unreachable

The plan sets further into motion. Or should I say, it flows with the motion of the ocean. Will Lily and James finally get together?!?

1,958 19
19 Breakaway

The crew heads home for the holidays.

1,563 24
20 Miami

Five people set off to a place called Miami, Florida. America is a new and exciting place for a batch of young wizards. How will they respond to their new vacation>

1,391 21
21 White Houses

The girls arrive in Miami with two big surprises waiting for them. Let's just say that Sirius Black was not in the brochure

1,876 32
22 Welcome to My Life

Mac catches Sirius and her sister kissing and doesn't know what to feel. How do she and Addy resolve their issues?

1,660 11
23 I Don't Wanna Be

Lily spends her day with Sirius and James and learns what it's like to be a Marauder

2,207 16
24 So Cold

A surprise attack and the betrayal of a dear friend follow Lily and James on their vacation

1,875 15
25 Recognize

How do Lily and James escape Voldemort and his Death Eaters alive?

1,819 10
26 Taking Over Me

As Lily and James return safely to Maimee's house, will their experience bond them closer or help along in drifting them apart?

888 12
27 Alone

James and Lily return to school where their problems sit, waiting for confrontation.

1,158 9
28 Behind These Hazel Eyes

After some shocking and tragic news, James starts to wonder what his life is worth and where Lily stands in it.

1,596 14
29 I'll Be

James embraces feelings once more.

1,605 12
30 Soar

Not everyone is respectful of the new relationships blossoming at Hogwarts.

1,136 15
31 Anything But Ordinary

Sirius is back with his crazy antics.

1,245 19
32 Perfect

Sirius takes some interesting notes and Lily and James have a small spat concerning Snape.

1,527 18
33 Secret Agent Man

Sirius takes action associated with Mission Mac/Mc.

1,371 10
34 Groovy Guy

Easter vacation is approaching and the crew is making plans. Sirius tries to prove to Lily that his vocabulary is ever-expanding.

1,270 10
35 You Found Me

Easter vacation

1,165 7
36 Slipped Away

The crew returns from Easter vacation.

2,693 11
37 Broken

The mourning after the unfortunate murders that previously occurred.

1,195 7
38 Unwell

Sirius goes a little off the edge after recent events.

1,465 8
39 Who Knows?

Sirius decides to write a novel discussing the feelings he has forever been withholding.

2,276 13
40 Naked

Some more of Sirius' crazy shananigans.

1,350 4
41 I Won't Worry

Sirius joins a club in order to find a new environment and make new friends. Lily, James, and Remus hope to downsize the insanity that has been following Sirius since Addy's death; hope being the key word.

2,104 5
42 I'll Be There For You

James, Lily, Sirius, and Remus sneak out to Hogsmeade to celebrate James' birthday.

1,287 6
43 Bullet and a Target

The battle continues.

1,423 7
44 Here By Me

The group talks to Dumbledore in order to find some answers.

1,966 7
45 Because I Can

James is in the hospital wing when Lily encounters someone unexpected.

1,596 7
46 Stand By Me

James' last night in the hospital wing.

1,680 6
47 I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing


1,870 6
48 I Could Not Ask For More

As graduation approaches, Lily wants James to meet her parents.

1,478 5
49 Good Riddance

The last chapter! Graduation..

2,185 35


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